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The Ken Blanchard Companies (Private Industry Provider)

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The Ken Blanchard Companies (Private Industry Provider)

Leading People Through Change®


Description: Our research and real-world experience show that people go through predictable stages of concern during change. In addition, most change efforts are unsuccessful for predictable reasons. This predictability allows leaders to be proactive and minimize the risks associated with change. Leading People Through Change teaches leaders how to identify and address the typical concerns that employees raise during a change, and how to use the appropriate change strategy and corresponding behaviors to resolve those concerns. The change strategies presented help leaders proactively address the most common causes of failure in change efforts. The model presented in this program can be applied to all types of change efforts, including mergers and acquisitions, business process reengineering, sales force expansion, and technology implementations.

Duration: 2 Days


Prework: Change Readiness Survey; Analyze an Unsuccessful Change Worksheet; Excerpts from Leading at a Higher Level

Sustainability/Reinforcement: Game Plan; Change Leader Handbook; and Action Plan

Program Dates: San Diego: April 15-16, 2013, September 23-24, 2013

Program Tuition: $1,695.00 USD

Contact: 800.272.3933 christine.simmons@kenblanchard.com
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