Leadership Development Seminars and ecq-based Readings

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Situational Team Leadership

Description: Situational Team Leadership provides a structured process for developing the full potential of teams. Several research-based models and strategies provide the building blocks of the five-part Team Performance Process. The Team Performance Process is a systematic method for increasing team effectiveness and innovation. It can be adapted to fit any team, regardless of its purpose, pursuit, type, or size. Participants learn to identify the characteristics of high-performing teams, create a team charter, diagnose the stages of team development, and provide continual support throughout the team’s life cycle. The Team Performance Process simplifies the often-complex nature of teams training and provides the knowledge and tools that participants can immediately apply back on the job.

Duration: 1 Day


Prework: Think Teams! and Team Performance Assessment; Team Performance—An Interactive Introduction

Sustainability/Reinforcement: Teams Handbook; Game Plan; and Conversation Starters for Team Meetings
Program Dates: San Diego: March 4-5, 2013, October 28-29, 2013

Program Tuition: $1,175.00 USD

Contact: 800.272.3933 christine.simmons@kenblanchard.com

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