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New York University

Innovative Thinking for New Products and Services

Three momentous changes – globalization, accessibility to an overwhelming array of products and information, and technological innovation – are rapidly altering the business world in significant ways: 

  • Companies are creating new categories and redefining old ones

  • Customers are fundamentally questioning what they want from products and services

To thrive in this new era, organizations and institutions, executives and entrepreneurs need to generate a steady stream of innovative ideas, products and services to stay ahead of the game.

This program will demonstrate how to generate new product and service ideas.  Participants will be introduced to a toolkit of innovative thinking techniques that can be used to produce and implement ideas that alter the trajectory of a business and revive stagnant markets. The program explores why the most unexpected ideas draw the fewest competitors and offer the greatest potential.  It also demonstrates how to combine fluid creativity with analytical rigor in a process for creating breakthrough solutions in any market.

This program is based on two profound assumptions:

  • People are naturally creative 

  • Abilities to think inventively about business improve by learning and practicing innovative thinking techniques  

This program is intended for business leaders who want to enhance their innovative thinking skills in business and other domains. The program combines lectures and discussions with exercises and projects where participants develop innovative concepts for a specific topic. 

Program Benefits: During this program participants will

  • process for cultivating unexpected customer insights and developing product and service ideas from counterintuitive sources. 

  • method for challenging commodity-product and service clichés and traditional category boundaries. 

  • An approach for deliberately targeting market situations where the competition is complacent and the customer has been consistently under-served.

Program Dates: October 21 - 22, 2013; May 9 - 10, 2013
Program Tuition: $2,800

Contact Number: (212) 998 - 0789
Table of Contents

Business Analytics: Inside Out in Two Days

Business analytics is the intersection of business and technology. It lives in data. As a strategic asset, business analytics offers new opportunities for competitive advantage. In this new era of big data, there are 5 questions every company must face:
Business Analytics: Inside Out in Two Days includes the curriculum that will supply motivated decision makers with the knowledge to understand and use these skills, improve their creative decision-making, and be at the forefront of this new and dynamic Big Data era. Participants will be challenged throughout the program to ask themselves how this relates to their organization. Case studies, group break-out sessions, interactive mini-lectures will guide the learning progress. The sessions are highly interactive and require engagement with participants, guest speakers, and the faculty. The program includes the important dimensions of analytics combining applied statistics, process optimization and business intelligence encountered in global industry. The curriculum equips participants with the skills and understanding to transform data into a powerful and predictive strategic asset. These skills are critical in preparing organizations to solve 21st century business problems.
Program Dates: April 29 - 30, 2013, October 17 - 18, 2013
Program Tuition: $2,800

Contact Number: (212) 998-0789

Table of Contents

Data-Driven Marketing: From Analytics to Insight

In every aspect of our daily lives, from the way we work, shop, communicate, or socialize; we are both consuming and creating vast amounts of information. More often than not, these daily activities create a trail of digitized data that is being stored, mined, and analyzed by firms hoping to create valuable business intelligence. However, much of the promises of such data-driven policies have failed to materialize because managers find it difficult to translate data into actionable strategies. The objective of this program is to fill this gap by providing you with tools and techniques to analyze large databases, use effective data visualization to gauge key metrics, and by instilling a general intuition for data-driven decision making.

Philosophy: Extracting useful insights from the vast amount of information involves a combination of analytical skills and intuition. It is both an art and science. This program embraces the principle of learning-by-doing. Statistical tools will range from simple data analysis and visualization, to advanced regression and multivariate statistics. The emphasis is on applications and interpretation of the results for making business decisions such as estimating market potential and forecasting demand, developing optimal pricing/promotional policies, using data mining techniques to identify market segments and develop optimal targeting models. The underlying framework in all these decisions is return on marketing investments for maximizing customer life time value.

Approach: We will use a combination of lectures, group exercises, and elaborate case analysis. The program will involve extensive use of Excel, statistical software of your choice, and data visualizations free tools such as Google Charts and Fusion Tables.

Program Benefits: During this program participants will

  • Use analytical techniques to enhance decision making

  • Learn how to convert data to information and insights

  • Develop necessary toolkits to become an accomplished empirical analyst

  • Translate conceptual understanding into specific operational plans

Program Dates: October 3 - 4, 2013 
Program Tuition: $2,800

Contact Number: (212) 998 – 0789

Table of Contents

Northwestern University

The Customer Focused Organization: Critical Steps in Achieving and Sustaining Focus

Manage the Total Customer Experience


Organizations focused on their customers consistently outperform their competition. These companies carefully segment their customers, develop a specific value offering for their target customers and deliver an outstanding customer experience. In these organizations everyone, regardless of position or function, knows what the customer strategy means for his or her job and makes decisions consistent with this strategy.

But how does one transform a company to focus on its customers when it is fixated on keeping its machines running efficiently or on making sure everyone complies with previously successful policies and practices?

This program will develop key steps a leader takes beginning with a clear definition of the customer focus end state, the development of a marketing strategy, and the organization’s design to support the strategy. The program also discusses various change methods contingent on the company’s starting point and the mind-set of its senior management.
Dates: May 13-16, 2013; November 11-14, 2013

Costs: $6,300

Contact Number: 847-467-7000

Table of Contents

The Science of Lean Six Sigma Operations

Generate a sustainable advantage in cost, quality, speed, and customer service to achieve world-class performance. Using real-world case studies, group workshops, and animated computer simulation models, you explore a framework for diagnosing, improving, and designing effective processing systems and for identifying leverage points with the greatest impact on the bottom line.

The Business Process Flow Paradigm examines an organization as a collection of business flows with a critical link between operational drivers and strategic success. You will analyze a set of "laws" representing the core science of lean operation in a collaborative learning environment --which describe the underlying behavior of manufacturing and service systems.

Taken together, these tools provide a firm scientific foundation for the practice of lean six sigma operations to put into action in your organization
Dates: February 13-15, 2013; June 2-4, 2013

Costs: $4,000

Contact Number: 847-467-7000
For more information on these programs please contact 847-467-0866

Table of Contents

Notre Dame

Certificate in Executive Management

The Certificate in Executive Management series is designed to help expand your skills and knowledge, but most importantly to help you develop a broader, general manager’s perspective on how a business or organization works.  This experience will help you “look up from your desk” and gain a better appreciation for how the total enterprise functions, how your specific area fits into the overall organization and how you, your employees, and the decisions you make as a manger impact the performance and profitability of the enterprise.
You will conclude the Certificate program by completing a business simulation exercise that allows you to synthesize what you have learned in an activity that applies the tools and techniques presented.
2013 DATES


March 5-6, 2013

May 14-15, 2013


September 10-12, 2013


November 12-14, 2013

Location: The Certificate in Executive Management program is offered on the University of Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Indiana. 

Cost: Complete Program, $5,450. Individual module costs range from $1,350-$1,690

Contact: 800-631-3622 or 574-631-5285
Table of Contents

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