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Southern Methodist University

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Southern Methodist University

Formulating & Implementing Exceptional Business Strategy

In a challenged economy more than ever, success depends on leaders who can accurately assess the competitive environment, develop sound, innovative strategy and take their plans from idea to action. This concentrated two-day course for executives and managers covers the entire scope of strategic planning—from the seminal concepts of Andrews, Drucker and other leading strategists to the secrets of helping your organization recapture its entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll review the fundamentals of segmentation, targeting and positioning—the marketing backbone for success. You’ll learn how to assess your organization’s resources, processes and values—and how to achieve competitive advantage through targeted innovation in your products and services. You’ll understand the core principles and processes that drive effective planning and gain powerful skills you can put to work in your own business tomorrow.
Program Dates: March 25-26, 2013

Program Location: Dallas, TX

Program Tuition: $1,995

Contact Number: 214-768-3335

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University of California Berkeley

Leadership for Entrepreneurs

Learn to adapt your leadership style to enhance the growth potential of your business as it transitions through its startup, infrastructure development and enterprise-scale phases. Understand how to use transformational pyramids to create differential advantage for employees, customers and investors, and apply this analysis to your business model. This class is taught in a combination lecture and active discussion format and includes interactive exercises, small group work, simple case studies and group problem-solving sessions.
Dates: Tuesdays, January 8 – March 12, 2013

Application Deadline: January 8, 2013

Location: San Francisco, CA

Cost: $750

Contact Number: 510-642-4231
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Performance Evaluations: Measuring Goals and Outcomes


Learn critical information and explore strategies and techniques for ensuring a successful Performance Evaluation. Gain tips to overcome the difficulty of giving negative feedback, and discover the power of utilizing a participative style of leadership to obtain desired results. Understand the role of developing meaningful goals with a take-away of eight questions for evaluating the quality of goals set. Learn how to measure the outcome of goals by developing a set of mutually established standards within a framework of ongoing employee development and corrective action.

Dates: March 1, 2013

Application Deadline: March 1, 2013

Location: Berkeley, CA

Cost: $295

Contact Number: 510-642-4231
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Strategic Problem Solving
Learn and practice fundamental skills of strategic problem solving. Understand how to approach business problems in a structured and efficient way that is based on the problem solving techniques of the top tier consulting firms. Focus on a variety of tactics used to enhance communication, persuasion and build trust within teams and senior management.
Dates: May 16 & May 17, 2013

Application Deadline: May 16, 2013

Location: San Francisco, CA

Cost: $525

Contact Number: 510-642-4231
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Tackling Tough Issues in the Workplace

Given the pace of work, pressures to perform and the resulting stress and burn-out common in today’s workplace, it’s not surprising that productivity suffers, performance declines, teams falls apart and leaders often get the blame. Using tools and strategies explored in this workshop, you learn to tackle and resolve long-standing issues, improve performance, strengthen relationships, and make progress even in “hopeless” situations.
Dates: April 8, 2013

Application Deadline: April 8, 2013

Location: San Francisco, CA

Cost: $295

Contact Number: 510-642-4231
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University of Maryland College Park

Certificate in Cybersecurity Leadership

The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business – in partnership with the A. James Clark School of Engineering and the School of Public Policy – offers a timely, highly-relevant and cutting-edge Graduate Certificate of Professional Studies in Cybersecurity Leadership. This innovative program is designed for cyber security professionals who want to develop business and management skills and learn how to leverage their technical skills to advance within organizations.

During this program, participants will develop the skills to:

  • use design thinking and a holistic approach to solving enterprise-wide threats

  • explore the main security models and approaches from the defense and attacker perspectives

  • control risk and manage defense in global, highly distributed supply chains through risk management projects and analytic tools

  • apply sourcing strategies to assure the integrity of systems and components in cyber enterprise

  • scope projects, implement a work plan, and inspire high performance in an effective workplace culture


Cybersecurity Leadership Orientation Bootcamp, Systems Thinking and Design, Cybersecurity Technology, ICT Supply Chain Risk Management, Federal IT Acquisition, and Cybersecurity Capstone.
Credits from your Cybersecurity Leadership certificate program can be applied to either the Master of Engineering - Cybersecurity track from the Clark School of Engineering or the MS in Information Systems from the Smith School of Business.


This 15-credit course from the University of Maryland, College Park costs $13,500, plus a $75 application fee. College Park fees of around $800 also apply. Only $75 is due at time of application. Qualified students may apply to the Graduate School to have nine of their 15 certificate credits applied to graduate study in Information Systems at Smith, or Engineering (Cybersecurity Track) at Clark. There will be an additional fee due to the Graduate School for graduate degree study. Please contact Liz Barron at 301-405-5387 or if you have questions about the application, payment or degree credit transfer/application process.
Dates: Feb. 22, 2013 to June 29, 2013 (Saturday 8am-6pm and Tuesday 6pm-10pm)

Location: Robert H. Smith School of Business, College Park, Maryland

For more information, contact Samantha James at sjames@rhsmith.umd.edu or call 301.405.1934.

Table of Contents

The Advanced Executive Coaching Certificate Program


The Advanced Executive Coaching Program at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business focuses on the knowledge and advanced competencies required to effectively coach senior leaders within the context of today’s global business environment. The course builds on core coaching competencies and takes Executive Coaching to the next level. Designed by Smith faculty and experienced executive coaches, it provide a unique coach learning experience focused on:

  • Coaching senior executive leaders faced with global business challenges

  • Transformational coaching using new concepts, methods and tools

  • Expanding your learning community with exemplary faculty and coaches

  • Providing an advanced coaching credential from a top business school

Upon program completion, participants will:

  • Understand how to leverage knowledge of the challenges facing today’s global leaders to coach executives more effectively

  • Form new perspectives on business models for coaching, including the use of social media

  • Integrate concepts from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to help senior leaders understand what holds them back, and how to help broaden leaders’ perspectives

  • Coach senior teams to more effectively drive business results

  • Apply stage theory of adult development to the complexities that leaders, and by extension, coaches face in the business world

  • Determine the relevance and purpose of the wide range of assessment tools, their most appropriate use in the organizational context, and understand the elements of a productive debrief

  • Sharpen coaching skills through practice with outstanding executive coaches

  • Develop new relationships and expand their coaching community

  • Integrate the concepts from all Program Modules through participation in an experiential leadership exercise on the battlefields of Gettysburg

Who Should Attend: The program welcomes ICF Certified Coaches, or coaches who have completed an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), and other executives with coaching experience. This is a cohort-based curriculum, incorporating opportunities for coaches to learn from each other, as well as from the faculty.

Schedule: Six two-day seminars (9am to 5pm) including a capstone experience at Gettysburg.

Fees: The fee for the program is $6,200 for 12 program days.

Credits: Approved for 80 CCEUs from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Certificate: Graduates will receive a certificate in Advanced Executive Coaching from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, ranked #3 in intellectual capital by Business Week. The Smith School faculty is a world leader in generating new business thinking and helping organizations to leverage new concepts. The Advanced Executive Coaching Program offered under the Smith School’s Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change (CLIC) builds on core coaching competencies and positions Executive Coaches to have a more significant impact in senior business leadership settings.

Program Location: Robert H. Smith School of Business Suite in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center at 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in downtown Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

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