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Center for Creative Leadership

Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experiment


How do you balance the pressures of now with the priorities of later?

As a senior leader, you are no stranger to strategy, planning and managing others. But leading a large function or operation requires something more.
Leading at this level is about spanning the silos that limit growth. It's about grasping the trade-offs between today's needs and tomorrow's priorities — and making the tough calls that affect the organization.
Leading for Organizational Impact enhances your ability to lead while balancing short-term and long-term strategic perspectives. With the advantage of a comprehensive, global, day-in-the-life business simulation, you'll gain a clear view of how your leadership impacts organizational outcomes

Leading for Organizational Impact is for senior managers and executives who lead a function or division. Their scope may be local, regional or global.

By completing Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience, you will be better equipped to:

  • balance tactical concerns with strategic possibilities

  • leverage leadership to impact organizational outcomes

  • work and influence across boundaries

  • adapt to complex organizational challenges

  • effectively communicate at all levels and receive constructive feedback

  • navigate the complexities of leadership in a global enterprise

Locations: Greensboro, NC; San Diego, CA

Dates: For dates please click the link below*: http://solutions.ccl.org/Leading_for_Organizational_Impact_The_Looking_Glass_Experience

Cost: $4,100

To register: ONLINE- The secure, online registration process allows you to select your desired program date and location, provide your contact and payment information, and submit your form directly through our Web site. http://solutions.ccl.org/Leading_for_Organizational_Impact_The_Looking_Glass_Experience. PHONE-Call Client Services at 1-800-780-1031.
For further questions about this program please contact: 1-336-545-2810
Table of Contents

Columbia University

Negotiation Strategies

Negotiation Strategies: Creating and Maximizing Value (formerly called Negotiation and Decision-Making Strategies) is a three-day program that allows participants the opportunity to learn to negotiate more effectively with various parties, from clients to internal constituencies, and get the most out of their negotiations.
Over three days, Negotiation Strategies teaches you how to get the most out of negotiations by creating a winning proposition for both sides. You also explore methods for successful conflict resolution and understand the impact of cultural differences in the negotiation process.
Dates: May 7-9, 2013; September 17-19, 2013; November 12-14, 2013

Location: Columbia University Campus, New York City

Tuition: $5,650, includes materials and some meals.

Table of Contents

Persuasion: Influencing Without Authority


This course is an intense three-day experience that covers the range of interpersonal and intergroup persuasion challenges, focusing on practical skills and immediate application to real-world situations.

Overview: over 3 days, PERS covers the range of interpersonal and intergroup persuasion challenges by pulling from sound psychological research. The course focuses on building consensus, personal persuasiveness, and effective negotiation, all of which are critical in driving change in organizational culture.

Benefits: You will focus on strengthening your softer skills in order to drive change, build institutions, and create value. Develop awareness for a wide range of persuasive styles. Learn differences between negotiation and persuasion and when to utilize each. You will learn how to analyze the person you’re interacting with in order to tailor your communication style to achieve best results. Recognize varying types of organizational behavior, and how and when to use each.

Special features: Videotape session analysis of their persuasive communication; personal case application; social style assessment.

Curriculum: Several readings in the psychology of persuasion and attitude change; personal case application (with techniques); social style, video analysis…Participants will also receive a personalized persuasion “toolkit” at conclusion of the program. Constant feedback throughout the program including breakout groups and active learning exercises.

Dates: March 12 – 14, 2013; September 10 – 12, 2013; December 3 – 5, 2013

Application Deadline: None

Location: Columbia University, NY

Cost: $5,650.00

Contact Number: 212.854.0616

Table of Contents

Georgetown University

McDonough School of Business

Global Advanced Management Program (GAMP®)


The GAMP program brings together Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and Spain’s ESADE Business School. Our combined strengths in leadership, business strategy, global policy-making, international relations, global operations and supply chain, marketing, and cutting-edge financial knowledge make this program truly exceptional.

Over three weeks – in locations such as the United States, Spain, and Dubai – participants will learn through immersion, interaction, and networking with colleagues and organizations. Each week’s agenda is designed around the host country and includes classroom and field activities, with visits to local companies and places of cultural note. The curriculum focuses on the concepts, techniques, tools, and subjects most relevant to executives who need to address a global environment or market. The program will blend insights from leading academies with innovators in business and government and apply teachings to everyday challenges facing organizations.

Program Dates: February 21- March 2, April 7-13, and June 2-8, 2013
Location: Washington, D.C., Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Madrid, Spain
Program Tuition: $32,400 USD

Contact Number: 202.687.4065
Table of Contents

George Washington University

Senior Manager Course in National Security


The two-week Senior Manager Course for personnel at the GS-15 and O-6 levels is held in the heart of Washington, DC, and includes site visits, experiential learning, and briefings from policymakers. The course examines the three sets of forces that influence U.S. defense decision-making; the interagency process, the wider policy community, and threats and opportunities in the international arena.

Specifically, the course focuses on the issues and challenges identified in the new 2012 strategic guidance for the Department of Defense entitled "Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense."

This document articulates the DOD's response to the evolving strategic landscape and the primary missions of the U.S. armed forces and is the 'map' for the course.

The course focuses on developing participant's understanding of three critical areas:

  • Foundational Knowledge: through instruction, active learning, interactions with policy makers, briefings, and table-top exercises focused on the security environment

  • Understanding of Defense Key Issues: through instruction, policy briefings, and site visits

  • In-depth knowledge: through analysis of U.S.foreign policy and defense priorities in the 21st century

In addition, participants are offered training in management skills, including speechwriting, working with the media, and negotiation.

Dates: March 10-22, 2013

Location: Washington, DC

Cost: $8,500 per person when 1-2 participants from the same agency enroll; $8,075 per person with 3 or more participants from the same agency enroll.

Contact: For more information about this course, contact 202-994-8731 or nssp@gwu.edu
Table of Contents

Global Leadership Series


As part of our Global Leadership Series we will offer open enrollment programs on a number of high-impact topics. Click on the website above for the current open enrollment programs and dates.

World Executive MBA


The world has changed and we've changed our EMBA to support business leaders who want to do more than keep up. They want to leap ahead in a short amount of time.

The bold new World Executive MBA (WEMBA) is a 16-month program focused on ethical leadership, globalization, sustainability and social responsibility. Designed to provide an education steeped in academic rigor and practical knowledge, it features the same curriculum as our flagship Global MBA program, taught through an executive lens.
The George Washington University School of Business WEMBA is unique in that you can choose an individualized track in international business, sustainability or leadership, and take electives that fit with your goals. You also have access to a personal leadership coach who will help you focus on your leadership development and work with you to create a 5-year strategic plan.
As a WEMBA student, you'll participate in four residencies: two in Washington, D.C. and two in developing markets such as Ghana, India, Brazil or another fascinating location. It's a chance to grow, learn and stretch your capabilities. The same is true of our Business Challenge, where your team provides solutions to real-time, real-life issues that exist within your current organizations.
Fees: $99,500
Table of Contents

The Graduate School (DC)

Washington Executive Seminar


Focus on the Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) Building Coalitions, placing an emphasis on the competencies External Awareness, Political Savvy, Influencing/Negotiating and Oral Communication.

In this two-week, non-residential program, participants engage in individual and group activities, exercises, simulations and presentations taking advantage of the Washington location to gain insight into activities on Capitol Hill. The Washington Executive Seminar focuses on the political aspects of serving as a senior executive in the federal government. Faculty includes former House staffers, political appointees, and senior executives from GAO, OMB and other federal agencies. Seminar topics change to reflect current administration initiatives.

Dates: February 4-15, 2013; July 22 – August 2, 2013

Location: Washington, DC (USDA)

Tuition: $3,725
Contact Number: 202-314-3300 or toll free 888-744-GRAD (888-744-4723)
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