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Northwestern University

Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances

Grow your business more quickly and with lower cost and risk through the use of strategic alliances. In a world of resource constraints and intense battles for customers, firms are increasingly employing a variety of cooperative relationships to achieve their strategic objectives domestically and internationally. However, designing and maneuvering through alliances are very challenging activities. In this program, highlighted by a collaborative learning environment, you will be inspired with knowledge on how to create and manage different forms of strategic alliances, such as joint ventures, licensing agreements, buyer-supplier partnerships, and consortia. You will also develop a better sense of the costs and benefits of strategic alliances and learn the specific conditions under which alliances are preferred to internal development, mergers and acquisitions, or outsourcing.

Dates: March 10-13, 2013; September 29 - October 2, 2013

Costs: $6,000

Contact Number: 847-467-7000
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Negotiation Strategies for Managers

Negotiate your way to success. Gain the skills to implement effective negotiation strategy and reach more satisfactory outcomes. Examine how strategic alliances, global competition, licensing agreements, and the use of teams have all changed the face of negotiations today - and how managers who stay on top of these changes get results. Prior to this program, you will complete a web-based survey that will assess your negotiation style. During the program, you will plan, negotiate, receive feedback, and discuss negotiation strategy in a collaborative learning environment.

Working one-on-one and in teams, you will negotiate deals, resolve disputes, make decisions in competitive environments, and receive specific feedback regarding your negotiating strengths. This program will teach you how to use negotiation strategy to prepare for and carry out successful negotiations within your company and across corporate and cultural boundaries.

Dates: May 13-16, 2013; September 23-26, 2013; December 2-5, 2013

Costs: $6,100

Contact Number: 847-467-7000
For more information on these programs please contact: 847-467-0866
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Notre Dame

Executive Certificate in Negotiation


In today's dynamic global marketplace, change is constant. Notre Dame has partnered with the University Alliance, a division of Bisk Education, to offer the Executive Certificate in Negotiation to give you and your company a leading-edge advantage. Whether you communicate across conference tables or continents, you'll acquire the power to become more influential in an increasingly complex world.

The Executive Certificate in Negotiation is made up of three eight-week certificate courses, each building on the last in a step-by-step process. With each course you will acquire new skills you can begin applying immediately. Each eight-week course contains up to 16 hours of streaming video presentation, independent exercises and mastery exams and will take between 25-30 hours to complete. Courses include: Negotiation Essentials, Advanced Negotiations, and Strategies for Conflict Management.
Dates and Location: Online

Cost: $4,995 for 3-course package

Contact: to register call 855-300-1475
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Office of Personnel Management

Collaborative Leadership Seminar

Overview: The challenges of today's government environment require collaborative leadership skills more now than ever before. This two-week seminar offers invaluable skill-building in interpersonal relationships, managing difficult conversations, and group problem-solving and decision-making. It is a key step to excellence in collaborative, interdependent leadership. Set in the context of peer-to-peer leadership, this seminar will define and shape your mandate for leadership and collaboration regardless of your formal or informal position of authority and leadership.
How You Will Benefit: (1) Learn to project and exercise personal authority to get things done and influence decisions; (2) Recognize your strengths and learn to deploy them strategically to create collaborative organizational outcomes; (3) Identify key roles, skills and mental models needed to support collaboration and assess your organization in terms of its ability to collaborate and how you can impact this; (4) Learn to turn difficult conversations into learning conversations; (5) Improve your understanding of peer leadership and group dynamics in order to increase your ability to influence others and contribute to high quality group work environments.
Competencies Emphasized: Influencing/Negotiating; Continual Learning; Interpersonal Skills; Leveraging Diversity; Public Service Motivation

  • Apr 29-May 9, ‘13 @ WMDC, Aurora, CO   $5150

Starts 10:00 AM on 1st day ends 5:00 PM on last day

  • Jun 3-13, ‘13 @ EMDC, Shepherdstown, WV   $5150

Starts 10:00 AM on 1st day ends 5:00 PM on last day

This is a global program and may include international participants.

  • Jul 8-18, ‘13 @ WMDC, Aurora, CO   $5150

Starts 10:00 AM on 1st day ends 5:00 PM on last day

This is a global program and may include international participants.

  • Sep 16-26, ‘13 @ EMDC, Shepherdstown, WV   $5150

Starts 10:00 AM on 1st day ends 4:00 PM on last day
Table of Contents

Collaborating Across Organizational Boundaries


As leaders, we sometimes need to expand our perspectives and collaborate with others. Downsized workforces, intractable problems and difficult customers all create an increasing need for teamwork and partnerships. The evidence is all around us; the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) is seeing a trend toward greater cooperation among Federal agencies, with state and local agencies, nonprofits and even private sector companies.

This program will introduce strategies on how organizations can best share resources, decision-making and ownership of the final product or service. We will address key questions of trust, differing administrative structures and cultures, and the egos and turf issues that often get in the way of cooperative efforts. Collaborating Across Organizational Boundaries will give you the framework, tools and confidence to create change through proactive collaboration.

Competencies Emphasized: Influencing/Negotiating, Interpersonal Skills, Oral Communication, Partnering, and Continual Learning.

Dates: Upcoming sessions of this class will be scheduled in 2013. Please call 888-676-9632.
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Center for Global Leadership Series: Leadership for a Global Society


This program offered by the Federal Executive Institute (FEI), you will assess the role of the United States in the world and explore the institutional and policy framework that supports our interactions with other countries. You will focus on best practices in dealing with issues having international implications: the negotiation and teamwork skills that have proven to be the most effective in global interactions.

Focusing on political and economic realities, you will deepen your understanding through case studies, small-group exercises and discussions. These skills will help you examine and understand the shared values as well as the conflicts that shape our world.

Competencies Emphasized: External Awareness, Leading Change, Leading People, Political Savvy, Building Coalitions

Dates: Upcoming sessions of this class will be scheduled in 2013. Please call 888-676-9632.

Table of Contents

Rice University

Politics and Control in Organizations

This module gives a realistic understanding of politics in the organizational context as the art and science of getting things done. Being "political" at work usually has the negative connotations of "dirty politics." Politics as we use the term in this module, however, means something much broader. The term covers many organizational activities that can build more cooperative, productive, and satisfying professional relationships. The political aspects of organizational life include a wide range of means used to resolve differences of opinion and competing interests--various ways of influencing people so that choices get made and decisions get implemented.
Dates: May 15 – 16, 2013

Application Deadline: April 15, 2013

Costs: $2,500 USD

Contact Number: 713.348.6060
Table of Contents

Southern Methodist University

Master Negotiation I

This powerful two-day course will train you to take advantage of the gain-gain approach, today’s most respected method of negotiation. The tools and strategies you learn will prepare you for success in principled and profitable negotiation with peers, clients, customers and adversaries. The course’s interactive design provides individualized attention to help you diagnose your current approaches—and strengthen or replace them with proven, powerful skills. You’ll understand how to avoid common errors and negotiate rationally and effectively. You’ll learn how to separate fact from fiction and reality from perception. And because knowledge is power—you’ll learn how to obtain, provide and withhold crucial information that can determine the outcome. The insights you gain will enable you to be soft on people but tough on issues. Carefully crafted negotiation simulations give you a fascinating, hands-on opportunity to test and refine your skills.
Program Dates: April 30 – May 1, 2013

Program Location: Dallas, TX

Program Tuition: $1,995 USD

Contact Number: 214-768-3335
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