Leadership Development Seminars and ecq-based Readings

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Xavier University

Negotiating Mutual Success


The key elements of effective negotiations are preserving and building upon relationships with others to develop mutually beneficial outcomes and long-term partnerships.  In this hands-on experience, participants will practice the skills for mutually beneficial negotiating, including both planning for successful negotiations, as well as actually applying principled negotiation principles through role playing, related to their work situations.   Learning is immediate and lasting.

Dates: April 30, 2013
Application Deadline:
April 23, 2013

Costs: $595 USD

Contact Number: 513-745-3396 or 800-982-2673

Location: Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio
Table of Contents

Fundamental Competencies

Competencies are the personal and professional attributes that are critical to successful performance in the SES. The fundamental competencies are the attributes that serve as the foundation for each of the Executive Core Qualifications. Experience and training that strengthen and demonstrate the competencies will enhance a candidate's overall qualifications for the SES.

Harvard University

Art and Practice of Leadership Development: A Master Class for Professional Trainers, Educators, and Consultants

Can leadership really be taught? Can it even be learned?

In today’s world, public, private, and nonprofit organizations all want to develop leaders who are stronger, more capable, and more effective in the difficult work they do. That’s why they invest in leadership development for their top professionals, sending them to leadership seminars and hiring consultants to work with them extensively. But times and issues are more challenging than ever, and leaders in organizations find themselves looking for innovative solutions and more frequently being challenged for the decisions they make and the steps that they take. The leadership development practitioners working with them, then, have to be more prepared than ever to work with senior-level executives who face complex problems and operate in high-pressure environments.

Dates: May 10-17, 2013

Location: Harvard Kennedy School-Executive Program (Cambridge, MA)

Cost: $7,500 (includes tuition, housing, curricular materials, and most meals)

Application deadline: March 29, 2013

For more information on these programs please contact: 617-496-0484

Table of Contents

Office of Personnel Management

Executive Communication Skills: Leading the Process of Change


This fast-paced program at the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) moves between role-play exercises that build your interpersonal communication skills and leadership sessions providing tools for overcoming barriers to change in your organization. Scenarios based on real-world experiences highlight key components of interpersonal communication, followed by feedback from colleagues and facilitators. You will also develop leadership skills by focusing on your own work experiences and participating in a variety of large- and small-group activities. With one faculty member for every four or five executives, you are guaranteed the personal attention you need to bring your leadership skills to the next level.

Competencies Emphasized: Interpersonal Skills, Influencing/Negotiating, Oral Communication, Team Building, Leveraging Diversity

Dates: Upcoming sessions of this class will be scheduled in 2013. Please call 888-676-9632
Table of Contents

Understanding The 360-Degree Leader


The most effective leaders know how to influence everyone they come in contact with--not just the people who report to them. Traditional managers' power is based on "being in charge" and "being the boss," and can't be used to manage up or manage across. In contrast, 360-degree leaders can use their influence in all directions, and anyone in any position can gain and apply this influence. This Federal Executive Institute (FEI) program focuses on helping you work with those around you, enabling you to:

Lead Up—Influence the boss and others above you in the agency hierarchy

Lead Across—Influence co-workers in your organization and associates in others

Lead Down—Influence subordinates and those below you in the agency hierarchy

Lead Out—Influence those who do not work for your agency

Competencies Emphasized: External Awareness, Flexibility, Influencing/Negotiating, Interpersonal Skills, and Team Building

Dates: Upcoming sessions of this class will be scheduled in 2013. Please call 888-676-9632
Table of Contents

The Aspen Institute Executive Seminar


FEI’s Aspen Institute Executive Seminar helps you define and understand basic values that are at the heart of the issues key leaders face. It will prepare you to manage relationships with diverse constituencies, conduct business in a global environment, and motivate followers through visions that unite and inspire. The Aspen Institute is an international nonprofit institution dedicated to enhancing the quality of leadership. Programs are led by moderators whose education and experience enable them to create a challenging but supportive environment.

Competencies Emphasized: Creativity/Innovation, External Awareness, Influencing/Negotiating, Political Savvy and Strategic Thinking.

Dates: Upcoming sessions of this class will be scheduled in 2013. Please call 888-676-9632

Table of Contents

The Aspen Institute Global Seminar


This seminar asks you to reflect upon several global values, including liberty, equality, democracy, rights, responsibility, and community. This is not a training course. Rather, it invites you to think deeply and ask fundamental questions about global values and the ways in which they unite or divide the contemporary world. As a seminar participant, you will examine the existence of shared values in contemporary global political and economic reality and the complex relationships and conflicts among human values.

Competencies Emphasized: External Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Oral Communication, Strategic Thinking and Vision.

Dates: Upcoming sessions of this class will be scheduled in 2013. Please call 888-676-9632

Table of Contents

Public Sector Leadership: Vision, Values and Vital Strategies


Leading effectively in the public sector is a challenge that requires a full array of flexible and up-to-date strategies for success. This rigorous program will provide you with a powerful set of new approaches for understanding and leading change in the Federal Government. It is the perfect opportunity for you to refine your personal vision of public service, your organization’s future and your critical role in leading public sector change.

Experienced Federal Executive Institute (FEI) faculty, themselves public sector leaders, will guide you through a demanding and provocative learning process including case studies, small group exercises and discussions, executive coaching and off-site benchmarking trips.

Dates: Upcoming sessions of this class will be scheduled in 2013. Please call 888-676-9632

Table of Contents

Regis University

Peace and Social Justice


This certificate program offers essential groundwork and introductory practical tools participants involved in activities focusing on peace and social justice in local, national and world communities.

Requirements: 18 Credit Hours

Choose three courses from the following:

  • SO 472  Wealth & Power (3 Credit Hours)

  • CR 435  Poverty, Gender, Race, and Crime (3 Credit Hours)

  • SO 446  Perspectives on Terrorism (3 Credit Hours)

  • HU 435F  Voices of Wealth & Poverty (3 Credit Hours)

Choose three courses from the following:

  • PL 482/EN 482  Elements of Successful Argument (3 Credit Hours)

  • COM 437/BA 437  Persuasion, Influence & Motivation (3 Credit Hours)

  • COM 408/BA 411  Conflict Management (3 Credit Hours)

  • COM 420  Mediation (3 Credit Hours)

  • COM 466  Negotiation (3 Credit Hours)

Courses: For course descriptions, click here.

Dates: For the Spring 2013 - Spring 2014 schedule, click here http://cps.regis.edu/degrees-bachelors-social-science.php

Location: Classroom based

Cost: $410/ per credit

Apply: To apply online click here
For more information on this program, please contact: 800-944-7667 or go to http://cps.regis.edu/certificates-bachelors.php#shss
Table of Contents

Rice University

Leadership Communications

In order to lead, leaders must be understood. Miscommunication is a common barrier to effective leadership. Explore communication challenges in today's workplace and learn techniques to manage them. Participants will examine successful approaches to organizational communication, create a profile of their own communicative abilities, and formulate a strategic communication approach for their company. Participants will also develop approaches to communicating with stakeholders, the media, and industry analysts.
Dates: TBD

Application Deadline: TBD

Costs: $2,500 USD

Contact Number: 713.348.6060
Table of Contents

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