Lecture 1 Ethics

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Ethics = Morality
Ethical Concerns vs Prudential Concerns
Other interest vs self-interest
Moral vs Immoral vs Amoral Amoral ie lime green corvette
Lecture 3
2-5 Mills Rule Review
Who’s happiness is Mill referring to – personal happiness or everyone’s happiness

[In] a perfectly just conception of Utility or Happiness . . . it is not the agent’s own greatest happiness, but the greatest
amount of happiness altogether that must betaken into account . . . and that the world in general is immensely a
gainer by it.
Forget your own self-interest and view everyone’s happiness as the goal. Remove yourself from the situation and view the as a rd party spectator
[A rule of utter selfishness could not possibly be adopted by all rational beings. . . cannot be even plausibly maintained.
To give any meaning to any principle, the sense put upon it must be, that we ought to shape our conduct by
a rule which all rational beings might adopt with benefit to their collective interests
A rule of utter selfishness focusing on your own happiness is not going to work. You can’t get other people to buy into a principle based on the fact that it makes you happy. It needs to be for the benefit of the greater number of people.
except in some unusual circumstances . . . he never conceives himself otherwise than as a member of a body . . . . Now,
society between human beings, except in the relation of master and slave, is manifestly impossible on any other footing
than that the interests of all are to be consulted. Society between equals can only exist on the understanding that the
interests of all are to be regarded equally . . .
Social state → society We naturally belong to society, groups of people, and it’s impossible to not consider the interest of all (unless it’s a relationship of a master and a slave.

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