Lecture 1 Ethics

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probabil -payoff -------------------------------

Order of magnitude – are we talking in the s, s, s

Number of owners is in the s If change → Serious gain going to a large group overwhelm loss to small group. everettmarcia@gmail.com
Lecture 4
Further Considerations – Objections
The Whiny Objection

A utilitarian analysis is too complicated, takes too much time, and is just too confusing to do. Mils response
There is no difficulty in proving any ethical standard whatever to work ill, if we suppose universal idiocy is to be
conjoined with it…” People are smart and once they’ve used the utilitarian rule enough, they will gain from experience and that will speed decision-making Use it and you will learn it. Fr response give the people affected due consideration think it through. Moral decision – someone will lose.

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