Lecture 1 Ethics

“it’s so subjective Objection

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“it’s so subjective Objection Not everyone can agree – it’s too subjective Everyone filled table indifferently. If no one can agree on the inputs, and thus the decision recommendation resulting from it, what good could such an analysis be
15 1. If we were actually the decision maker we would have more accurate information on the situation. You will be the decision maker, and in the end it’s up to you.
2. In regards to the overall goal of the course
16 Fake
17 Real. help you make decisions You work with incomplete info, gather as many facts as you can last line
Util is away of structuring your approach. A framework. If you are part of a committee it’s better – bounce ideas off other people. EXAMPLE – choosing to locate in SK Those affected s
Gain/loss Size of gain/loss Nature of gain/loss Families moves G Families want to stays L Loss of identity, connection to their past industries Lots G public Lots G nature Lots Li Order of magnitudes people

Only a small # of people losing. Everyone else is gaining. The decision rule – the greater good for the greater #. Those actions are right to the extent they promote the happiness of. Justification – happiness is the most valuable thing out there, and it’s the only thing out there. Everything else is the means to happiness. general overall happiness

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