Lecture 1 Ethics

The many can benefit at the expense of a few Objection

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The many can benefit at the expense of a few Objection Yup.
Lets make everyone happy sounds too childish to be the basis of a serious moral theory Objection Cant base a serious moral theory off a something that sounds silly
➔ Goal isn’t to make everyone happy
➔ If you have issues with the word happy, consider utility or welfare
Lecture 5
Utilitarianism – Further Considerations
8 Who belongs in list Principal winners/losers → Think about the parties who are going to be affected insignificant ways. Animate players → real people. Corporation does not feel pain or psychological effects. Parties wose welfare is affected, not the parties agents → ie, homeless people, not advocacy group.
9 environment → focus on real people who experience pain/happiness. No. could animals be included – maybe.
Anthropocentrism → if you are an anthropomorphism being you are human. Humans are the only beings who have moral standings. Only humans welfare should betaken into consideration.
11 The end of human action → happiness Morality is rules of humankind Sentient creation → anything than can feel (in terms of feeling pain) → organisms/plants/ponds can’t feel pain we don’t think about mosquitos feeling pain.
13 Use order of magnitude.
15 Rarely will your personal decision will affect millions. We normally don’t make large scale decisions.
18 Both gains and loses List both gains and losses and net it out.
20 No change – zero
Don’t need to be in table, unless it could bring about questions why the group was left out of the analysis
25 Favour qualitative
27 Description is very important
28 Give a reason for decision.

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