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Participation and comportment

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0 SYLLABUS 196 Fall 19
Participation and comportment

This is a lecture course, so student participation is not required but students are strongly encouraged to ask questions during lecture if something is not clear. I do not mind being interrupted during lectures to answer questions. During lectures, please be courteous to those around you: keep frivolous talking, chatter, and noises to a minimum. If you are continually and unnecessarily disruptive during lectures I will fail you. Keep cell phones turned off during lecture, and no cells phones or any other electronic devices can be used during the exam for any reason. Please arrive on time and do not leave early. If you need to leave early (for example, to get across campus to another class) please let me know. Make up exams will not be given unless you have a documented and justifiable reason for missing the exam.


This is a large lecture course; there will be no quizzes.


This is an introductory course; no papers are required.

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