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Alexander McCall Smith
The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
Easy Reader (Penguin Readers) Level 3 (1200 headwords – Pre-Intermediate)


Focus of lesson



Introduction of book – starting to read

  • Africa as continent: which countries do the students know (maybe have visited) / what associations do students have with Africa

  • Picture of book – what do they think it’s about?

  • giving out books

  • reading introduction

  • defining country and location of country

  • discussion story time


  • read chapter 1 and read through the vocabulary on last page and write down the German equivalent


Listening and close reading

  • listening to chapter 1 on CD (focus on pronunciation of unfamiliar words)

  • filling in gaps exercise

possible themes for discussion:

  • men working in other countries – possible reasons?

  • father figures and relationships to children (daughters in particular)

  • how would you solve the case?

  • What does it need to be happy (according to the book)?


Questionnaire ‘Botswana’ and reading chapter 2


Biography / CV

Homework(questionnaire) control with pictures (PPP)
Summary with wrong information – find out what’s wrong (exercise from Internet source (publishers site – Penguin))
Why does Mma Ramotswe marry Note Makoti, do you think? And why does Note Makoti leave her? Try to find three reasons for each. (source Internet)

Pupils should write either a CV or a short biography of Precious Ramotswe. (Information sheet and explanation in class)


Finish CV/ and short biography and read chapter 3


Starting on serious theme of superstitions and witchcraft

Exercise: Why are these things important in the story (source Internet)
Reading together chapter 4
What is the problem with being a detective?

Why does Mma Ramotswe need a secretary?

Theme: superstitions

You know what happens?

Deep rooted fears


Do you have any superstitions (or rituals)? Your parents? Grandparents? Do you know people who have superstitions (celebrities)?


Fears and superstitions and civil courage

Case study

  • Book: what would you do in Mma Ramotswe’s situation? Would you look and ask for the boy? (why / why not?)

  • Why is the police doing nothing? What do you think? (give at least three reasons)


  • Civil courage – problems of interaction and looking the other way


Reading chapter 5



Role plays

  • Create a dialogue and situation

  • Argumentation

Mr. Patel / Nandira / Mrs. Patel / friend of Nandira …

Presentations at the end


Reading chapters 6 & 7


Lying –

Different sorts of lies

“Lies are alright if you are lying for a good reason”

Which lies told in those two chapters do you think acceptable?
Discussion about what sorts of lies are there, which ones are acceptable … pupils bring in own experiences

(emergency discussion themes – moral decisions that create tension)


Chapter 7 finish sentences (Internet source) and read chapter 8


Theme of lying (2)

False leads – lies


Discussion: how dangerous is this situation?
Power and influence (corruption) in Botswana


Read through those writing topics and start thinking about what you want to write in an essay after we have finished reading the book. Read chapter 9


Phone conversation

Book pg. 56 exercise 29 (in plenum) and 30.
Starting to read chapter 10 in small groups (3).


Finish book and choose a writing topic



Keywords on board (marriage, kidnapping, witchcraft, imagination, muti)
Page 56 exercise 31

Divide class into groups – one group per chapter – summarize with keywords and write on a poster

End: discussion of book – general. Topics, likes, etc.

Possibility of doing a learning journal
Themes of novel:

  • Role of woman in society (particularly in Botswana)

  • Witchcraft – superstitions

  • Lies

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