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QC981 .C654 no 93-03
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TL521 .A3525 no.8491

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E99 E7 I462 2003

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SH11.A6 M2 no.96-1

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QL124 .C3 no.27
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SH11.A6 M2 no.93-2

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QC994.8 .C6 1992

QC994.8 .C6 1993

QC994.8 .C6 1995

QC994.8 .C6 1996
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E61 .I51

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GC1552.P75 E99 RP-95041

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GC3.U7 A3 no.51

Investigations of the Polex South-75 Program = Issledovaniya po Programme POLEKS-YuG-75. A.F. Treshnikov, V.S. Kothekar, editors. Translated by Y.V. Kathavate. New Delhi : Published for the Division of Ocean Sciences, National Science Foundation, by Amerind Pub. Co., 1979. Series: Proceedings of the Order of Lenin Arctic and Antarctic Scientific-Research Institute ; no. 344.

GB2997 .I62

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GB2401 .U5 no.315

GB2401 .A24 no.1- etc.
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GC7 .I53 no.69 suppl.

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TA1125 .I57 1986 v.1

TA1125 .I57 1986 v.2
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G600 .L4 t.423

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GB2401.2 .J65 2001

International Boundary Commission. Joint report upon the survey and demarcation of the international boundary between the United States and Canada along the 141st meridian from the Arctic ocean to mount St. Elias : in accordance with the provision of Article IV of the convention signed at Washington, April 21, 1906. [Washington : International Boundary Commission, 1918?]

F912.B7 I6

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GC401 .J655 1997a

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SH223.F53t no. 304

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QL124 .C3 no.29

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VK1161 .L56 1995 - VK1161 .L56 2005

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G600 .L413 t.299

RC957.3 .M4313
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GC1 .A5 R74-4

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