Lindsey Morrison Annotated Literature Review

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Lindsey Morrison

Annotated Literature Review

  1. Problem Statement:

Building sustainable homes on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to with-stand the natural power of hurricanes. Environmentally efficient materials and techniques that are used in the construction of new homes, so that when a destructive hurricane hits the Gulf Coast, many lives and homes are salvaged. This would help reduce the amount of pollution that is released into the environment post-storm. Having a smaller amount of homes destroyed means money saved to rebuild and a reduced amount of home destruction.

  1. Most relevant to axiom 1.

  2. Table of Essential Ideas & Concepts:

Primary Concept

Secondary Concepts


Sustainable resources used to construct homes on the gulf coast

Pollution will be less after a hurricane if the home is constructed with the right materials

The effects of hurricanes on homes on the Gulf of Mexico coast

Keywords & Related Terms

  • Building homes

  • Constructing homes

  • Sustainable resources

  • Pollution degradation

  • Hurricane aftermath

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Home destruction

  • Gulf of Mexico

Gulf coast

  1. Search Statements:

  • ("building homes" OR "constructing homes") AND ("gulf coast") AND ("efficiently") Environmental Impact Statements; 5 results

  • ("building homes" OR "constructing homes") AND ("gulf coast") AND ("efficiently") ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text: Social Sciences; 39 results

  • ("building homes" OR "constructing buildings" OR "constructing homes") AND ("Gulf of Mexico" OR “gulf coast”) AND ("sustainably" OR "sustainable" OR "efficiently" OR "efficient" OR "sustainability") AND ("hurricanes" OR "hurricane" OR "tropical storm" OR "tropical storms") Summon: 1,196 results

  • ("building homes") AND ("sustainable") AND ("gulf of mexico") ProQuest Environmental Science Journals: 1,090 results

  • ("building homes") AND ("sustainable") AND ("hurricanes") AND ("gulf of mexico") ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text: Science & Technology: 10 results

  1. Sources

Aerts J, Wouter Botzen WJ (2011) Flood-resilient waterfront development in New York City: Bringing flood insurance, building codes, and flood zoning. Annals of the N. Y. Academy of Sciences 1227:1:1-82

This journal article is about waterfront construction in New York City and how it will change waterfront development. I can use this information to compare to the different building codes and flood zoning for the gulf coast of America. Hopefully this will show the difference in policies in different parts of the U.S. and I would be able to point out what needs to be changed.

Aldrich D (2012) Building Resilience: Social Capital in Post-Disaster Recovery. EconLit.

This book show the ways to build healthy buildings that will with-stand natural disasters. It will help me understand the sustainable ways of building homes and other structures. I will also be able to compare different construction ideas with other opinions.

Beven JL II, Avila LA, Blake ES et al (2008) Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2005. Monthly Weather Rev. 136:3:1109-1173

Jain VK, Davidson RA (2007) Application of a Regional Hurricane Wind Risk Forecasting Model for Wood-frame Houses. Risk Analysis 27:1:45-58

This article is for understanding hurricanes on wood-framed houses. It will help with the development of what changes could be made to improve the conditions of at-risk homes. I will be able to find building codes and analyze what could be changed.

Pistrika A, Jonkman S (2010) Damage to residential buildings due to flooding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Nat Hazards 54:413-434 doi: 10.1007/s11069-009-9476-y

Puckett R (2006) Concrete Applications for a Sustainable World. Environmental Des. + Construction. 9:7:S2,S5

This article will help me analyze the damage to buildings post-storm from Katrina. I will find vital information about different building types that held up during the storm.

Santella N, Steinberg L, Sengul H (2010) Petroleum and Hazardous Material Releases from Industrial Facilities Associated with Hurricane Katrina. Risk Analysis 30:635-649 doi: 10.1111/j.1539-6924.2010.01390.x

This will help me see the damage to buildings and other structures and how they contribute to pollution of the environment. It will also show hurricane proof building structures and their strengths.

Shiller A, Shim M, Guo L et al (2012) Hurricane Katrina impact on water quality in the East Pearl River, Mississippi. J of Hydrology (Amsterdam) 414-415:388-392

This will help me analyze understand what the water quality was in the water bodies surrounding New Orleans, LA. I will find information about how much pollution was put into the environment after hurricane Katrina.

Simmons KM, Sutter D (2008) Manufactured home building regulations and the February 2, 2007 Florida Tornadoes. Nat Hazards 46:3:415-425

This article relates to hurricanes and tornadoes and their effects on mobile homes in Florida. I would be able to compare and analyze different aspects of building codes for mobile homes in Florida and find what the best way of sustainably constructing them.

Torgal FP, Jalali S (2011) Eco-efficient Construction and Building Materials. Springer London. doi: 10.1007/978-0-85729-892-8

This gives me essential information on what buildings would with-stand hurricanes. Vital information about eco-friendly materials and how useful and strong they are is also provided. This article relates to the building of sustainable homes part of my problem.

Vlosky RP, Shupe TF (2004) U.S. homebuilder perceptions about treated wood. For. Products J. 54:10:41-48

Voelcker A (2000) Alternative Construction – Contemporary Natural Building Methods. The Architectural Rev. Page 96.

Waugh W Jr, Smith RB (2006) Economic Development and Reconstruction on the Gulf after Katrina. Economic Development Q. 20:3:211-218

This will relate to the construction choices after a major hurricane. A hurricane like Katrina could hit again and it would destroy what was built if it isn’t constructed the proper way. I can get a deeper look into why there were certain ways New Orleans was built after the hurricane and figure out what would have been the most efficient way after relating to eco-construction resources.

Wlodarczyk HA (2013) Somewhere That’s Green? Visions of Sustainable Suburbia. Dissertation, University of Minnesota

The dissertation helps me get a look into sustainable suburbs. I will then be able to relate that information on how the suburbs are efficient. This information will help me relate to largely populated areas and the potential effects after a hurricane in the areas.

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