Listening skills tasks and handouts task 1: Work in pairs. Write a list of all the things you listened to in the last 24 hours

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week 3 Tasks and Handouts
Handout 1
Tape scripts
Dialogue 1: I make bread and pizza
Mark: What was your name again?
Hanan: My name is Hanan Benetan.
Mark: One more time.
Mark and Hanan: Hanan.
Mark: Hannan. How do spell that?
Hanan: H-a-n-a-n.
Mark: H-a-n-a-n. Hanan. What part of Israel do you come from?
Hanan: Rishon le Zion. The same city as Eran.
Mark: Did you work in Africa as well?
Hanan: No. I work in Israel in a bakery.
Mark: That is a beautiful job.
Hanan: I make bread and pizza and …
Mark: So you have to wake up every morning very early?
Hanan: Yes.
Mark: And what time do you finish work?
Hanan: Every day I work for like ten hours. I guess sometimes twelve.
Mark: That is too long.
Hannan: Yes but it is ok. It is a good one.
Mark: You like it.
Hanan: Yeah I like it.
Dialogue 2: An English Village in Spain
Luis: So It is like you see it and it is like on a stage. Something is not working here. I mean an English village should be cloudy, should be foggy, should be… not this starkly blue sky.
Mark: This is Gibraltar?
Luis: This is Gibraltar.
Mark: What is the situation there?
Luis: It is a British colony in south Spain.. It is a British colony in Europe. It is a colony of a European country in another European country.
Mark: And the people in Gibraltar; they don’t want to be Spanish and they don’t want to be British? They want to be independent?
Luis: They want to be independent.
Mark: Right. And they speak English?
Luis: They speak English with a very strong Andalucian accent. A very strong south Spanish accent and the slang they use is Spanish.
Mark: How many people?
Luis: A few thousand.

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