Listening skills tasks and handouts task 1: Work in pairs. Write a list of all the things you listened to in the last 24 hours

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week 3 Tasks and Handouts
Listening text types

Listening Tasks

1. a news broadcast

a. answering wh-questions (where?, who?, what?, why?, etc.)

2. the directions to a person's home

b. putting a series of pictures in order

3. the description of a missing person

c. ticking off items on a list of names of people and places

4. an embarrassing personal anecdote

d. drawing on a map

5. a shopping dialogue (sales assistant and customer)

e. filling in a grid or table

6. a pop song

f. choosing one of several pictures

7. recorded entertainment information (e.g. movies, theatre, etc.)

g. taking notes

h. choosing one of several adjectives

8.a weather forecast

i. writing the exact words

j. drawing a picture

k. filling in gaps in a transcript

TASK 9. In groups of three, choose one of the listening passage texts/tapescripts and answer the following questions.

  1. What level do you think the passage/tapescript could be used with?

  2. How would you engage students with the topic?

  3. What preparation would you do with the students before they listened to this extract?

  4. What general listening task would be appropriate for this tapescript?

  5. What study/detailed listening activity would be appropriate for this activity?

  6. Can you think of an activate stage to follow this listening activity?

Prepare pre-listening activities for a listening lesson. You can

  1. Choose a listening lesson from a course book and adapt the ready-made activities in the lesson to fit your teaching style

  2. Pick up a listening passage from a course book or internet, decide the level for which the passage could be used and design an original lesson plan for teaching it.

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