Llefydd yng nghymru

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To introduce the names of places in Wales and to give information about them.

Preparatory work

Pupils will need to be familiar with;

Ble mae…? (Where is…?), tref boblogaidd (popular town), ar lan y môr (at the seaside), llawer o ymwelwyr (lots of visitors), y mynydd uchaf (the highest mountain), Gwersyll Gwyliau (Holiday Camp), Gwersyll yr Urdd (Urdd Camp), Llyn Tegid (Bala lake), tref fawr (large town), Y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol (The National Library), dinas fawr (large city), prif ddinas (capital city)


There is one main activity which is to be introduced as a whole class activity using the interactive whiteboard.


  • Whole class

Teacher to lead the questioning by asking pupils Ble mae…? A pupil to come out to the whiteboard and say Dyma…and then press on the appropriate red dot twice with his/her finger. If the pupil chooses the wrong answer, it is possible to return to the main map by pressing the map icon at the bottom of the screen. If the answer is correct then they can gain information (in Welsh) about the place by pressing the ‘I’ icon. The teacher to read and help pupils to understand the information by using prior knowledge of the places. By pressing the ‘Saesneg’ icon the English translation will appear.
To vary the activity it is possible to give the role of the teacher to a pupil so that the pupil can lead the questioning.

Download 5.63 Kb.

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