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F4795 1471 (RF) tn 5.30pm ex-Dulverton waiting to cross with 5.25pm ex-Tiverton at Bampton 01/06/60

F4796 1471 (LF) tn 5.30pm ex-Dulverton waiting to cross with 5.25pm ex-Tiverton, Bampton 01/06/60

F4797 Bampton lkg north 01/06/60

F4798 1434 (LF) tn 5.25pm Tiverton-Bampton entg Bampton 01/06/60

F4799 1471 (RF) tn 5.30pm Dulverton-Exeter, Tiverton 01/06/60

F4800 1471 (LF) tn 5.30pm Dulverton-Exeter, Cadeleigh 01/06/60

F4801 7761 (LF) tn 5.48pm ex-Exeter & 1471 (LF) tn 5.30pm Dulverton-Exeter cross at Cadeleigh 01/06/60

F4802 4914 (RF) tn dn vans standing at Stoke Canon 01/06/60

F4803 1471 (LF) tn 5.30pm Dulverton-Exeter, Exeter St Davids 01/06/60

F4804 31860 (RF) tn up SR goods assisted in rear by 31840 leaving Exeter St Davids 01/06/60

F4805 31840 (RR) assisting in rear of up SR goods tn headed by 31860 leaving Exeter St Davids 01/06/60

F4806 30225 (RF) ECS of 7.44am Plymouth –Tavistock North entg Plymouth North Road 02/06/60

F4807 5569 (LF) carriage shunting duties, Plymouth North Road 02/06/60

F4808 The Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash, view from LSWR main line 02/06/60

F4809 30225 (LF) tn 7.49am Plymouth –Tavistock North, Bere Alston 02/06/60

F4810 41310 (RR) B/F tn 8.24am to Callington (‘Gate’ stock in use is obscured by steam) waiting to

lve Bere Alston 02/06/60

F4811 Calstock, lkg to Bere Alston 02/06/60

F4812 41310 (LF) B/F tn 8.24am to Callington waits to lve after taking water, Calstock 02/06/60

F4813 41310 (LR) B/F tn 8.24am Bere Alston-Callington, Gunnislake 02/06/60

F4814 Callington lkg to buffers 02/06/60

F4815 Callington, lkg up the line fm end of platform 02/06/60

F4816 Callington (exterior) 02/06/60

F4817 Callington view fm buffers 02/06/60

F4818 41310 (LF) shunting in the yard at Callington 02/06/60

F4819 41316 (RR) B/F tn 9.43am to Bere Alston, Callington 02/06/60

F4820 Luckett, lkg to Callington 02/06/60

F4821 Chilsworthy lkg to Bere Alston 02/06/60

F4822 Gunnislake, lkg to Callington 02/06/60

F4823 41316 (LR) B/F tn 9.43am ex- Callington, Bere Alston 02/06/60

F4824 30718 (RF) Plymouth portion of up ‘Ace’, Bere Alston 02/06/60

F4825 34034 (LF) tn 8.41am Exeter Central-Plymouth arriving at Okehampton 02/06/60

F4826 30225 (RB) in the yard at Bere Alston 02/06/60

F4827 Ford, lkg south 02/06/60

F4828 34109 (RF) tn 11.46am ex- Plymouth, Okehampton 02/06/60

F4829 30338 (LF) at the coaling stage, Okehampton shed 02/06/60

F4830 30718 (LF) tn 1.18pm Okehampton-Bude, Halwill 02/06/60

F4831 30718 (LF) tn 1.18pm Okehampton-Bude, Holsworthy 02/06/60

F4832 Holsworthy lkg east 02/06/60

F4833 82011 (RF) tn 1.55pm ex-Bude entg Holsworthy 02/06/60

F4834 31839 (RF) tn 12.58pm ex-Padstow, Halwill 02/06/60

F4835 DS3152 G6 (RF) Meldon Quarry shunter 02/06/60

F4836 30338 (RF) station pilot duties, Okehampton 02/06/60

F4837 34032 (RF) tn dn ‘Ace’ (11am ex-Waterloo) arrives at Okehampton 02/06/60

F4838 34032 (LF above) tn dn ‘Ace’ leaving Launceston 02/06/60

F4839 31836 (RF) shunting a goods tn, Launceston 02/06/60

F4840 Launceston (exterior) 02/06/60

F4841 Launceston lkg north. The SB which also served the former GWR station alongside 02/06/60

F4842 30709 (RF) TN 3.13PM Padstow- Okehampton taking water at Launceston 02/06/60

F4843 5569 (RF) tn 3.5pm ex- Plymouth with the Western branch service, Launceston 02/06/60

F4844 Launceston (SR) lkg north. In dn platform is 5569 on 3pm, ex- Plymouth. In the up platform waits the 3.13pm Padstow- Okehampton 02/06/60

F4845 Launceston (GW) closed station viewed fm the buffers 02/06/60

F4846 Launceston (GW) (exterior). Now used as a biscuit store 02/06/60

F4847 Launceston (GW) lkg north showing small loco shed 02/06/60

F4848 Launceston (GW) 02/06/60

F4849 5569 (RF) B/F tn 5.40pm to Plymouth, Launceston 02/06/60

F4850 Coryton, lkg to Launceston 02/06/60

F4851 Lydford dn platform, lkg south 02/06/60

F4852 5569 (RR) B/F tn 5.40pm Ex- Launceston taking water at Lydford 02/06/60

F4853 Lydford up platform, lkg north. The opposite face is the up southern platform 02/06/60

F4854 Mary Tavy & Blackdown Halt, lkg south. The SB & office both now disused 02/06/60

F4855 Mary Tavy & Blackdown the old platform, track lifted & platform completed over-grown & the waiting room covered with brambles 02/06/60

F4856 5569 (LR) B/F tn 5.40pm Launceston- Plymouth waiting at Tavistock North 02/06/60

F4857 5569 (LF) B/F tn 5.40pm Launceston- Plymouth, Tavistock North 02/06/60

F4858 Tavistock North, lkg north. In dn platform is the 5.25pm Plymouth auto tn 02/06/60

F4859 6410 (LF) propels the 7.10pm auto tn into the up platform, Tavistock North 02/06/60

F4860 Tavistock North lkg north fm station 02/06/60

F4861 5532 (LF) tn 6.20pm ex- Plymouth entg Tavistock North 02/06/60

F4862 5532 (RF) tn 6.20pm ex- Plymouth taking water at Tavistock South 02/06/60

F4863 5532 (RR) tn 6.25pm ex- Plymouth taking water at Tavistock South 02/06/60

F4864 6410 (RF) running round auto tn after failure of the auto gear as service was about to depart with 7.10pm to Plymouth, Tavistock south 02/06/60

F4865 Horrabridge, up platform, lkg south 02/06/60

F4866 Horrabridge, lkg north 02/06/60

F4867 Yelverton disused up platform lkg south. The sharply curved platform was used by the Princetown trains 02/06/60

F4868 Yelverton original dn platform, lkg north. All trains now use this platform 02/06/60

F4869 6863 (RF) tn 7.40am Newton Abbot- Plymouth, Brent 03/06/60

F4870 5573 (RR) B/F 8.20am to Kingsbridge, Brent 03/06/60

F4871 Avonwick, lkg north 03/06/60

F4872 Gara Bridge up platform, lkg north 03/06/60

F4873 5573 (LR) B/F tn 8.29am ex- Brent, Kingsbridge 03/06/60

F4874 Kingsbridge (exterior) in the background is the loco shed 03/06/60

F4875 Kingsbridge view fm buffer stops 03/06/60

F4876 Kingsbridge lkg north. By the SB is 5573 about to shunt a van into the bay platform 03/06/60

F4877 Loddiswell lkg south 03/06/60

F4878 5573 (RF) tn 9.25am ex-Kingsbridge, Gara Bridge 03/06/60

F4879 Gara Bridge, lkg south. In the dn platform is the branch goods 03/06/60

F4880 Brent lkg west 03/06/60

F4881 6829 (RF) tn 10.5am Exeter St Davids to Paignton at Newton Abbot 03/06/60

F4882 6829 (LF) tn 10.5am Exeter-Paignton, Torquay 03/06/60

F4883 Torquay (exterior) 03/06/60

F4884 1007 (LF) tn 11.40am Abbot-Kingswear entg Torquay 03/06/60

F4885 1007 (LF) tn 12.15pm ex-Kingswear, Churston 03/06/60

F4886 6943 (RF) tn 12.15pm ex-Kingswear entg Churston

F4887 4561 (LF) in the yard at Kingswear 03/06/60

F4888 4985 (RF) tn 1.10pm to Newton Abbot, Kingswear 03/06/60

F4889 1466 (RF) tn 1.25pm auto to Brixham in the bay at Churston 03/06/60

F4890 1466 (LF) tn auto 1.25pm ex-Churston, Brixham 03/06/60

F4891 Brixham the fish platform. This is a continuation of the passenger platform & the branch auto tn can just be seen in the background 03/06/60

F4892 Brixham (exterior) 03/06/60

F4893 Brixham tn 1.50pm auto departure 03/06/60

F4894 1466 (RF) tn 1.50pm ex-Brixham after arriving in the bay, Churston 03/06/60

F4895 1007 (RF) tn 1.50pm ex-Kingswear, Churston 03/06/60

F4896 1420 (LF) tn 3.25pm Exe Valley service to Dulverton at Exeter St Davids 03/06/60

F4897 30955/30950 (LF) waiting next banking duties, outside Exeter St Davids 03/06/60

F4898 7761 (LR) B/F tn 3.30pm Bampton-Exeter St Davids at Tiverton 03/06/60

F4899 1420 (LF) tn 3.25pm Exeter St Davids-Dulverton, Tiverton 03/06/60

F4900 1471 (RF) in the goods yard, Tiverton 03/06/60

F4901 Tiverton lkg north (1420 on right) 03/06/60

F4902 Tiverton lkg north 03/06/60

F4903 Tiverton (exterior) 03/06/60

F4904 1434 (LF) tn 4.45pm to Tiverton Junction standing in the bay at Tiverton 03/06/60

F4905 6002 (RF) tn 4.25pm all stns Exeter St Davids to Taunton, Tiverton Junction 03/06/60

F4906 1434 (RF) tn 4.45pm Ex-Tiverton, Tiverton Junction 03/06/60

F4907 1468 (LF) tn 5.7pm to Hemyock with former Barry Rly coach, Tiverton Junction 03/06/60

F4908 Cold Harbour Halt, lkg to Tiverton 03/06/60

F4909 1468 (LF) tn 5.7pm to Hemyock, Uffculme 03/06/60

F4910 1468 (RF) tn 5.7pm ex-Tiverton Junction on arrival at Hemyock 03/06/60

F4911 Hemyock lkg to the buffers. The line on the right crosses the road into the milk depot beyond, the reason for the prosperity of the branch 03/06/60

F4912 1468 (RR) B/F having run round waits to lve with 6pm at Tiverton Jct at Hemyock 03/06/60

F4913 Former Barry Railway coach W263W, Hemyock 03/06/60

F4914 1468 (LR) B/F tn 6pm ex-Hemyock, Culmstock 03/06/60

F4915 Culmstock 03/06/60

F4916 1468 (LR) B/F tn 6pm ex-Hemyock, Uffculme 03/06/60

F4917 1468 (LR) B/F tn 6pm ex-Hemyock on arrival at Tiverton Jct 03/06/60

F4918 6875 (LF) tn 5.15pm Newton Abbot-Taunton, Tiverton Jct 03/06/60

F4919 Tiverton Jct lkg north. The Hemyock branch can be seen diverging on the right 03/06/60

F4920 Tiverton Jct view of the yard, shed (into which 1468 is retiring) & the line to Tiverton curving away on the right 03/06/60

F4921 30950 (RF) Queen Street Banker, Exeter St Davids 03/06/60

F4922 4956 (LF) tn 4.15pm relief ex-Cardiff General-Paignton leaving Newton Abbot 03/06/60

F4923 Plymouth Friary elevated view of station now used for storing ECS 04/06/60

F4924 41302 (LR above) tn ECS entering Plymouth Friary 04/06/60

F4925 Plymouth Friary (exterior) 04/06/60

F4926 Plymouth Friary exterior view of main building 04/06/60

F4927 6378 (LF) on pilot duty at Plymouth North Road 04/06/60

F4928 6421 (LF) after working tn 8.54am auto ex-Plymouth North Road, taking water at Saltash 04/06/60

F4929 6421 (LF) tn 9.26am to North Road, Saltash 04/06/60

F4930 Bodmin Road lkg east, showing the water crane & gantry 04/06/60

F4931 4569 (LF) tn 10.10am to Wadebridge, Bodmin Road 04/06/60

F4932 4569 (LF) tn 10.10am to Wadebridge, Bodmin Road 04/06/60

F4933 4552 (LF) shunting in the yard, Bodmin Road 04/06/60

F4934 4569 (RF) tn running round while working 10.10am Bodmin Road-Wadebridge at Bodmin General 04/06/60

F4935 4569 (LF) B/F tn 10.10am Bodmin Road-Wadebridge leaving Bodmin General 04/06/60

F4936 Bodmin General, lkg to buffers 04/06/60

F4937 Bodmin North (exterior) 04/06/60

F4938 Bodmin North from the buffers 04/06/60

F4939 Bodmin North lkg west 04/06/60

F4940 4666 (LR) B/F tn 11.20am to Wadebridge, Bodmin North 04/06/60

F4941 4666 (LF) B/F tn 11.20am to Wadebridge, Bodmin North 04/06/60

F4942 30586 (LF) station pilot duty at Wadebridge 04/06/60

F4943 30338 (LF) tn 9.56am Okehampton-Padstow, Wadebridge 04/06/60

F4944 30338 (LF) shunting in the yard, Padstow 04/06/60

F4945 30338 (RF) on turntable, Padstow 04/06/60

F4946 30338 (RF) propelling stock of the 12.38pm to Waterloo into platform, Padstow 04/06/60

F4947 30338 (RF) tn 12.58pm to Waterloo, Padstow 04/06/60

F4948 Padstow lkg to buffers 04/06/60

F4949 4569 (RF) tn 1.23pm to Bodmin Road, Wadebridge 04/06/60

F4950 41308 (LF) goods tn off North Devon line in the bat at Halwill 04/06/60

F4951 31842 (LR) tn 12.48pm Padstow-Waterloo, which loco worked from Wadebridge on arrival at Okehampton 04/06/60

F4952 31842 (LF) on turntable after working 12.58pm Padstow-Waterloo from Wadebridge, 04/06/60

F4953 30950 (RF) about to bank the Plymouth & Padstow portions of 4.30pm Exeter-Waterloo up the Queen Street bank, Exeter St Davids 04/06/60

F4954 34062 (LF) tn 4.30pm ex-Waterloo with Plymouth & Padstow portions arriving at Exeter Central 04/06/60

F4955 31813 (RF) pilot to 76067 on tn 5.3pm ex-Portsmouth & Southsea entg Salisbury 04/06/60

F4956 33024 (LF) tn 3.22pm ex-All Hallows, 31518 (LF) propelling 4.8pm motor tn to All-Hallows into the dn platform, Gravesend Central 06/07/60

F4957 Cliffe up platform, lkg east 06/07/60

F4958 Sharnal Street up platform, lkg east 06/07/60

F4959 31518 (RR) tn 4.8pm ex-Gravesend Central taking water at All Hallows-on-Sea 06/07/60

F4960 31518 (RF) tn 4.52pm to Grain, All Hallows-on-Sea 06/07/60 (not quite sharp)

F4961 31518 (RF) tn 4.52pm ex All Hallows, Grain 06/07/60

F4962 Grain lkg east 06/07/60

F4963 Grain lkg west to buffers. Stn offices are in the ‘pill box’ building on the left 06/07/60

F4964 31518 (RR) tn 5.12pm Grain-Gravesend Central leaving Stoke Junction Halt 06/07/60

F4965 Stoke Junction Halt lkg east. The actual jct is on this other side of level crossing 06/07/60

F4966 Stoke Junction viewed fm level crossing. The Grain line continues straight ahead, the All Hallows line curves to the left 06/07/60

F4967 Stoke Junction Halt view from other side of level crossing. On the left is the jct SB 06/07/60

F4968 33024 (RR) T/F tn 5.38pm ex-Gravesend Central arriving at Stoke Junction Halt 06/07/60

F4969 33024 (RR) T/F tn 5.38pm ex-Gravesend Central on arrival at All Hallows-on-Sea 06/07/60

F4970 33024 (RF) tn 6.53pm to Gravesend Central, All Hallows-on-Sea 06/07/60

F4971 All Hallows-on-Sea view fm platform end. The siding on the left leads to the turn table 06/07/60

F4972 All Hallows-on-Sea lkg to the buffers 06/07/60

F4973 All Hallows-on-Sea view away from buffers 06/07/60

F4974 All Hallows-on-Sea (exterior) 06/07/60

F4975 D6505 tn 6.7pm ex-Gravesend Central formed of S.E. motor set & diesel electric locomotive All Hallows-on-Sea 06/07/60

F4976 D6505 waiting in the yard with a light dn goods, All Hallows-on-Sea 06/07/60

F4977 33024 (LF) tn 6.53pm ex- All Hallows-on-Sea, Sharnal Street 06/07/60

F4978 Sharnal Street dn platform, lkg east SB in view 06/07/60

F4979 Cliffe dn platform, lkg east 06/07/60

F4980 33024 (RF) tn 6.53pm ex-All Hallows-on-Sea on arrival at Gravesend Central 06/07/60

F4981 33024 (RF) in the centre road at Gravesend Central 06/07/60

F4982 31518 (RF) tn up side bay waiting next turn on the All Hallows line at Gravesend Central 06/07/60

F4483 35018 (LF) tn 9am Waterloo-Exmouth entg Salisbury 16/07/60

F4484 30841 (LF) tn 12.12pm Yeovil Jct-Axminster, Chard Jct 16/07/60

F4985 7436 (RF) B/F tn 12.45pm to Chard Central, Chard Jct 16/07/60

F4986 7436 (RR) B/F tn 12.45pm to Chard Central, Chard Jct 16/07/60

F4987 5779 (LF) in the bay platform. Standing in the main platform is the 12.45pm ex-Chard Jct Chard Central 16/07/60

F4988 Chard Central lkg to Taunton 16/07/60

F4989 Chard Central view to Chard Jct showing disused part of the platform 16/07/60

F4990 Chard, former LSWR station, now part of the goods yard 16/07/60

F4991 Chard Central (former GWR station) (exterior) 16/07/60

F4992 Chard Central, lkg south. Waiting to lve is 7436 with 1.35pm to Taunton 16/07/60

F4993 Chard Central lkg north. On right is derelict loco shed 16/07/60

F4994 Ilminster lkg south 16/07/60

F4995 Hatch lkg south 16/07/60

F4996 Thorn Falcon lkg south 16/07/60

F4997 9757 (LF) carriage shunting at Taunton 16/07/60

F4998 6003 (LF) tn 11.30am Paddington-Minehead & Barnstaple entg Taunton 16/07/60

F4999 4128 (LF) backing dn to take over the Minehead portion of 11.30am ex-Paddington at Taunton 16/07/60

F5000 Williton lkg north 16/07/60

F5001 Williton lkg south 16/07/60

F5002 5521 (RF) above) tn 3pm ex-Minehead, Williton 16/07/60

F5003 5503 (LF) tn 2.55pm ex-Taunton entg Williton 16/07/60

F5004 5503 (RF) tn 2.55pm ex-Taunton, Minehead 16/07/60

F5005 Minehead, (exterior) 16/07/60

F5006 4128 (RF) tn 4.20pm to Taunton, Minehead 16/07/60

F5007 Minehead lkg to Taunton 16/07/60

F5008 Minehead lkg to buffers, 4128 is waiting with 4.20pm to Taunton while 5503 is by the water tower in the left background 16/07/60

F5009 4128 (LF) tn 4.20pm ex-Minehead, Crowcombe 16/07/60

F5010 Crowcombe, lkg to Minehead 16/07/60

F5011 9671 (RF) tn 4.45pm ex-Taunton entg Crowcombe 16/07/60

F5012 4128 (RF) tn 5.50pm to Yeovil Pen Mill (same train as 4.20pm ex-Minehead) waiting in the bay at Taunton 16/07/60

F5013 Langport West up platform 16/07/60

F5014 Langport West dn platform & SB 16/07/60

F5015 Martock dn platform 16/07/60

F5016 Montacute lkg to Taunton 16/07/60

F5017 30131 (RF) tn 7pm ex-Yeovil Town after arriving at Yeovil Junction 16/07/60

F5018 5057 (LF) tn 7.30am Paddington-Bristol Temple Meads, Paddington 20/08/60

F5019 5057 (LF) tn 7.30am Paddington-Bristol Temple Meads, Swindon 20/08/60

F5020 34046 (LF) backing out after arriving with a northbound tn, Bath Green Park 20/08/60

F5021 92204 (LF) tn 8.16am Bournemouth West-Liverpool Lime Street entg Bath Green Park 20/08/60

F5022 Shepton Mallet, Charlton Road lkg north to Bath 20/08/60

F5023 92203 (RF) tn 9.55am Bournemouth-Leeds, Shepton Mallet, Charlton Road 20/08/60

F5024 Shepton Mallet, Charlton Road lkg south to Templecombe 20/08/60

F5025 Shepton Mallet, Charlton Road (exterior) fm goods yard 20/08/60

F5026 40569/73050 (RF) d/heading 10.5am Bournemouth-Derby, Shepton Mallet, Charlton Road 20/08/60

F5027 47275 (RF) L/E going to assist northbound Cleethorpes tn at Evercreech Jct, Shepton Mallet Charlton Road 20/08/60

F5028 40564/34041 (RF above) d/heading 10.35am Bournemouth-Manchester, Shepton Mallet, Charlton Road 20/08/60

F5029 Shepton Mallet & Charlton Road lkg north over viaduct 20/08/60

F5030 44146/34102 (RF) d/heading tn 9.8am Birmingham New Street-Bournemouth West, Shepton Mallet, Charlton Road 20/08/60 (this tn can be seen crossing viaduct in F5029)

F5031 34102 (RF) tn 9.8am Birmingham New Street-Bournemouth West after 4F pilot which assisted fm Bath has been detached. Evercreech Jct 20/08/60

F5032 Evercreech Junction (exterior) 20/08/60

F5033 53801 (RF) tn 10.40am Exmouth-Cleethorpes entg Evercreech Jct 20/08/60

F5034 43734 (RF) T/F tn ECS leaving Burnham-on-Sea 20/08/60

F5035 92204 (LF) tn 7.35am Nottingham-Bournemouth, Evercreech Jct 20/08/60

F5036 43734 (LF) tn 1.20pm to Burnham-on-Sea, Evercreech Jct 20/08/60

F5037 Pylle Halt original dn platform lkg east 20/08/60

F5038 West Pennard up platform, lkg east 20/08/60

F5039 43734 (RF) 1.20pm ex- Evercreech Jct, Glastonbury & Street 20/08/60

F5040 Glastonbury & Street up platform, lkg east 20/08/60

F5041 Ashcott up platform, lkg east 20/08/60

F5042 Shapwick up platform, lkg east 20/08/60

F5043 Edington Burtle remains of loop & dn platform 20/08/60

F5044 Bason Bridge lkg east 20/08/60

F5045 44560 (RF) tn 2.20pm to Templecombe standing in the centre bay, Highbridge for Burnham-on-Sea 20/08/60

F5046 43734 (LF) tn 1.20pm ex- Evercreech Jct on arrival at Highbridge 20/08/60

F5047 Highbridge (S&D) lkg west fm the dn arrival road. The former S&D SB is on the right & the G.W. one beyond it on the left. The line to Burnham runs between to Cross the Bristol-Taunton line on the level 20/08/60

F5048 Highbridge (S&D) fm the dn platform. The S&D station offices are on the right 20/08/60

F5049 43734 (RF) tn 1.20pm ex- Evercreech Jct (extended to Burnham-on-Sea on summer Saturdays only, stn closed to normal passenger traffic). Burnham-on-Sea 20/08/60

F5050 43734 (RF) running round tn Burnham-on-Sea 20/08/60

F5051 43734 (LR) T/F tn ECS, Burnham-on-Sea 20/08/60

F5052 43734 (LR) T/F ECS of 1.20pm ex- Evercreech Jct, Burnham-on-Sea 20/08/60

F5053 Burnham-on-Sea disused dn platform, lkg to Highbridge 20/08/60

F5055 Burnham-on-Sea 20/08/60

F5056 Burnham-on-Sea all-over canopy of former up platform 20/08/60

F5057 Burnham-on-Sea station interior 20/08/60

F5058 Highbridge East level crossing lkg to Burnham 20/08/60

F5059 Highbridge East level crossing lkg to Highbridge 20/08/60

F5060 Highbridge East SB & level crossing 20/08/60

F5061 Highbridge (GWR) (exterior) 20/08/60

F5062 Highbridge (GWR) lkg to Bristol 20/08/60

F5063 Highbridge (GWR) showing flat crossing fm the overbridge 20/08/60

F5064 Highbridge (S&D) former stn buildings showing the war memorial in the end wall 20/08/60

F5065 43734 (RF) tn 4pm to Templecombe on the bat at Highbridge (S&D) 20/08/60

F5066 Highbridge (S&D) lkg east 20/08/60

F5067 Highbridge (S&D) lkg west 20/08/60

F5068 43734 (LF) tn 4pm to Templecombe crowd on platform is seeing off a newly wedded couple Highbridge (S&D) 20/08/60

F5069 Edington Burtle up platform, lkg west 20/08/60

F5070 Shapwick dn platform, lkg west 20/08/60

F5071 43734 (RF) tn 4pm Highbridge-Templecombe, Glastonbury & Street 20/08/60

F5072 Glastonbury & Street dn platform, lkg west 20/08/60

F5073 43734 (RF) tn 4pm Highbridge-Templecombe, Glastonbury & Street 20/08/60

F5074 43734 (LF) Highbridge-Templecombe, Glastonbury & Street 20/08/60

F5075 West Pennard dn platform, lkg west 20/08/60

F5076 Pylle disused platform 20/08/60

F5077 41248 (RF) tn 5pm to Highbridge, Evercreech Jct 20/08/60

F5078 43734 (LF) tn 4pm ex- Highbridge-Templecombe on arrival at Evercreech Jct 20/08/60

F5079 43194 (LF) coupling up to 4pm Highbridge-Templecombe at Evercreech Jct 20/08/60 (locos were changed here on this turn)

F5080 34046 (RF) tn southbound ‘Pines Express’ passing Templecombe 20/08/60

F5081 34105 (RF) tn 3.5pm Waterloo-Exeter Central, Templecombe 20/08/60

F5082 44560 (LF) standing in the loop 43194 (LF) just arrived on 4pm ex- Highbridge-Templecombe 20/08/60

F5083 35018 (LF) tn 4.30pm Exeter Central-Waterloo entering Templecombe 20/08/60

F5084 42366 (LF) L/E Clapham Jct 03/09/60

F5085 34051 (RF) tn 8.35am Waterloo-Ilfracombe leaving Templecombe 03/09/60

F5086 75072 (LF) tn 9.3am Bristol-Bournemouth entg Templecombe 03/09/60

F5087 3720 (LF) on S&D pilot duties, Templecombe 03/09/60

F5088 44557 (RF) L/E in the yard, Templecombe 03/09/60

F5089 35001 (RF) tn 9am Waterloo-Sidmouth, Templecombe 03/09/60

F5090 3720 (LR) waiting to assist the 9.3am Bristol-Bournemouth back to Templecombe Lower at Templecombe 03/09/60

F5091 44557 (RF) assisting the 10.30am Bath-Bournemouth to Templecombe Lower about to lve Templecombe 03/09/60

F5092 75073 (RF) tn stock for 12.3pm to Bath Green Park drawing out of the yard at Templecombe 03/09/60

F5093 75073 (LF) tn 12.3pm Evercreech-Bath Green Park leaving Evercreech Jct 03/09/60

F5094 Evercreech Jct, lkg south 03/09/60

F5095 43682 (LF) tn ECS on 1.20pm to Burnham-on-Sea arriving at Evercreech Jct 03/09/60

F5096 43682 (LF) ECS of 1.20pm to Burnham-on-Sea after shunting into centre siding at Evercreech Jct 03/09/60

F5097 75027 (LF) tn 12.12am Bournemouth-Sheffield entg Evercreech Jct 03/09/60

F5098 43804 (RF) tn 11.55am ex-Bath Green Park (through tn from Birmingham) taking water at Evercreech Jct 03/09/60

F5099 43804 (RF) tn 11.55am ex- Bath Green Park taking water at Evercreech Jct 03/09/60

F5100 53804 (RF) tn 11.55am ex- Bath Green Park lvg Evercreech Jct 03/09/60

F5101 53801 (RF) tn 10.40am Exmouth-Cleethorpes arriving at Evercreech Jct 03/09/60

F5102 40569 (LF) outside the shed at Bath Green Park 03/09/60

F5103 53801 (RF) tn 10.40am Exmouth-Cleethorpes arriving at Bath Green Park 03/09/60

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