Louisiana state university health science center new orleans emergency medicine residency program policies to supplement lsuhsc house officer manual

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You are assigned to the MICU at University for the month of_____________________.
Schedule: Contact the LSU Medicine Chief Resident 568-5600, 2 weeks prior to your rotation to receive your schedule and/or make any schedule requests. Call: Your call will be every third night. Every attempt will be made to provide each resident with one full weekend off. Weekends are managed by two of the three call teams.
Responsibilities: The MICU residents will function as a team leader responsible for the care of all patients in the MICU. Additionally, the MICU resident is responsible for all consults in MER/AR/FT and floor for MICU admission. The MICU resident must also respond to all codes within the hospital. An intern and possibly medical students will be assigned to your team. The resident is responsible for supervision, education and directions for the call team.
Conference: You must attend EM conference each Wednesday 7a11a and EM Journal Club, which is the 2nd thursday of the month 7p10pm.  Please remind your attending and the other teams the day before conference that you should present your patients on rounds first on Wednesdays so that you may attend conference.  Dr. DeBoisblanc is aware of this arrangement and will help facilitate it.  If you have trouble coming to conference, please notify Dr. Haydel immediately. 
Extras: All procedures must be recorded in ResidencyPartner by the end of the month.


         Learning Modules:   The following Learning Modules, comprised of three articles, that must be completed by the end of your rotation are located on the home study link of the LSU EM website.


PGY1: Surviving Sepsis, Central Lines, and ARDSnet.

PGY3: Vent ManagementTherapeutic Hypothermia and EGDT


Each module has an open book post-test that can be done in ResidencyPartner or you can email your answers to Kathy Whittington.

Supervision: The 1st two weeks are staffed by LSU Pulmonary and Tulane Cardiology. The 2nd two weeks are staffed by Tulane Pulmonary and LSU Cardiology.
Evaluations: Compiled from pooling all LSU/Tulane Pulmonary Critical Care faculty and fellows who supervised you throughout the month. The evals are sent via ResidencyPartner.
Location: The MICU is located on the 2nd floor of UH.
LSU Emergency Medicine Residency Program

MCLANO University Hospital MICU Rotation
What follows are the goals and objectives for the University Hospital MICU rotation, that will range from a 2 week to 1 month rotation, as assigned by the Program Director. The rotation will take place at the MCLANO University Hospital. The year of training may include PGY 1-5.

The educational objectives of the MICU rotation is to provide residents with an opportunity to experience and learn about the initial evaluation and management of MICU patients in the community setting and to become proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of: CHF, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, pneumothorax, pulmonary embolus, ARDS, respiratory distress, asthma, COPD, AMI, acute coronary syndrome, cardiomyopathym, pericarditis, HTN, stroke, pancreatitis, acute renal failure, hepatitis, pyelonephritis, acute hepatic failure, toxicologic emergencies, acute drug overdose, consultation, living wills, do not resuscitate, rehabilitation, IV access, induction and paralytic agents. Hemodynamic monitoring, airway and ventilator management, sedative/hypnotic agents. .


Residents will act as a part of the MICU team in a community hospital, under the supervision of a staff physician. The resident will participate in the management of MICU patients, to include evaluation, admission management of all MICU requests from the floor and emergency department as well as patients already in the MICU. The resident is responsible for the daily management and disposition planning of all patients admitted by his/her team. Rounds occur daily with the ICU staff, pulmonary fellow and cardiology staff. The resident is responsible for attending and leading all in house cardiac arrests and subsequent management.

The clinical and didactic experiences used to meet those objectives include evaluation of ICU patients, in the ED and in the ICU, along with bedside teaching. This rotation experience is part of the greater emergency medicine curriculum, including weekly didactics concerning critically ill and injured patients (part of the overall didactic curriculum).
The feedback mechanisms and methods used to evaluate the performance of the resident include an end of rotation global evaluation. Immediate feedback may also be given to the resident, and any significant problems will be discussed during the rotation with the LSU EM administration.
The resources and facilities in the institution that will be available to each resident include computer access to Up To Date and the LSU Library services, including current texts in ICU care. The residents will have access to the resources of the hospital including call rooms, medical texts, medical records, and meals.
The clinical experiences, duties and responsibilities the resident will have on the rotation: Residents will act as a part of the ICU team in under the supervision of a staff physician.
The relationship that will exist between emergency medicine residents and faculty on the service: The overall goals of resident education and patient care will govern the relationship between faculty and residents. Residents will receive 24 hour supervision while on the rotation. All patient care and medical charts will be reviewed and signed by the faculty each day and prior to patient discharge.
Duty hours for this rotation will not exceed an average of 80hrs/week, call not to exceed 24 hours, and will include 1 in 7 days off.
This rotation summary has been reviewed and agreed to by the service director and LSU Program Director.

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