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POMS 6030 061 Fall 2019-online
Communication and Participation
In this course, we will use two primary means of communication
1. Discussion Board
2. Mail (Messages Tool in Blackboard)
3. Chat
Discussion Board: In this course, we will be using the Discussion Board, which is a wonderful resource for sharing information. The Discussion Board is where you will post any questions that you might have all along the way. Access this tool by clicking on "Discussion Board" on the course menu. By posting questions to the Discussion Board, everyone can benefit from the information being exchanged. If one person asks a question, most likely others will have the same question. Feel free to respond to one another's questions or comments in the Discussion Board. Instructor Reponses can be expected in one business day. In addition, I will post one or two topics to be discussed in the discussion board in week
7, 8, 9, 10. Contributions to the discussion board are worth 10% of your grade.

3 Discussion topic will be posted by Monday morning, and you are recommended to response once midweek and then again by the end of week. Netiquette Netiquette stands for Network Etiquette. It refers to proper behavior while interacting online. The golden rule of netiquette is essentially to treat people as you would want to be treated. Please be polite and considerate. Think about whether your comment could cause hurt feelings. Be careful about how your words can come across because misunderstandings can be common online. Feel free to use emoticons to show your tone.
Communicating using Mail is efficient and quick however, I ask that you use the Discussion Forum "General Questions" unless you have a personal issue that is not appropriate for all to see. I use the Mail tool to send out weekly messages about the course and to inform you of any schedule changes. You may email meat anytime, but please notice that the usage of email should be reserved for private or personal purposes. I usually check my email by 10:00 each evening. Please note that Blackboard works with its own internal mail system, which means all messages are sent, stored and read within your course, not through your own external mail. To access mail, you have to logon and go to your course and click on the mail icon on the menu on the left side of your screen. It is recommended that you check your email at least once a day, so that you don’t miss important course information.
Chat is areal time activity, meaning we have to be online at the same time in order to communicate. Starting this week, we will have a regular chat time every Wednesday 8-9 pm. Chat is voluntary for this course. Please NOTE it is NOT a lecture time. I mainly use the chat time as office hour to answer your questions. If you are unable to make chat, you can review the chat archive after the session. Some guidelines for our chat sessions
• In order to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in chat, I ask that you raise your hand. Blackboard Chat has a raise hand tool which will notify me that you have something to say. I will note the order in which you raise your hand and will then call on folks to share their response.
• Please keep subject matter related to course material.
• When you are "talking" to someone in particular, please begin your statement with that person's name, followed by a colon. For example, if you wanted to ask John Smith a question, your statement would look something like "John What do you think about"
• Of course, no profanity. If profanity or any other type of harassment takes place, you will automatically be prohibited from entering any course related chat rooms in the future.


Download 310.03 Kb.

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