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November 2, 2015

  • Ms. Fisher's Classes: Classroom. Ms. Fisher's classes, meet in the classroom Monday and Tuesday.

  • Ms. Poe's Classes: Library. Ms. Poe's English II classes will report to the library Monday and Tuesday for MAP Testing. 

  • Emory Scholars Program. Seniors interested in applying to Emory University: the Emory University Scholars Program application deadline is November 15, regardless of if the student is applying Early Decision or Regular Decision to either Emory College, Oxford College, or both. The Scholars Program does not require a counselor nomination. 

  • Queen of Clubs. Attention Clubs and Club Sponsors! If you are interested in participating in this year's Queen of Clubs, then your sign up sheet is due next Monday, Nov. 2nd, to Mrs. Skoog's box or room M123. Thanks!

  • Senior Panoramic Picture and T-Shirt Purchases. You will be able to purchase a Senior Panoramic picture on Tuesday, November 3rd at 6:45 am - 7:15 am in the cafeteria. If you missed out on buying a picture, this is your last chance. Also if you purchased a Senior T-Shirt, Ms. Barnes will deliver them in the cafeteria during your lunch period on Thursday, November 5th. You can pick up during your lunch period only.

  • State Qualified Spartan Swimmers. Congrats to our NEWLY State Qualified Spartan Swimmers, Audrey McKinnon, Lukas Jackstas and Roland Chang! They qualified at last night's meet at St. George's at 11 a.m.! Go Spartan Swimming and Congratulations to our state qualifiers!

  • St. Jude Club. There will be a St. Jude Club Meeting Tuesday, November 3rd in M109. Please try to make it as a lot of new information will be given out. Try to make it as soon as possible after school. The meeting will not last long. If you would like to order a T-Shirt, bring $18 to the meeting!

  • Scribbler Coffee House. Come one come all to the Scribbler Coffee House Pumpkin Ball. Bring $5 to the auditorium door and you'll get so much more. November 6th is the date to remember, 6-9 p.m. you'll be welcomed to our chamber. 

  • Math Tutoring. The Math Team is now offering tutoring in Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, Pre calculus and Calculus. Come to Mrs. Cui's Room (M212) on Tuesdays and Ms. Cornell's Room (M130) on Wednesday's to participate.

  • Soccer Meeting. There will be a soccer meeting in the auditorium at 2:15 on Monday, 11/2 for those interested in trying out. 

  • Science Olympiad. There will be a science Olympiad Meeting Wednesday, November 4th in Ms. Davis's room. Please be there. 

  • White Station Bicycling Society. Attention Spartans: Do you like to ride a bicycle? Do you like outdoors? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need to join the White Station Bicycle Society. We ride, we explore, we enjoy a great bike ride. We go on trails and on roads, so everyone can be a part. If you are interested in joining the Bicycle Society, we will have an informational meeting after school on Tuesday, November 3rd in Room M131. Come join us for some fun in the outdoors.

October 29, 2015

  • TED-Ed Club. TED-Ed Club will meet  this Thursday in the library. Join us to watch and discuss TED Talks and consider what makes an idea worth spreading! The meeting will be about an hour. 

  • Student-Faculty Basketball Game. FACULTY!! If you want to play in the student-faculty basketball game, the sign up sheet is in the main office. This is only for teachers and faculty, not students. 

  • TTA Scholarship Awarded. Each year, the Tennessee Theatre Association grants scholarships to two outstanding seniors based on acting auditions in front of a panel of college representatives. This year, our very own Hallie Storms was awarded one of these prestigious awards. Congratulations, Hallie!

  • Financial Aid Workshop. White Station High School will be hosting a Financial Aid Workshop in the library on November 17, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Felicia Orr from the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation will be our guest speaker . She will be presenting information about Financial Aid with emphasis placed on completing the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is the mandatory paper work for receiving the Hope Scholarship. 

  • Latin Club Meeting. Attention Latin Club Members! This Friday, the Latin Club will have a meeting from 2:30 to 3:00 to discuss Festivus in Ms. Ryder's room, M236.

  • Trip to Europe 2016. Interested in traveling to Germany, France, and Spain? We will host our last meeting on 11/10/15 in the library at 6:00 pm. Questions? Go to E104 to get answers.

  • Student Council. Hey Spartans! There will be a student council meeting November 3rd! And also, powderpuff forms must be turned in tomorrow to Ms. Browne's room afterschool

October 27

  • Senior Panoramic Picture and Senior T-Shirts. The Senior Panoramic Picture will be taken this Thursday, October 29th. You must be in a school uniform to be included in this picture. Also...Senior T-Shirts will go on presale this Thursday in the cafeteria during all lunches. They will ONLY be sold in the cafeteria. The cost of the T-Shirt is $15. Please have your payment with you when placing your order. Order forms can be picked up in the Student Support office.

  • Colleges Coming to Campus. We are excited to announce the colleges coming to campus this week: University of Tulsa, Arkansas State University, Swarthmore College, and Western Kentucky University.

  • PSAT Testing Locations. The 10th and 11th Graders will be taking the PSAT this Wednesday, October 28th. 10th graders will test in the Cafeteria and 11th graders will test in the East Annex. Testing will begin promptly at 7:00. There is a testing schedule posted around school and in your teachers' classrooms. Students, please become familiar with the schedule so you will know where to go. Also bring a sharpened #2 pencil to the test. Thank you. 

  • Spanish Club. Hey White Station, there will be a Spanish club meeting Thursday the 29th after school in E103. You don't have to speak Spanish to join the club! Hope to see you there!

  • Queen of Clubs. This year's DECA chapter is putting on the Queen of Clubs to fund raise for Le Bonheur and Muscular Dystrophy. Each club has the opportunity to pay a $5 fee and choose one member to compete in the pageant. The pageant consists of 4 rounds: 1) Speech/Public Speaking - Speak about their role in the club, what it does, any upcoming events, and why people should be in your club. (This must be submitted by Nov. 24). 2) Costume - Club must collaborate to create a costume that is representative of your club for the contestant to model. i. e. Film and Photography club could use photos or photo reels to make a dress/suit. 3) Talent - Talent of the club's choosing, contestant can pretty much do anything. Need a description of the talent turned in with a speech on November 24th. 4) Questions - Contestants will be asked questions similar to those in regular pageants. Some may be about the club, some may be about White Station, and some might be goofy - be prepared for anything. Ultimately, our goal is to raise awareness and funds for Muscular Dystrophy. We will give 100% of the profits to the Le Bonheur Muscular Dystrophy Association Clinic. If you would like to fund raise for our cause prior to the event, an award will be given to the club who raises the most. Otherwise, this is a great way to promote your club, any upcoming events , or spread the message your club is aiming to spread. It will be fun and silly, and prizes will be awarded in the end. ***When speech and talent are turned in on November 24th, let us know what music your contestant will walk to. Turn in forms to Mrs. Skoog's room (M123) or box.

October 23

  • Bridge Lessons. It's not too late to join free bridge lessons at Hutchinson School on Mondays from 4:30-7:00 pm. Bridge is a fun game that has been proven to improve students' scores on standardized tests in every subject area. Several scholarships are available for young people, including one that can be awarded every year until the age of 26. Like chess, the game requires analytical thinking but has the advantage that you have a partner to help you and join in your success.

  • Colleges Coming to Campus. We are excited to announce the colleges coming to campus this week: Amherst College, ROTC Scholarship International Session, and Washington and Lee University.

  • Boo for your "Boo". Halloween is around the corner...Why don't you celebrate your boo, and buy them a BOO?! The World Language Department will be selling treats during lunch that will be delivered to the "boo" of your choice, next Thursday during 7th Period.

  • Library Closed for MAP Testing. The library will be closed for testing

October 21

  • Community Service. Young ladies: Want to change the community? Want to gain leadership skills? Want volunteer hours? Then join the Hutchinson Girl's Leadership Summit November 6 & 7.  For more information, go to the counselors' website or ask Mrs. Brown-Malone, the counselor. This is a great way to gain community service hours and meet other students from across the city.

  • Governor's School. Students, if you are interested in Governor's School, go to for guidelines and applications. Your completed Governor's School application must be turned in to your counselor by November 19th. 

  • Shop Vac. Teachers: If you have the shop vac, please send it to Ms. Agee in room M205. 

  • Marksmanship Match Results. Congratulations to the White Station JROTC Marksmanship Team. The team defeated Kirby on September 29 with a score of White Station 854 to 0. The high firer for the Match was Michelle Bond with a score of 227. On Oct. 6th, the team defeated Overton with a score of 838 to 498. The high firer for this match was Michelle Bond with a score of 246. Yesterday, the team defeated Wooddale with a score of White Station 869 to 796. High firer for this match was Michelle Bond with a score of 246. Erin Criswell fired 214, Taylor Ratliff fired a 214, and Joshua McKinney fired 213. The next match will be next Tuesday at Oakhaven. The team is currently undefeated with a 5-0 record.

  • Love Girls Magazine. Listen up Spartans, please check out the latest edition of Love Girls Magazine where fellow Senior Spartan Shelbymarie Amos is featured. She also recently hosted the Love Girls Awards program where she not only performed, but also received an award for performing arts. Love Girls Magazine "Spotlights" young ladies in the Memphis, TN area who are making a difference and doing positive things for themselves and others. You can checkout a copy of the Magazine in the library and floating around the school. Also, don't forget to check Shelbymarie out on 88.5 FM every Saturday from 2-5 pm. WAY to go Shelbymarie Amos!

  • ASVAB. The ASVAB is November 17th. Students, if you are interested in taking the ASVAB: Armed Service Aptitude, you must sign up in Mrs. Brown-Malone's office.

  • TN Promise Scholarship. The Tennessee Promise Scholarship is a great scholarship that will pay for a student to go to community college or technical college for two years. You must apply before November 2 at There are two weeks remaining for any Class of 2016 student to apply.

  • Bullying Awareness. As social networking and online social interaction become more and more prevalent, cyber bullying becomes one of the most popular types of bullying that occurs between teens. About 80% of all high school students have encountered bullying online. About 35% of teens say they have actually been threatened with online violence. About half of all teens admit they have said something hurtful or mean to another teen online. Most admit they have done it more than once. The only way we can put a stop to this is if WE choose not to participate in it. Take a stand against bullying. 

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