Marine Biology Final Specimens 2017 Atlantic Bumper

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Marine Biology Final Specimens 2017

Atlantic Bumper

Atlantic Cutlassfish

Atlantic Flyingfish

Atlantic Guitarfish

Atlantic Long-finned Squid

Atlantic Midshipman

Atlantic Moonfish

Atlantic Needlefish

Atlantic Winged Oyster

Baby's Ear

Bank Sea Bass

Basket Star

Bearded Carrier Crab

Belted Sandfish

Bighead Searobin

Black Sea Spider

Blotched Swimming Crab

Blotched Swimming Crab

Brown Rock Shrimp

Brown Sea Cucumber

Bumpy Crab

Burrowing Brittle Star

Cake Urchin

Calico Box Crab

Carolina Hake

Coarse-handed Lady Crab

Common Octopus

Common Short Finned Squid

Convict Brittle Star

Corkscrew Bryozoan

Decorator Crab

Dictyota spp.

Dimpled Hermit Crab

Feather Hydroid

Flame Helmet

Flamed Box Crab

Flecked Box Crab

Florida Spiny Jewel Box

Fourhorn Crab

Freckled Soapfish

Furrowed Frog Crab

Goose Barnacle

Gorilla Crab

Gorilla Crab

Grass Porgy

Gray Triggerfish

Ivory Bush Coral

King Mackerel

Lady-in-Waiting Venus


Lion's Paw

Longspine Porgy

Mantis Shrimp

Marbled Puffer

Margined Sea Star

Margined Sea Star

McGinty's Cyphoma

Moon Jelly

Mottled Purse Crab

Nudibranch Hydroid

Ocellated Flounder

Ocellated Lady Crab

Offshore Mole Crab

Paintsplash Tunicate

Pencil Urchin

Pink Tubular Sponge

Purple Sand Dollar

Purple Sand Dollar

Purple Sea Urchin

Red Beard Sponge

Reef Butterflyfish

Rock Sea Bass

Roughback Batfish

Sand Dollar

Sand Perch



Sea Lettuce

Sea Pansy

Sea Pork

Sea Spider Hydroid

Sewing Thread Seaweed

Shaggy Clinging Crab

Shellback Crab

Shellback Crab

Shrimp Flounder

Skeleton Shrimp

Slender-eyed Mole Crab

Slender-eyed Mole Crab

Smooth Butterfly Ray

Sozon's Cone

Spider Crab

Spotfin Butterflyfish

Spottail Pinfish

Spotted Hake

Spotted Moray

Star Coral

Streamer Searobin

Striped Burrfish

Striped Grunt

Sulfur Sponge



Tulip Hydroid

Vermilion Snapper

White Grunt


Yellowtail Reeffish

Zebra Turkey Wing

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