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Noreen and George Corrigan Scholarship for (Single Mothers) (external) - Deadline: May 31

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Noreen and George Corrigan Scholarship for (Single Mothers) (external) - Deadline: May 31

Value: see website

Description: This scholarship fund was created to financially assist single mothers who have increased financial challenges when raising children as their family relies on a single income. It’s the hope of the founders of this scholarship that single mothers will be able to pursue their dreams through higher education and provide a better future for themselves and their children.

Telephone: 902-892-3440

Fax: 902-892-0880



Criteria: The Noreen and George Corrigan Scholarships will be awarded annually to residents of Prince Edward Island who best meet the following criteria: aged 18 to 30; students are a graduate of a PEI high school and/or have a Grade 12 equivalent (GED and /or adult education upgrading) and intend to further their full time studies at an accredited Canadian post secondary institution; students must be a single mother not living in a common-law relationship; students must demonstrate financial hardship. This award is a renewable scholarship given to a deserving student who is a single mother who is attending a post- secondary institution. For example, a student in first year chosen to receive this scholarship may receive the award in the fall of his or her second year providing they have documentation from the post -secondary institution confirming successful completion of all course work. They would then usually receive the award in the fall of their third and fourth years providing successful completion of all course work annually; and then another recipient is chosen.

Olivia Ruth MacLeod Memorial Award for Music Performance (internal) - Deadline: Sept. 30

Value: $500

Applies to: Music Performance

Criteria: All students who are entering the first year of the Music Performance program are eligible to apply. Successful recipients will show musical promise as well as demonstrate financial need. Students must apply for the award. Applications to include a completed Application Form (including the Financial Information section).

Orin Carver Scholarship (external) - Deadline: June 1

Value: approximately $1000

Description: Awarded annually to students, accepted into H.C. or U.P.E.I (full-time), who meet the eligibility requirements and who best exemplify the qualities demonstrated by Mr. Carver.

Contact Person: Orin Carver Scholarship Program
Telephone: 902.892.3440
Fax: 902.892.0880

Criteria: Completed majority of education in PEI (resident). Top 25% of class. Continue post secondary education in PEI on a full time basis. Exhibit a level of excellence and leadership in either the athletic or arts fields, and in community service, or a combination thereof. Endorsed Scholarship application (educational institution attended), 2(min) references, and 500-word essay commenting on how their involvement in amateur sports or the arts and cultural development, and in community service has contributed to their personal development.

ParaSport & Recreation PEI Scholarships (external) - Deadline: June 1

Value: $500 (2 awards)

Contact Person: PEI Recreation and Sports Association for the Physically Challenged
Telephone: 902.368.4540
Fax: 902.368.4548

Criteria: Must be resident of PEI. Applies to students with a physical disability. Must be a full-time student enrolled in post secondary studies program. Involved in recreation/sport in community/school/other as a participant or a volunteer.


Parkdale-Sherwood Lions Club Community Service Award (internal) - Deadline: May 15

Value: approximately $1500

Criteria: Must be a resident of the communities of Sherwood or Parkdale, and enrolled in any program at the college. Applicants are assessed on the basis of financial need as well as volunteer experience.

Partners in Value Student Awards (internal) - Deadline: May 15

Value: $1000 (8-10 awards)

Description: The Partners in Value Student Awards were established by student leaders of the Class of '92. There will be 8-10 awards of $1,000 each will be awarded.

Criteria: All students accepted into a Holland College program are eligible on the basis of financial need and academic performance. Students must apply. Applicants will be reviewed by a selection committee under the chairmanship of the Registrar. Applicants will be assessed on the basis of financial need and overall academic performance.

Project Hero Scholarship (internal) - Deadline: None

Value: not specified

Description: Project Hero is a new scholarship program providing financial aid for children of Canadian Forces personnel who have lost their lives while serving in an active mission. Project Hero aims to reach as many post-secondary institutions as possible. Several colleges and institutes have made a commitment to participate and ACCC has agreed to provide all members with the following information about the scholarship program.

Telephone: 1-800-446-5265

Criteria: A dependent of a member of the Canadian Forces who lost his/her life as a result of being deployed on an international operation. Under the age of 26. Accepted as a regular student in a publicly-funded post-secondary institution. The eligibility for scholarship support associated with the deceased Canadian Forces member dependent child relationship is to be confirmed through the Children of Deceased Veterans - Education Assistance Act verification process. Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) administers this process and will provide the written confirmation for children of deceased veterans to be used to verify Project Hero eligibility. Applicants are to call VAC at 1-866-522-2122 in order to receive the required confirmation, as well as information concerning additional support services for the children of deceased veterans.

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