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Robert L. Cotton Memorial Bursaries (internal) - Deadline: May 15

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Robert L. Cotton Memorial Bursaries (internal) - Deadline: May 15

Value: Approximately $500

Criteria: All students registered in Holland College programs are eligible to apply. Sudents must apply for the award, providing a completed Application Form and a completed financial information section.

Samuel Holland Entrance Awards (internal) - Deadline: May 15

Value: 10 awards valued at approximately $1000 each

Description: The Samuel Holland Bursary fund was established through contributions made by various businesses and individuals to provide a bursary for deserving students.

Criteria: Students must apply for the award. Students must be of good academic standing and accepted in a full-time Holland College program. Involvement in community programs, activities, or services will be taken into consideration. Financial need of the applicant is a consideration but not the primary one.

Samuel Holland Entrance Scholarships for Prince Edward Island High School Students (internal) - Deadline: May 15

Value: $3000 will be awarded to one student from each Island high school who has been accepted into a Holland College program.

Criteria: Applicants must have been accepted into a Holland College program, a resident of P.E.I., and currently enrolled in Grade 12 in a P.E.I. high school. Applicants must have a Grade 12 average of at least 70 per cent in Grade 12 core courses (fall and spring transcript). Must submit a letter from a teacher attesting to the applicant's aptitude for the program. Submission must include a completed application form and an autobiographical essay.

Sr Hussey Memorial Scholarship (external) - Deadline: May 1

Value: $100 - $800

Contact Person: CNIB Charlottetown Office or Sr Hussey Memorial Scholarship
Telephone: 902.424.8500
Fax: 902.424.0543

Criteria: Registered blind person in the pursuit of studies (learning beyond high school) or training, and the purchase of necessary equipment or other services to be used in their employment. Applicants must have already obtained some assistance from other sources.

St. Dunstan's University Board of Governors' Student Assistance Program (external) - Deadline: None

Value: Not Specified

Description: St. Dunstan University Board of Governors
Contact Person: Student Assistance Program Committee
Criteria: These awards are renewable for the first four years of university only and for two years of study at a community college. The post-secondary institution must be non-profit. Awards will not be made to students receiving an award of $750 or more.


Storwell Bursary for Foster Children (external) - Deadline: Sept. 15

Value: $2000

Description: Storwell is offering an annual bursary in support of foster children to help them attend post-secondary schools and to offer a hand up as they make their way forward in life.
Address: http://www.storewellcom/bursary-application/

Telephone: 416.259.5555

Fax: 416.259.2786
Criteria: The candidate should be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, have been a foster child with either CCAS or CAS, be 24 years of age or less, an active community member, provide information on academic performance and demonstrate financial need.

Summerside-Natick International Friendship Hockey Fund (external) - Deadline: May 31

Value: $500

Contact Person: The Summerside-Natick International Friendship Fund
Telephone: 902.892.3440
Fax: 902.892.0880

Criteria: Must be a graduate of the secondary school system in Prince Edward Island. Must be accepted in a post-secondary institution. Must be entering first year of study. Must provide two letters of recommendation. Must have played in the Summerside Area Minor Hockey Association.

Team Cormorant Scholarships (internal) - Deadline: May 15

Value: Approximately $1000 (2 awards)

Applies to: Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technology

Criteria: Recipients will be students accepted full-time in the Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Technology program that are pursuing or plan to pursue a career in aircraft maintenance. Special consideration will be given to students who meet the requirements of the scholarship, demonstrate an interest in rotary wing aircraft, achieved a high academic standing, and who intend to work in the rotary wing industry.

Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards (external) - Deadline: Feb. 1

Value: see description

Description: $7,000 per year, paid directly to the institution in two installments of $3,500 each. For students who do not pay tuition fees, the award is $3,500 per year paid directly to the institution in two installments of $1,750 each.
Contact Person: Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program
Telephone: 604.291.3057

Criteria: Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards are open to graduating secondary level students and those currently studying towards a first university degree or diploma in a Canadian post-secondary institution.

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