Mastopexy introduction

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Inverted T

  • used mainly for correction of severe grade III ptosis.

  • longer horizontal inframammary scar will allow maximum correction of ptosis.

  • Wise pattern tends to produce a long horizontal scar. Another option is a modified Strombeck pattern, which uses an oblique instead of a vertical scar so that the scar is rotated laterally

Inverted-T scar technique: (above, left) Strombeck, (above, center) Flowers, (above, right) Nicolle, (below, left) Peixoto, (below, second from left) Pitanguy, (below, third from left) Wise, and (below, right) Marchac.

  • marked versatility in augmentation and/or mastopexy applications.

  • Tradeoff is increased scar length.

L Shaped

  • Best for grade I and II ptosis, results may not be great for severe grade III ptosis.

  • Eliminates medial portion of an inverted-T scar and shortening the lateral limb.

  • Regnault - vertical limb of the L originates from the lateral margin of the areola and then extends down to the inframammary fold.

(left) Chiari and (right) Regnault.

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