Mathological Dialectics (The Evolution of God)

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Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA May 7th 2012

The relationship of the doctrines associated with these symbolic elements is interesting. According to Toynbee, they are associated with the universal churches generated in the break down process of universal states. Among the belief systems developed in South Asia is the story of the Buddha. Buddha is associated with the upper class philosophy of the ruling kings. It involves a legend of a rich prince (Buddha) who gave up his wealth out of compassion for the suffering of all sentient beings. This legend spread to the external states that surrounded the South Asian Empire of Asoka, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, etc.

In contrast to this air element philosophy is the universal church of the Earth element, of Western Christianity. This involves a potential David dynasty King that is supposed to rule a new empire that will include all people. This David, Christ, is associated with the poor who see themselves obtaining riches (at least spiritual ones) with the coming of his kingdom.

Both the fire and water element religions have a kingship element, the Fire element faith of Islam is based on the prophecy and holy book (Koran) of an external proletariat, who obtain royal and imperial positions as a result of the jihad, the holy war that spreads their faith. The Far Eastern model is the water element mirror image of this Middle Eastern model. It involves members of the internal proletariat, and local external proletariat, that mange to rise to the highest office, Emperor of China, due to the working out of the will of “Heaven.” The models for this process are found in the holy books of the Far East: Confucian Classics, etc..

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Monday May 7th 2012.

Note the four part matching of these myths supports the notion of a dreamtime, a Jungian collective unconscious symmetry, or a higher order of mythology in which all myths merge in the “Infinite Game” of James P. Carse.

It is a typical product of pi, of the curves of integration generated in the right hemisphere of the human cerebrum. These four order could be the four rivers flowing from the Garden of Eden, the magical place where the naked aboriginal nature of all humans merges in a common Adam and Eve and a common “Dreamtime.”

It was the philosophy of Ernest Holmes and his Institute of Religious Science and Philosophy that started me on this journey when I was 13. Our idealistic classical model fits his declaration of principles (see “What Religious Science Teaches,” Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind Publications, 1974, p. 27). His One that manifests itself though out creation “generating a manifest universe that is the body of God” is none other that our complementary relationship between avoidant pi (the integration of the boundless everything in ever generating cycles of integration) and the narcissistic 1, the Soma, the quantum world of particles and atoms and natural phenomena. His incarnate Spirit (Atman) is the schizoid imaginary number root of minus one monad of internal subjectivity and its incarnation in all is the dependent distribution of this incarnation (=) throughout the world of space and time in youngest daughter yin. The eternality of the soul is the enduring compulsive zero point of oldest daughter yin and its continual emergence in the antisocial energy of “e,” as oldest son yang, is the “forever and ever expanding” principle in the declaration Holmes has presented on p. 21. When Holmes speaks of a Universal Spirit which is God “operating through a Universal Mind, which is the Law of God, which receives the direct impress of our thoughts and acts upon it,” he is referring to Heaven Trigram (Creativity) inducing the emergence of Wind Trigram (Idealism) that allows Flame Trigram (Freedom) in Mountain Trigram (Mind) to be reflected in Water Pit Abysm Trigram (Order) and Lake Trigram (Synthesis) to generate the natural world (Earth Trigram) and its progressive evolution (Thunder Trigram). Two actions happen here, both discussed by Holmes in his writings. The creativity of the subjective source of all things working through the integrative principles of all things emerging from the action of these principles inducing the emergence of potential order at all levels allows freedom in individual expressions of this order to develop its own reflections in that order that complex within these emerging systems to generate the emerging world around us. Whitehead calls this creativity God and its ideal order “Eternal Objects,” the mental events “Prehensions” and the emerging results “Actual Occasions.” It is all the same thing with different labels depending on the labeling system you chose to use.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, May 7th 2012.

Now many people will think this is all junk. But I believe I an give some good rebuttals. To the Christians, I would recommend some decent scholarship on the bible. Start with the old Cambridge Ancient History series published in 1925, for example, Volume III on the Assyrian Empire. Or for something more recent try Marvin Harris and his “Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches,” in which he give evidence that Jesus was a “military messiah.” The works of Barbara Thiering are controversial, even among scholars, I personally believe she has gotten closer to the true facts than anyone else, even though she may be off in some of the details, read her “The Book that Jesus Wrote,” or “Jesus the Man,” or “Jesus of the Apocalypse,” all available from Corgi Books. If only one tenth of her ideas are true, the whole “born again” version of Jesus goes in the trash where it belongs. That said, I have to say I am a “born again” Christian but of the Spirit, and not of the letter, for as St Paul puts it, “the letter kills.” For those that are skeptics to all of this I have the following answers: read Richard Tarnas, “Cosmos and Psyche,” Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe,” and Diane Hennancy Powell, “The ESP Enigma,” and to those who say these results have not been verified, I recommend the Journal of Scientific Exploration Volume 21, Number 3, and the report on “Effect of Belief on Psi Performance in a Card Guessing Task,” by Kevin Walsh and Garret Moddel of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado and Boulder, where they show, as Ernest Holmes predicted long ago, that performance results are dependent on the belief systems of those participating in the test. The reality we experience is a mirror of the subjective state of the soul monads attaching to the brain state instruments that allow them to a view a world that is a shadow of the expectation systems to which they have attached.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, May 8th 2012.

Imagine a great wheel turning on the compulsive zero point of mathematical structure. Moving up to pi and the curves of avoidant integration is the realm of algebraic formula that divides the frontier between Wind trigram algebra and Water Pit Abysm set theory and proof. Moving down to the narcissistic one that provides the numerical atoms of the coordinate system are the coordinates themselves that divide Mountain Trigram trigonometry and analytic geometry from Earth Trigram arithmetic. The wheel turns on the energy of “e” and mathematical operations and extensions in antisocial greediness and passion, the dance of Shiva. This energy source connects with narcissistic one in all kinds of functions and mathematical operations that divide Flame Trigram topology from Thunder Trigram statistics. The known numbers on the coordinates, emerge in operations and solutions of formulas, from the realm of variables and unknowns in the boundary land of possibility that lies between the Heaven Trigram of calculus and the Lake Trigram of group theory.

Ought of schizoid young son yang in imaginary numbers comes the irrational number spoke that connects with the old son progression of “e,” the root spoke that connects with compulsive old daughter zero, the negative number spoke that connects with narcissistic middle daughter yin, and the complex number spoke that connects with avoidant pi in middle son yang.

Out of dependent young daughter yang in = signs comes the rational numbers connecting to old daughter yin compulsive zero, the positive numbers that connect to avoidant middle son pi, the exponents that connect to old son yang in “e,” and the real numbers that connect of narcissistic middle daughter yang 1.

The irrationals are the causation opposites of their rational number effects. The roots are the soul opposite of their exponential evolutionary developments. The negatives are the individual consciousness complements of the positives that rule space time collective associations and the complex numbers and the hidden subjective ideal complements to the real and natural numbers of the visible world. Operations and functions are the process opposites of the formula and algebraic expression purposes and ends. Unknowns and variables are the possibility opposites of actualities on the coordinates of analytic geometry.

The curves of pi avoidance are the wet clouds of the mathematical weather and the number atoms that surround 1 are the dry and broken parts. Imaginary numbers are light and dissociated, but rational numbers and real and positive numbers are heavy with visible associations. Mathematical heat and activity arise from the progressions emerging out of “e,” driven by passion. These drive statistics and operations and functions emerging from the unkown. But zero is the focal point that holds all the coordinates together and the formula systems, roots, and rational numbers with which they are associated. At the zero point all mathematical motion comes to rest.

All of these are metaphors for the weather of the soul and the metaphysical structure of the Eternal Objects and Forms of the Good that provide the unseen order of all things, as described by Plato in the allegory of the Cave and of the divided Line. Heaven Trigram is the Sun of the Good and Wind Trigram is the ideal mathematics it shines on generating the objects of Earth Trigram and their shadows in Thunder. This would be God in Alfred North Whitehead and the Eternal Objects, Actual Occasions and the Events that generate their emergence.

The lights in the cave are the open places in this system that provide the observers a chance to find their way out of their personal trigonometry of thought and placement on their personal mental analytic geometry, these are the walkways and chains, the systems inside the cave itself, structured by this abysmal water pit system and the complex relationships that support it. This is the transition between freedom in Flame Trigram and the “prehensions” that trap us in our own Mountain Trigram enslaved in Water Pit Abysm and the complexities of Lake.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, May 9th 2012

The Four Element symbolism and Chinese Trigram symbolism we have been using is probably derived from weather cycles. A sample of this might look like this, suppose schizoid young son yang was the light and dependent young daughter yin was the tides, suppose avoidant middle son yang was the mist in the sky and narcissistic middle daughter yin was explosive flaming embers reducing everything to ashes, suppose old compulsive daughter yin was these weather cycles themselves, particularly those that freeze things and bring winter and antisocial old daughter yang was tornados and lighting storms. The Lake Trigram formed from this yin and yang would be water and its Mountain Trigram opposite would be salt, the Fire trigram would be its flames and the Water Pit Abysm would be its water drainage. Heaven Trigram would be the sky and Earth Trigram would be earth, Wind Trigram would be air and Thunder Trigram would be noise and dust. These Trigrams would be linked by four great circles. Between mist and light would be the stars as the opposite of soil between ashes and tides. Between tides and mist would be rain as the opposite of smoke between ashes and light. Between lighting and light would be the sun as the opposite of the moon between weather cycles and tides. Between light and weather cycles would be the noble gases as the opposite of waves between tides and tornadoes. Between tornadoes and mist would be clouds as the opposite of life forms between weather cycles and ashes. Between mist and weather cycles would be snow crystals as the opposite of fire between ashes and tornadoes.

Tornadoes would symbolize energy and weather cycles would symbolize information systems. Light would symbolize phenomenological concentration and tides would symbolize space time relativity distribution. Mist would symbolize the boundless integration of everything and ashes would symbolize quantum mechanical atomization. The sky would be the source and the earth the product, air the ideal and noise its expression. Fire would be freedom and drainage would be order, salt would be mind and water would be synchronicity. Clouds would be the possible and life would be actual form. Snow crystals would be the perfect and fire the process that generates it. The sun would be the cause and the moon would be the effect. Noble gas would be the immortal and waves would be mortal developments. The stars would be the transcendent and soil would be the manifest. Smoke would be the individual consciousness and rain would be the collective unconscious.

The actual system would begin with what we see. The results of this system would be the world of nature known to science. This realm could easily expand into the Water Pit realm of rational rules and mechanical systems, the Thunder realm of evolutionary emergence and the Mountain realm of empirical analysis. Only with a reach can we get to the Lake realm of complexity, synchronicity, birth and rebirth, astrology, and the paranormal, or the Flame realm of existential free will, or the Wind realm of metaphysical idealism and mathematical perfection. This hidden order would emerge from subjective dreamtime in Heaven trigram infinite flux that make the improbable probable, a mythology that is Hindu in Heaven Trigram, Buddhist, Daoist, and Confucian in Lake Trigram, Muslim and Jewish in Water Pit Abysm, and Christian and Platonist in Wind.

Looked at from Heaven, the freedom in Flame Trigram would be a series of hells that monad young son yang would attach itself to in pursuit of novelty and freedom, Lake Trigram would be an astrology of birth and rebirth, a purgatory in which the Dharma of the Water Pit Abysm order responds to the choices made by monad souls in Flame. The only hope of Paradise would lie in the ideal mathematics and Platonism of Wind Trigram. In the relationship between Heaven Trigram and Wind Trigram, between Alfred North Whitehead’s God and the Eternal Objects (Plato’s Sun of the Good), we find that transcendental area that Ernest Holmes focuses on it works like his “Your Invisible Presence.” This is the hope, the focus of inspiration that lifts above the misery of our everyday world.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, May 10th 2012

The God that Ernest Holmes believed in was found more quickly within than without. The relationship between the Father and the Son described in John 5:19 was an allegory for the relationship of individual centers of spiritual creativity and the infinite, between the atman and the Brahman, the Buddha and the Nirvana Buddhamind One, between the Christ principle present in every being from within infinitesimal monad of the spirit and the one boundless infinite expanding spiritual awakening from which the individual comes. Holmes believed that the scripture saying that as the Father has life so the son has life, meant there is only one life, mind, spirit that is individualized as it is accepted, believed in, utilized in our daily life (see Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 475). Holmes believed, as James P. Carse expresses in “Finite and Infinite Games,” that the language of myth is different from the language of practical fact. The left hemisphere language of practical fact is about what has been done and is visible, the language of right brain myth is about what might happen, what is possible. In an infinite universe, there is no limit to the possible beyond mathematics and logic themselves, the fundamental laws of all things. Holmes believed that existence was a dance between the creative becoming of this possibility and the boundaries and limits generated by its reflection in the mirror of mathematical systems and logic that responds to it to generate the world of our experience. There is nothing in our daily experience that contradicts this vision. Science does not support this vision, because the vision belongs to the seers, the mystics, the poets, the mythic makers, not to the finite games of the physical world. It is this vision, the God of the Dreamtime, the God of the Ultimate Future (the ever coming future), that Wolfhart Pannenberg focuses on in his version of the theology of Luther.

Holmes was not found of Astrology. I am. I am left defending my belief in Astrology in a world of scientific skeptics and romantic visionaries, neither of which are much interested in, or given to belief in Astrological ideas. Why should Astrology work to explain the complex patterns that Richard Tarnas uses it to explain? For me the explanation is simple. A universe that is infinite and time and space that generates and infinite of systems of universes in time and space and an infinity of ways of doing time and space is capable of anything mathematically and logically possible. Given this endless expansion, will do it over and over again in endless variations. It will evolve complexity upon complexity. It will evolve systems of minds and superminds more complex than any human kingdom, ant hill, corral reef, or government designed by any civilization. Holmes believed in the power of the infinite to become personal, to take an individual face, in fact, he believe that this was the Christ principle, this is what Jesus as son of God symbolized. These various superminds may be thought of as individualized centers in the reaction of infinite system to infinite creativity. Sometimes, some places these centers have certainly been in conflict. Astrology, appears to be in part, a system of harmony, like the music of a symphony that keeps the instruments from fighting with each other and creating noise rather than music. This is what the synchronicity that generates Astrology seems to be. A music of the spheres, if you will, that generates harmony, not only in the external movements of the planets, but in all the interior effects of these movements, all the gravity that turns into allurement and energy that turns into passion, as described by Brian Swimme in “The Universe is a Green Dragon.”

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, May 15th 2012

The primary yin to yang opposition is oldest daughter compulsive yin to oldest son antisocial yang, eternal immutable information and mathematical pattern potential with zero energy danced out by the dance of Shiva as the endless flux of energy potential in and out of all possible forms. All event patterns are eternal possibilities in the Santa Sophia that is the zero point of the field of possible mathematical form. Youngest son yang as the imaginary number root of minus one and middle son yang as the boundless circling and spiraling of all things in pi based integration are the source of this eternal perfect possibility symbolized by the Pieta of Michelangelo, where the Virgin symbolizes Isis, Santa Sophia, holy wisdom, the zero point, the perfect purity of systems potential. Implied is the dome of Heaven above symbolizing Father Osiris and the endless circle of the Sun that integrates all things in various degrees of astrological harmony, finally Christ symbolizes the Buddha point, the infinitesimal avatar point where the circle turns inward to generate joy and love from its integration, changing energy into passion and information into enlightenment, this is Horus generating the soul, Psyche, Pneuma compliment to the Nous of mathematical possibility in holy wisdom and the One that is the boundless in transcendent God, Nirvana, etc. This is the realm of the Wind trigram and classical perfection, it is the eternal hope of Heaven as the manifestation of the Virgin Purity of Zero energy made manifest out of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s God of the Infinite Future as it plays as creative possibility on the immutable systems potential in old daughter yin. Opposed to this immortal heaven, symbolized in the Narnia stories of C. S. Lewis, and the Brindiban stories of Krishna, is the Thunder trigram realm of evens and processes and mortality. Here eternal energy in oldest son yang dances out the probable world of emergence and change in the quantum mechanical ones of middle daughter yin and the = sign associations of youngest daughter yin.

Oldest son (antisocial) yang provides the primary mortality, the moments of time that disappear instantly in its constant flux, middle daughter (narcissistic) yin reflects this mortality in the suffering and death associated with the mortality of the narcissistic one, the physical body that is the focus of our disintegrating life and its attendant pain and relativistic space time associations in youngest daughter (dependent) yin provide the no-self complexes that appear to endure but are nothing but chains of causal effects in the samsara, the cycles of astrology and of birth and death.

Opposed to this is the eternal mathematical potential that is the source of all form moving out of the weightless zero that is eldest daughter yin, into the boundless integration of all things in middle son yang that integrates all circles and spirals in infinitely extenden pi, and finally the personal immortality of the monad monadology soul, the jiva Jainist soul that is the being and becoming from within primary isolate atom of all beginnings, the imaginary number root of all creativity. This is the Buddha Christ soul that endures in its own perfect poverty, having discarded everything but its essence, perfect spiritual creation. It is this immortality that Ernest Holmes sought to the exclusion of all other. Interestingly enough, it appears to be the same immortality sought in Zen and by the Buddha and by the Catholic contemplations of Thomas Merton (See his Seeds of Contemplation).

In the cube octahedron of the world, the aboriginal areas are this old son yang dancing its dance of creation in the primitive tropical sunlight opposed to the oldest daughter yin centered in the biblical law of the Jews, and Christians, and Moslems, centered on Mecca and the Dome of the Rock, and the Jewish, Moslem and Christian Holy sites in Palestine. Torah, Talmud, Bible, Koran, all symbolize this Zero fault old daughter yin source of all things, she is the holy stone at the center of the city of Mecca. She is the tomb of Christ and the Manger of Bethlehem as well, the city of Athens and the mathematical teachings of Pythagoras, etc.. If the ancient sites of the Byzantine Empire are old compulsive daughter yin and the Amazon and Papua and the Congo are old antisocial son yang, than middle narcissitic daughter yin must be Paris and London and middle avoidant son yang must be Tibet and Bhutan, youngest schizoid son yang must be the Ganges in India and youngest dependent daughter yin must be the Yellow River Valley in China.

From this, we can spin out the eight cultural and religious trigrams of the I Ching, Yi Ching, of the world. The Chinese, European, and Aboriginal supporting the changing events of the emerging world of shadows and the Byzantine, Tibetan, and Hindu looking to the classical perfection of the promised kingdom yet to come, symbolized by Whitehead’s notion of Eternal Objects, Plato’s notion of the Form of the Good, and Euler’s formulation of the relationship of antisocial energy in base e and the schizoid imaginary number root of minus one and endlessly avoidant pi, in such a way that the addition of the narcissistic number one can generate a dependent equality to the compulsive perfect weightlessness of Holy Wisdom in the zero point of the coordinate system of all things.

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