Mathological Dialectics (The Evolution of God)

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Allan Ralph Andrews, May 25th 2012

Here is alternative way to look at this: Imagine the great cube octahedron of the eight trigrams described above, now assign the edge of the Flame trigram with Heaven trigram to novel causes (irrational numbers) and the edge of the Flame with Mountain to the individual (negative numbers), the edge with Thunder to actions and processes (operations and functions). Move to Mountain and let the edge with Earth be form (known numbers and coordinate fields), the edge with Wind be a the conserved eternal immortal (the field of roots from positive to negative). Let the edge of Earth to Thunder be the measurable manifest (real numbers) and to Water Pit Abysmal be the equivalent effects (rational numbers). Move to Thunder and its edge to Lake be developments (powers, exponents, logs). Move to Water Pit Abysm and its edge to Lake be collectives (sums and series in positive numbers) and its edge to Wind be purpose and perfection (numbers in algebraic expressions and formulas). Move to Wind and its edge to Heaven be the transcendent (transcendental numbers, imaginary numbers, numbers that extend the numbers systems beyond normal measurements). Move to Heaven and its edge to Lake be the unknown and the possible and the hidden ground of known things (complex numbers, unknown numbers, numbers that extend calculus, algebra, and other numbers systems beyond ordinary and known coordinate structure). The vertex where Wind and Flame and Mountain and Heaven is the imaginary number root of minus one and the vertex where Flame and Mountain and Heaven and Lake come together is natural logs in base e. The vertex where Heaven and Lake and Water Pit and Wind come together is the calculus of all things in endlessly expanding spirals and spheres and circles based on pi. The vertex where Mountain and Flame and Thunder and Earth come together is a positive one as the first real positive number. The vertex where Earth and Water Pit and Lake and Thunder come together is = as the symbol of the basic rational order that associates all rational things. And the vertex where Earth and Water Pit and Mountain and Wind come together is zero as the weightless center of all coordination and rational order. The formula for the order of this system is that of Euler that gives the pure form of the ideal (good) in Wind trigram leading to the trigonometry that orders Mountain trigram and the analytic geometry that support ordinary arithmetic and debit and credit accounting in Earth trigram. This is extended into statistics and probability in Thunder and supports groups and subgroups and matrix algebra in Lake and calculus in Heaven, extending into topology in Flame and supporting the basic rational order of logic and set theory in Water Pit Abysm, from which emerge all forms of mathematical proof and solution.

In this system, the imaginary number is the Prophet, the Christ, the Buddha hidden in the pure sattva jiva, the pure infinitesimal monad mind as the primal creative Logos and zero is the Virgin, Holy Wisdom, the Holy Ghost and the pure Dharma, the philosophers stone, the rock of the pure law. Pi is the symbol of the compassion that generates the Father Mother God, Brahman, Allah, Nirvana, Hen One integration and one is a particle, an atom, a measurable aspect of the quantum world. The = sign introduces all rational coordinate systems including the relativistic space and time of Einstein. All expansions of this system in e represent the infinite flux that is the dance of Shiva.

So now you have two different kinds of immortality, the creative novel transcendent individual immortality in the imaginary number root of minus one soul, the pure schizoid element, and the perfect formal equivalent immortality of compulsive zero, the immortal law of mind and reason. You have two different kinds of mortality, the developmental collective manifest rational mortality of dependent association in = and the irrational novel active possibility that is the mortality of all forms of energy flux in the expansion of natural logs in e. You have two different ways of avoiding the conflict between the mortal and the immortal, the unification of all collective possibility in the transcendent perfection centered in the boundless integration of curving spirals in pi and its opposite in individual actions and forms in the manifest world of the positive and measurable real number one.

In the terminology of Alfred North Whitehead, zero is the key to the realm of eternal objects and one is the key to actual occasions. Pi is the key to God and e to the emergence of events and = to the nexi of events, and imaginary numbers in the root of minus one to the realm of prehensions. In the terminology system of Ernest Homes, imaginary number root of minus one is the creative Spirit, zero is the Law of God, and the positive one is the Soma, the physical object that is its expression. Pi is the unity of the realm of the spirit in God the Father Mother, and e is the activity of this system that moves the zero point law to do its work (the principle of freedom). The system based on = is the realm of effects that emerges from the working of this system.

Another way to view this is an infinite monadology of infinitesimal creative Buddha monads slowly integrating in a Buddhamind nirvana God system, Wolfheart Pannenberg’s God of the Infinite Future. This phenomenological monadology operates through the zero point mathology that is the weightless systems potential in all things. The interaction between this form potential in endless yin and the eternal energy flux of expression in emergent yang generates the real of quantum mechanical events that collective integrate to generate the realm of space time relativity. The physical aspect of this integration is the realm of astronomy and its hidden phenomenological complex aspect is the hidden realm of astrology described by Richard Tarnas in “Cosmos and Psyche.”

Astrology is the order, the dharma, the god systems impose on the emergent world to prevent chaos during the endless process of the organization of Buddhamind god through endless cycles of the emergence and evolution of astral bodies and race minds that the monad souls attach to in the generation of systems of birth and rebirth through these emerging world and world system complexes.

Spirit, in creative infinitesimal jiva monads, works through mind systems, in natural order and mathematics, to express itself in atoms and particles, that assemble the objects of the natural world. These objects are associated in systems of astronomic time and space, that are the source of the astrological thesis of a dialectic that has emergent flux as its antithesis and the Buddhamind Nirvana whole God of compassion as its endlessly evolving synthesis. This synthesis is the fulfillment of the systems described above.

Here we see two parallel trinities. First the Pneuma, Psyche, Soma trinity, Spirit, Law, and Body. This is the descending trinity, it manifests in the world, it generates astronomy, its is the trinity of “The Laws of Evolution” in the contribution Berhhard Rensch makes to the University of Chicago’s Darwinian Centennial. The second trinity is the Hegelian Dialectic, it is the shadow of the first in the Thesis (given world), Antithesis (further revolutions in energy flux), Synthesis (further integration in the endlessly coming kingdom of Allah Elohim Theos Nirvana Buddhamind Compassion Brahman One).

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield CA May 28th 2012

Now lets review all of this all over again. The model I want to use for the Heaven Trigram, the middle son yang whole, and the right integrating symbolic function of the cerebral hemisphere balance is James P. Carse, “Finite and Infinite Games.” The Heaven Trigram of the I Ching appears to be this Infinite Game and the Earth Trigram its Finite Game opposite. The Left Hemisphere of the Cerebrum appears to be stuck in the fact oriented Finite Game mode and its Right Hemisphere antithesis in the Infinite Game opposite.

The reason why this polarity works in that it reflects the basic complementary nature of existence. The left brain puts the focus on the particle and the position, the here and now fact, and the right brain on the process and the wave of position potentials from which it emerged. Both are equally true and totally different. One will not work without the other. Without Jesus there is no Adam.

The great teachers, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Socrates, Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu, St. Paul, Jeremiah, Pythagoras, were well aware of this duality and utilized it their instruction. As Carse explains, all great myths have an infinite number of interpretations, just as electrons are clouds of infinite numbers of potential positions. This is why we are not trying to find the one correct interpretation of the Greek Myths, the Personality Disorders, Astrological Signs, Alchemical Element Mythology, or I Ching trigrams and hexagrams. The question is what interpretation might be useful for the purpose at hand. It is like taking a position on a mountain range, one point of view for a photograph, another for a painting, a third for bird watching, and so forth.

Consider the problem of life after death. Looked at from one point of view, there is nothing so loving as evolutionary naturalism. Natural death does not prolong pain. Its purpose is to dispatch the organism as rapidly as possible so its carbon atoms and energy can be passed down the food chain. Torture is an invention of human morality and punishment, not of nature’s version of ethics. Natural selection is just. It does not favor any particular species or group. It simply eliminates the unfit and selects the fit. It does not favor humans over dogs or bacteria over pine trees. It is utterly impartial, far more impartial than any human judge or jury. It is beyond reward or punishment or any moral or political system. It is utterly loving in the sense that the Sun pours out its energy everyday day after day without end, asking nothing in return, keeping the Earth at the perfect gravitational distance, acting out the essence of loving motherhood. Nature invented motherhood. For billions of years mothers have protected their offspring. All surviving offspring receive the benefits of millions of generations of mother’s maternal care. Nothing can be so nurturing as this long history of loving energy from the Mother Sun and the food from the Mother Earth and care from the Motherhood instinct in all living things.

Death releases us from the corruption of human thought and human interpretation back to the uncorrupted simplicity of pure Carbon, pure Nitrogen, pure DNA. Each year takes us further from the simple joy of childhood. Nothing can return that simple joy except release of its spirit from the corruption of the complex analysis that is the essence of the aging brain. In that sense, each year makes me less my simple primitive childish self. The solution is the death that allows my elements, my energy, my genetic information to be purified by a return to the natural elements and cycles from which they came.

I am the energy of the sun and the water of the ocean and of the air. I am the mathematical information and systems information in all mechanical things. But that information and energy and chemistry is trapped in this aging body which gradually changes into a prison of complexity as decaying information is piled upon decaying information. I am a closet that needs to be cleaned. Why resist that clean air and water that absorbs me back into the womb from which I came?

The problem becomes the rich myth of religion that wants to tell me that I have become something else and that I now belong to that new kingdom. The solution is simple. Let each part be released to its proper place, the dust to the dust, the water to the water, and the dreams and myths to the dreamtime of which they were generated. The body fears that it will be stolen away from the Earth to which it belongs and the spirit fears that it will be trapped in the decaying Flesh to which it does not belong. The solution is to release all these parts and let them find their proper place.

But what is that proper place? Let us review our mythology. Our latest version of the Infinite Game of endless variations on mythical themes has three lines of yang in an I Ching Heaven Trigram, the oldest son yang from the Thunder Trigram, the middle son yang from the Water Pit Abysm Trigram and the youngest son yang from the Mountain Trigram. Oldest son is Shiva the destroyer and the Antisocial personality disorder. Middle son is Vishnu the preserver and the Avoidant personality disorder. Youngest son is Brahma the creator and the Schizoid personality disorder. There opposites are the oldest daughter yin of the Wind Trigram that is the Compulsive personality disorder, the middle daughter yin of the Flame Trigram that is the Narcissistic personality disorder and the youngest daughter yin of the Lake Trigram that is the Dependent personality disorder. From these complementary opposites, we can build the trigrams of character disorder. Thunder Trigram is ruled by Histrionic Zeus (Jupiter) and Wind by his Paranoid opposite in Hera (Juno). Flame Trigram is ruled by Sadistic Athena (Minerva) and Water Pit Abysm by his masochistic opposite in Hephaestus (Vulcan). Heaven Trigram is ruled by Schizotypal Poseidon (Nepturne and Earth Trigram by his Depressed opposite in Demeter (Ceres). Mountain Trigram is ruled by Negativistic Apollo and Lake Trigram by his Borderline opposite in Artemis (Diana). Dependent Hestia (Vesta) has her Borderline equivalent in Hermes (Mercury). Narcissistic Aphrodite (Venus) has her Sadistic equivalent in Ares (Mars). Compulsive Gaia has her Paranoid equivalent in Uranus. Antisocial Dionysus (Bacchus) has his Histrionic equivalent in Semele. Avoidant Hades (Pluto) has his Masochistic opposite in Persephone. Schizoid Cronos (Saturn) has his Negativistic opposite in Rhea.

Now this whole thing has its problems, but that is the way with the mythological medium, it is dreamtime, and changes forms like the stuff of dreams. But, like it, or not, our factual world is spun out of a similar insubstantial substance, neurochemistry, quantum mechanics, phenomenological monadology that makes passion out of energy and pleasure from integration, pain from disintegration, mind out of information and awareness out of localization within the larger endless sleep.

May 31st 2012 Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA

I was considering another was to think about this. First consideration is that mathematics is pure form and pure systems, in the sense that there is no requirement for matter or energy. Once we add matter and energy to mathematics, we generate natural structures. Systems theory, information theory, involves draining the energy and matter away from information till you reveal the pure mathematics and logic that requires no energy or matter to be what it is. Energy in the antisocial aspect and mathematics is the compulsive tendency that structures it. The resulting polarity is the old son yang of logs to the base e and the old daughter yin of the zero point from which they are extended. Emerging from this polarity is the infinite avoidant curve of pi, or middle son yang, and its opposite in the positive one, the narcissistic particular that is middle daughter yin. Finally, you have the singular, the improbable schizoid youngest son yang in the root of minus one imaginary number and the probable dependent equal sign norm that is youngest daughter yin.

In such a situation, Flame Trigram is this improbable youngest son yang emerging from flux in oldest son yang and becoming an emergent particular in narcissistic embodied particular that is middle daughter yin. This is the cubist, the topology, the existential option that rips a hole in all cosmology, the creative generation of the improbable fact. It is natural selection as the source of all evolutionary emergence, it is the raiding tribe of Germanic Vikings, of Arabic Moslems, that brings down the holy empire.

The sources of these tribes, the mythical Eden from which they emerge is the Heaven of the Three Creative Hindu Gods, the Mount Meru of Shiva in old son yang flux, and Vishnu in middle son yang infinitely curving boundless integration, and Brahma in the shamanistic creative schizoid particular that is the atman jiva Buddha moment of the creative now infinitesimal imaginary number square root of minus one. This is the aboriginal Heaven Trigram that is the infinite flux that generates all improbability. It is the realm of random mutation through the billions of years of possible time and space and cosmic generation.

These mutation possibilities accumulate in Lake Trigram recombination till the swamp they generate becomes bloated enough to generate the probable in youngest daughter yin. Middle daughter yin pi forever make egg like structures as it curves about them and oldest son yang flux actives the complexity of their recombination forms. Lake is the cosmic generation that emerges in the world of entropy and evolution that is Thunder Trigram, the emergence of quantum mechanical particulars in narcissistic middle daughter yin and relativistic space time youngest daughter yin as a function of probability and random flux in oldest son yang thermodynamics.

As these thermodynamic processes stimulate the zero point possibility of formal structure, the generate set points and codes in Wind Trigram classical set points. These become connected with Water Pit Abysm Trigram system and organization and homeostatic systems and feedback mechanism. These manifestations of universal states and systems of hierarchy and organization, produce finite results in the observable world, the generate the phenotypes produced from genotypic adaption and pressure on adaptive systems toward adaptive peaks in Wind Trigram ideals.

In social systems, these ideals are the nobles, the dominant minorities that attempt to control the universal states in Water Pit Abysm.

Always, there are republics, city states, species formation, mental states, analysis, the input of information from the real world of natural objects in Earth Trigram. Mountain Trigram performs its analytic geometry and trigonometry on the arithmetic of Earth Trigram in pursuit of Algebraic and Mathematics ideals in Wind Trigram.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, June 11th 2012

Let us look at this system again. Our given is a thermodynamic expansion that generates dissipative energy systems and natural selection and among these dissipative systems. Since out systems is expanding out of nothing into something, there is positive and negative, yin and yang, energy and information appearing from a universe generation process, and there seems to be no limit possible, we have an infinite flux that make the improbable probable. We have old son yang as that flux and old daughter yin as the formal mathematical systems potential zero that these logarithmic series to the base e play upon and we have the exploration of the improbable, symbolized by negative numbers, irrational numbers, imaginary numbers out of the square root of minus one, these penetrating within exploration is symbolized by the square root of minus one (i). Its opposite is the distribution without relativity of the normal world symbolized by (=). The improbable self is younger son yang and the probable society of these improbable is relativity world association in younger daughter yin. When you integrate these in the pi of the boundless spheres and curves, you can also disintegrate them in the quantum numbers of physics and chemistry in the coordinate system based in the positive real number one. Boundless integration is pleasure and avoidance of pain in middle son yang and its opposite is the suffering of the son of virgin wisdom in oldest daughter yin symbolized by the narcissism of the virgin in the egotistical numbers that are the emergent middle daughter yin. So the avoidance of pain in middle son yang is complemented by the narcissistic generation of pain in middle daughter yin and passion in antisocial oldest son yang is complemented by compulsive mathematics and logic in the wisdom systems of oldest daughter yin and finally the improbable in schizoid youngest son yang, the prodigal son, is complemented by the dependent normal probable in the worldly youngest daughter yin.

From these we generate the trigrams in which thermodynamics in the Thunder trigram becomes natural selection and extinction in the fires of Flame trigram which makes the improbable probable as Heaven trigram expands and allows the accumulation and recombination of complexity systems and gene pools in the population genetics of Lake trigram. When phenotypic products are analyzed in Mountain trigram and segregated by species and subspecies, this allows the development of set points and models and the exploration of adaptive peaks in Wind trigram, supported by homeostatic feedback mechanisms in Water Pit Abysm trigram, supporting and maintaining the natural phenotypes exposed in Earth trigram.

For the mathematics of this system, see Roger Penrose, “The Road to Reality,” Knof, 2005. For the phenomenological aspects, see Brian Swimme, “The Universe is a Green Dragon,” Bear, 1984. For the mythology, see “Finite and Infinite Games,” James P. Carse, the Free Press, 1986, for the metaphysics, see Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe,” Harper, 1991. For the biology, see Volume I , “The Evolution of Life,” of “Evolution After Darwin,’ Sol Tax, ed., University of Chicago Press, 1960, articles by Berhard Rensch, p. 95; George Gaylord Simpson, p. 117; G. Ledyard Stebbins, p. 197; Th. Dobzhansky, p. 403; Sewall Wright, p. 429. For the Astrology, look to Richard Tarnas, “Cosmos and Psyche,” Plume, Penguin Group, 2006.

The natural world is as science describes it and its emergence is, generally, what science predicts it to be, if it is good science. The reason, however are not what science gives as reasons, for, I believe the metaphysics that generates the whole is much more like the metaphysical systems described by visionaries like Ernest Holmes, for more on this see above.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, June 16th 2012

The world seems to be governed by ESP and Astrology in ways that do not make sense. My solution is a pure mathology of the sort described by Ernest Holmes and Alfred North Whitehead in which an emergent God is generated from a ground of mathematical ideas. As Holmes describes above, this makes a mythological possibility that transcends the differences between all mythological and theological systems, as Carse describes above, the infinite game integrates all other games. Astrology, Esp, the Holographic Universe, are simply places where the effect of the boundless pi, the integration of all things in the boundless, spills over into the Finite Game. The Earth Trigram shows its origins in the Heaven Trigram, Spirit, per Holmes is reflected in the Law of the One, to generate the Earth Trigram that we see. Spirit is simple the youngest son yang operating with in the integrative system provided by middle son yang, using the energy generated by oldest son yang to court the wisdom hidden in oldest daughter yin (the law of mind, of information systems, of mathematics) to generate emergent quantum mechanics (the manifesting body of particles and atoms) in middle daughter yin and the relativistic thermodynamic emergence of the cosmos that appear in the probable world that is youngest daughter yin. Heaven Trigram is another word for the God of the metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead and Wind Trigram for his Eternal Objects. Earth Trigram is his actual occasions and Thunder Trigram is the events the generate them. Prehensions are the Mountain Trigram aspect of these processes in Flame Trigram and the nexi and propositions associated with them are aspects of Lake Trigram and Water Pit Absym Trigram as elements of the systems processes and complexity theory that make possible this large system. Thus, Astrology is a manifestation of this system, Dharma is a manifestation of this system, spun from the wheel of Karma in Flame and Mountain Trigram as the individual endlessly courts the collective, objective and subjective dance as yang and yin through the emergent processes that generate the visible world.

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