Mathological Dialectics (The Evolution of God)

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Allan Andrews, Bakersfield CA, June 16th 2012.

The realm of science, described in places like the Physics of “The Road to Reality,” cited above, or “Evolution After Darwin,” cited above, seems to be a simple play between zero energy mathematics and information and systems theory in eldest daughter yin wisdom and the dance of Shiva in eldest son energy thermodynamics described in works like “The Tao of Physics.” But then you are left with the choice of path dilemma, the problem of why pain is painful and pleasure is pleasure. The answer becomes the Buddhist pursuit of detachment and compassion, since narcissistic attachment and disintegration is pain and its pain avoidant detachment, and compassionate integration, is pleasure. Pain is disintegration from the inside and pleasure is integration from the inside. Now you have the play between the middle son yang of the Infinite Game and the middle daughter yin of the Finite Game, the daughter with the narcissistic son who wants to be Emperor of the World, the Buddhist Prince who decides to be King rather than Buddha.

But that Buddha detachment is not possible without the schizoid condition that is the enlightenment of being from within Buddhahood, or younger son yang. This condition that changes energy into passion and information into Buddhamind, it alone can bring peace to the dependent attachment of the world in youngest daughter yin.

Allan Ralph Andrew, Bakersfield, CA, June 16th 2012

Everything begins with the dance of Shiva, of old son yang awaking female wisdom, awaking the karmic law, awaking mathematical wisdom, awaking the system complexity of Mother Nature in oldest daughter yin. From this comes the integration of everything in Nirvana, Brahman, Allah, the Christian God of Love, Buddhist Compassion, Hindu Cit Sat Ananda and the Elohim that is middle son yang Vishnu the preserver, the preserving avoidant circle of endless pi curves, the loving curve of the Sun and the gravitation that lovingly hugs the Earth. Its opposite is the middle daughter of Mother Nature, the quantum world of disintegration into particles, waves, atoms, electronic valence, etc. Finally, existence plunges within into Buddha enlightenment in the Creative Spirit that is Brahma, the creator, who makes energy into passion and information into knowledge and local space into individual awareness and integration into pleasure and disintegration into pain and the collective return of the individual into the whole into death and sleep and dreams and reborn awareness in reincarnation and cycle of rebirth governed by the laws of circular mind manifesting as astrological Dharma. This generates local personal time in younger son yang singularity monadology and public space and time association of personal time in the space time relativity of the normal probable world. Younger son yang is utterly improbable, utterly free and utterly immortal, it is existence turned inside breaking all existing laws and rules and utterly changing all things from within. It is reflected, as Ernest Holmes relates in his books cited above, in the public normal world of youngest daughter yin. Holmes does not use the yin and yang systems of the I Ching as I do here, but I have described above how the language of the various systems, including the I Ching system, are all subject to interrelationships and conversions, are all part of the Many Mansions of creation, the many forms that the Infinite Game, described by Carse, cited above, can take. Immortality is never the same for any two monads of the whole, for any two concentrations of creation in the infinitesimal points of the circles of the one. In respect to these circles, the local points are the Christs, the Buddhas, the Sons of God, the circle is God the Father and Mother and the Zero point axis from which it emerges because of the turning of the wheel by the dancing of Shiva, that is the whole spirit, the holy spirit, the union of the entire circle with the spinning wheel of its creation. This wheel spins out the voice that is the boundless outreach that is the Father, the curving inward that is the Mother in its manifestation as the Holy Virgin Queen, and it voices the words of creation in the local logos (word) that is the phenomenological monad within each soul, the Christ Buddha deep within. All this mathematics of pi and (i) and (e) and its manifestation in (0) and (1) and (=) is but the working out of this Infinite Game in Heaven Trigram, the God of the Metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead and the source of the actual occasions of the Finite Game in the world measured by arithmetic and science in the Earth Trigram that is the phenotype generated in the objective world by its ideal genotype in the subjective. The framing of this genotype is the Eternal Object in Wind Trigram and the process of its expression is Thunder Trigram. The natural selection that it generates is Flame Trigram and the speciation is Mountain Trigram. The homeostasis generating feedback is Water Pit Abysm, and the resulting gene pool and recombination and population genetics is Lake Trigram. In our world, Flame is Free Will, and Mountain is empirical mind, Water Pit Abysm is astrological fate, and Lake is the complex systems of birth and rebirth with which rebirth is associated in the curvature of gravitation and space as the external reflection of hidden curvature of passion and pleasure hidden within (to understand this you must read the Universe is a Green Dragon, bu Brianne Swimme).

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, June 17th 2012

So our first duality is the polarity between flux and the expansion of natural logarithm energy in e in eldest son yang and structure and system in the zero point of the coordinates eldest daughter yin. Our first integration is middle son yang pi curvature and calculus and our first disintegration is in the real and natural number 1. Then we have the singular irrational roots that integrate by concentration in the creative imaginary numbers of youngest son yang or the real natural rational number exponents of the equivalents in the associations and arithmetic and probability and set and group theory that is the expanding three and four number 2 and 3 and 4 dimensional space of the relativistic world of youngest daughter yin. Now the Heaven Trigram will become the God of Alfred North Whiteheads process philosophy and the Earth Trigram will become actual occasions, Wind Trigram will become Eternal Objects and Thunder will become events, Mountain will become Prehensions and Lake will become Nexi, Flame Trigram will become contrasts, and the like, and Water Pit Abysm will become the Propositions that support rationalism and reason. In this rationalism, oldest daughter yin is the analytic geometry of Descartes, and middle son yang is the integration God of Spinoza and his Ethics, youngest son yang is the Monadology and the Jiva Monads of Leibnitz. Eldest daughter yin is the mathematics, middle daughter yin is the quantum mechanics, and youngest daughter yin is the relativity of Roger Penrose and The Road to Reality. His triangle on page 20 of this text, Knopf, 2004, is the trinity (the Trigonometry) that emerges in Mountain Trigram from the Calculus of Heaven Trigram and the Algebra (Euler’s Formulas) of Wind Trigram to generate the Topology of Flame, Arithmetic of Earth, Probability of Thunder, that merges in the Set Theory of Water Pit Abysm rationality and the Group Theory of the complexity that emerges in the recombinations of Lake Trigram. Heaven Trigram is the romantic and Earth is the realistic possibility, Wind is the classical and Thunder is the expressionistic, Mountain is the impressionistic analysis and Lake is the post impressionistic synthesis. Flame is the cubist experiment and Water Pit Abysm is the baroque absolutism, the rationalist attempt to bridge all disordered gaps in some universal state.

All possibilities are eternal in the integration of middle son yang, the nirvana Brahman allah that is Spinoza’s God and the Neoplatonic One. Here the split between the never created or destroyed energy of thermodynamics in eldest son yang and information possibility and mathematical potential and systems potential in eldest daughter yang is healed and made whole and holy in the Holy Spirit that is contained in a super super cosmic egg that integrates all things.

It is in the narcissistic particulars of the quantum mechanics of the world of disintegration and suffering that is middle daughter yin that we find death and local hell and local pain, narcissism and the isolated number one is the gateway to hades and the grave. These two opposites are bridged in the association that generates astrology and birth and rebirth and cosmic birth and death in youngest daughter yin and the Lake Trigram and Water Pit Abysm Trigram it generates in the form of the collective unconscious and its collective sleep. Its opposite is the awakening of the self and of the monad of the self in the Buddha Christ moment that is the jiva monad of youngest son yang. These monads are eternal in their own unique time system that is ever returning to the immortality of the One, as described by Ernest Holmes in his book This Thing Called You.

This immortality has its own time system because each monad generates its own unique time thread and generates its own unique interpretation of all things. Twenty billion years of sleep in the death of the monad is as one half second, when it reawakens and reattaches to the world in the new emergence of conscious localization and individual manifestation. It is this detachment and integration with the one that generates the magical triumph that is the Jesus Logos of the Gospel of John and of the Buddhist Scriptures. This immortality belongs to the Infinite Game of James P. Carse, not to the Finite Game of the science of the Skeptical Inquirer.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Saturday June 23rd 2012

If Wind and Heaven Trigram are the realm of One becoming Two in the dance of energy and information, and generating the Three that will make the trigonometry of Mountain Trigram and its permutations in Flame Trigram topology, then Earth Trigram is the Four of the tetrahedron of Air in Wind and Fire in Flame and Water in Lake. From it comes and collective system of complexity and order in Water Pit Abysm and Lake Trigram that supports the emergence in Thunder Trigram of the polarity between existence, in the tetrahedron above, and its expansion into nothingness and vacuum and non existence in Thunder Trigram opposite of the Euler harmony in Air and Wind Trigram classical beauty, describe above. This three dimensional classical system of Wind Trigram will expand, per the mathematics of Penrose in the Road to Reality, into the quantum mechanics of yes and no and right and left handed complementarity, generating a world that is four dimensional in relativity and five and six dimensional in its expansion into the manifolds of string theory and M theory possibility. In the complexity that is the group theory of this endless emergence, this Evolution as Entropy.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield CA, June 23rd 2012

The primary axis of polarity emerges from eldest daughter zero yin to eldest son log e yang. This generates two kinds of one, the singular one that is (i) root of minus one imaginary and the inclusive one that is the pi circle sphere egg that unites all things. The compulsive math based on zero is spun out by the antisocial energy and passion that propels its exponential expansion and it unites in the infinite through avoidant pi and in the infinitesimal through the schizoid root of minus one monadology. From this emerges the trines of the source in Heaven Trigram and its idealization in Wind Trigram and its triangulation in the trigonometry and geometric analysis of Mountain Trigram and its breakage and extincition in the natural selection and liberation of Flame Trigram topology. From this emerge the complementary four based trigrams of Wind and Air and Flame as Fire and Earth as Earth and Lake as Water and their opposites in Air to Thunder and Fire to Water Pit Abysm and Water to Mountain Salt and Earth to Heaven. But, this emergent four in Earth Trigram tetrahedron, octahedron, cube generates the cube of existence that is mirrored in Thunder Trigram in the cube of non-existence, that is mirrored in turn in right and left, and yes and no, in type and counter type, in example and complement, so that a three dimensional sphere and cube become a hypercube and so on to an endless degree generating the mathematics of quantum mechanics.

In respect to the mathology, the infinite game, the mythology that this system generates, the possibilities are endless. The world is mortal in the narcissistic and reincarnates in the dependent. Its structures are immortal in the compulsive zero point and the energy that drives it is neither created or destroyed in the antisocial thermodynamics of log to base e. All of this is preserved in Vishnu as the integrative boundless one of the multidimensional integration pi that is the fruit of the God of Spinoza’s Ethics and the metaphysics of Plotinus and Sancara and Buddha. But this Nirvana can manifest in the world as the schizoid Buddha or the dependent Sanga, as Christ or the Church, as Mohammed or Islam. Immortality manifest through reincarnation or the schizoid detachment and return of the monad one that is (i) with the infinite boundless one based on pi. So the infinitesimal singular monad is just another focal piece of the One. Yet, it must be preserved because it is the opening to the new country, it alone can preserve the expansion into the novel, it is the irrational root, the creative source of new topology. This is what it means to be called the logos, the Word of the Gospel of John. This is a metaphor for the creative root of the soul,

In this Infinite Game, the Bible becomes a metaphor for the mind. Genesis and Revelation are the Heaven Trigram (Alpha and Omega) and the Gospels are Wind. Mountain is the wisdom books and Lake is Psalms. Flame is the Prophets and Water Pit Abysm is the Law. Earth is the Church and its Epistles and Teachings and Thunder is its history, the events that generated it in Acts, Chronicles, Kings, etc. God as Jehovah is eldest son yang and as Elohim is middle son yang. As Middle son yang generates youngest son yang it generates the Father, and as youngest son yang reunites with the zero root that is wisdom, the mind of God in Santa Sophia, eldest daughter yin, it becomes the creative logos, the only begotten son of God, which uniting with the zero and entering the purity of the Virgin, reunites with the original one as the Holy Spirit, completing the Euler formulas of perfect wisdom. This infinite game Christmas Easter of the Heart is the true Buddha Prophet and the only path to pure and true salvation, the true inner Kingdom of Heaven within. It is the mathological infinite game, the battlefield of Krishna of the Gita, which Gandhi discovered is a metaphor for the soul. This whole mythology is exposed in Thomas Troward’s Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning and in the Science of Mind textbook written by Ernest Holmes, see the discussion above.

The Buddhist, the Christian, the Muslim, the atheist, the agnostic, are different Mansions of the Infinite Game, the game seen from different points of view. The atheist looks at the game from the narcissistic examination of its parts, the Buddhist from the avoidant contemplation of the whole. The Christian puts focus on the singular schizoid logos that is the only begotten, read Thomas Merton’s Seeds of Contemplation, and the Hindu on the dance of Shiva in antisocial destruction. For the Moslem and the Jew it is all the zero point law by which all things must be measured. For the Marxist and the Confucian, it is all the associations of the community and the State in some dependent social system.

The finite game is all mortality. The only immortality in the finite game is the cycles of nature. But this universe itself is only an infinitesimal point within the Infinite Game. It is this larger game in which the monad soul is immortal. Billions and Billions of years of sleep are but an instant when the monad reawakes and forms its own unique strand of time through the web of all being and becomes the Budhisattva that awakens all of nonbeing in new forms of creative inexistence. This true creative immortality belongs to the shaman cycles of the dreamtime that is the dream danced out by antisocial Shiva in his play with the compulsive systems of holy wisdom in Mother Kali. This Shiva, dancing to the log e, is also Jehovah, as one avatar of the Elohim that is Vishnu the boundless pi, father and mother, with Brahma making Adam and becoming the Christ within, the Buddha, Krishna in the Brindiban and the battlefield of the Soul in the inner heart, he is the creative spirit in the soul, the Aslan the Lion of the inner Narnia. He, she is the source of all new creation, all irrational numbers that break through the rational order and the analytic coordinates that run out of the time and space of the existing zero point system. This Jesus that is Isis, Horus, etc, takes the form of the virgin wisdom that is Mary and the eldest daughter Santa Sophia and impregnates the divine mathematical form with new possibilities. My deep Christ Buddha mind soul is the creative seed of all new time, the renewal of time, the generation of new time to restore life to the dead time of space time rational number relativity. Only the monad give only begotten can fracture the cosmic egg and its rational number universal absolutism and absolute law, only the Christ mind can break the old order and free us from the bondage of sin, and that mind belongs to the infinite game and not the finite game, to God and not to Mammon, if found in the inner heart and not in the public world. It do not know where God the Father will plant the logos seed of his creative son, where God the Mother will give birth to her ever born child, but I need not know, for the other side will come as a moment in the new kingdom of the God of the ultimate future.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, June 24th 2012

I must have faith in the power of the inner Krishna Christ Mohammed Buddha to generate a new dominion of the God, Mother Father, One, of the infinite future, a new kingdom of Heaven carved out of the ultimate future that will save everything that I need to save. This is a Nirvana that is gone gone gone utterly beyond according to the rational number coordinates of all known space time relativistic world, this kingdom does not belong to the Finite Game or to Mammon, but to the God of the Ultimate Future. This is born in the womb of the Holy Spirit and Holy Wisdom in the pure Isis Virgin that is the zero point potential of pure perfection, the true Virgin as the Queen of the true Heaven source. If I believe, my monad soul will deliver its creativity and break though the rational numbers to this irrational possibility. I will transcend the law that condemns, in Romans, through the saving grace of God in Christ and his transformation of his narcissistic suffering in the compulsive narcissistic dependent realm that is the Finite Game of Earth Trigram of the Cosmos known in relativistic and quantum mechanical physics and thermodynamics. See Ernest Holmes on the teachings of Christianity in his Science of Mind, referred to above. See p. 485 of the above and his commentary on Romans, also pp. 486, 487. See his commentary on II Corinthians, p. 488, etc.. Again, I repeat, the home of all of this is Right Hemisphere metaphor, is the Infinite Game, not the Finite Game. This is not something that belongs in skeptical inquirer. I am making no scientific claims. I am not asking to alter existing physics, rather my Infinite Game plays out a different interpretation of the parapsychology and astrology found in books like Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche or Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe. Holmes does a very good job of explaining what that means in respect to a subject such as Immortality, in the textbook cited above. As Holmes points out, belief in immortality is a natural reaction of the human mind, the actual source of that belief is unimportant, for the world of visible fact emerges from the world of metaphor and dreams. You cannot exclude a human from the Dreamtime World, or from the Infinite Game, no matter how important you chose to make local fact and the Finite Game. The Right Hemisphere insists on its priorities and is the origin of Left Hemisphere factual experience. The Actual Occasions of Alfred North Whitehead lead back, through Prehension and through Eternal Objects, to Whitehead’s God, just as all philosophy since Socrates leads backward, in someway, to the mathology that supports Plato’s Form of the Good. Both Real and Imaginary Numbers have their own metaphysics. Refer to the Quantum Mind, cited above.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, Ca June 24th 2012

The Zero point of eldest daughter yin is the axis of the great wheel of log to the base e progressions in eldest son yang. We move from a point to a line and from the infinitesimal to finite extensions in time and space along the great circle that moves from the transcendent infinitesimal through the finite into the infinite that is so extended that in merges with the infinitesimal. The movement from the source of all things in the Heaven Trigram through the improbable it makes probable in the ideal that is Wind Trigram and its product in Earth Trigram and its extension and evolution in Thunder it a line that runs counter to the line that moves from the individual to the collective in Mountain and Water Pit Abysm and back to the individual through Lake and Flame Trigram. Now we have three lines through middle son yang and middle daughter yin, through youngest son yang and youngest son yin, generating a series of triangles that become the great sphere, cube, octahedron, pyramid, of the eight trigrams. But, there is another polarity between this sphere of the existent (e) and its opposite in the inexistent (zero), each having a polarity in turn, between the interior (pi) and the exterior (1), and again between the given (=) and the not given (i). So there is an endless sequence in which the sphere generates as supersphere and a supersphere beyond into the infinite, as the dimensions compound themselves into endless complexity and simple phenomenological time and space become complex relativistic public time and space. This means manifest universes of various types and kinds at various degrees of refinement and interaction. The more crude and finite a universe is, the less the effects of the paranormal and the synchronistic on that universe, but the more defined and the more public that universe becomes. This universe is relatively crude, with a level of paranormal intrusion and synchronicity that is so low that it is difficult to show statistically that it is even there. As a result, most phenomenological attachments of soul monads only occur through astral bodies formed by complexes of souls and more refined levels of materialization.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA July 2nd 2012

The great wheel of yang energy that is neither created nor destroyed whirls around the axis of the zero energy information and mathematical potential of all things. All the energy and structure in existence is immortal in this relationship which continually resurrects and reincarnates all things and energy reinvest in structure and form in every combination possible. All things that can be are endlessly reoccurring. Shiva, old son yang, endlessly reawakens the goddess Kali of mother nature in her endless array of forms as eternally reborn oldest daughter yin. All things are immortal as part of the boundless everything one that is middle son yang and the reoccurring patterns of nature that are middle daughter yin. They are also immortal as youngest son yang concentrates energy and pattern in the soul as the monad of phenomenological freedom, which since it is infinitesimal, penetrates all systems and all boundaries, forever concentrating awareness in new ways into the here and now units that assemble the strands of primary time. Secondary time is assembled out of primary time to generate the many worlds of complex space time and the many associations of souls that generate the complex astral forms that support systems of astrology and birth and rebirth. So the soul is immortal in a primary way in its monad self and in a secondary way through its associations and relationship generating the wheel of birth and rebirth.

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