Meaning of Propagation

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Meaning of Propagation
Propagation is the production of new plants as independent units. The two main methods (types) of propagation are: (a) Sexual propagation.
(b) Asexual or vegetative propagation.


Most flowers contain both male and female parts. The male parts, stamens, bear anthers that produce the male sex cells or pollen grains. The female part consists of the Ovary which produces the female sex cells or ovules. When pollen grains land on the stigma, pollination takes place. The pollen tube goes down the style and fertilization takes place.
Fertilization is the fusion of a male and female nuclei to form a zygote which develops by cell division into an embryo. The seed is then formed from this embryo.
The seed is, therefore, a product of sexual reproduction in plants. Examples are found in okra, maize, groundnut etc.
Definition: When plants are raised from seeds which have been formed as a the result of fusion of male and female gametes, it is term sexual propagation.
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