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Meaningful quick quiz-Name__________________________________Hour______________

It has mentioned dozens of times that bad sound is more of a threat to ruining a production than an out of focus or poorly composed shot.

  1. What are the three essential ingredients to a meaningful soundtrack?

  1. The voice, sound effects/Foley and music

  2. The voice, ambient sounds and distractions

  3. The ambient sounds, voice and distortions

  4. The voice, your voice and disillusioned distractions

  5. Indirect and asynchronous sounds in addition to Foley and inconsequential bypass illuminators

  1. What is the principal distinction between synchronous and asynchronous sounds?

  1. In asynchronous sounds you have a visible source on screen

  2. In synchronous sounds you do not have a visible source on screen

  3. In asynchronous sounds you have evidence of Foley and musical absorption

  4. In synchronous you can the origin of the sound and in asynchronous you can’t

  1. Background music is usually added to a soundtrack in order to __________________________________

  1. Create or help define synchronous sounds

  2. Add emotion to the scene

  3. Detract from what is being illustrated on the screen

  4. Supplement poorly written dialogue

  1. Provide me with an example of how dialogue can be limited or in high supply when it comes to different styles or genres in film.

________________________tend to have a lot of dialogue

________________________tend to have less dialogue

  1. Describe a musical theme and how it can be associated with a specific character

  1. Actors are often typecast due to the roles we consistently see them play. It becomes problematic for them to adapt to or be seen as another character outside of the genre they traditionally play. This is because the actor and the characters they often play become one in the same. The sound of their voice is instantly seen as comedic or serious in nature. Provide me with a current talent or one from the past who has been type casted due to the roles they often play.

  1. Why should music never compete with the vocal or dialogue track in a film?

  1. Define the distinction between Foley and sound effects by providing specific examples of both

  1. When editing, why do we lay down ambient or room sound in a production?

  1. *How does poorly presented sound take us away from the false reality of film and force the audience to consider its flaws?

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