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The result of these class actions was the apparent recent loss of the new iteration, Reliable X, Szabo v. Reliable Car Parts Corporation. The class claims in this case that Reliable Car Parts produce a component that fails to meet mandated safety performance requirements. The class was developed when several manufacturers used the standard over a number of years to produce thousands of car models. The class argues that failure of this component led to severe engine problems, leading to an increased need to replace and restore that should be the responsibility of Reliable Car Parts Corporation. The component concerned is a shaft of a surface with copper plumbing and is produced for use in fuel pumps. When the coffee bearing surface was introduced, it was hailed as a breakthrough in shaft performance. Nevertheless, some experts started to doubt the capacity of the current shaft configuration in line with the vehicle safety efficiency requirements after 10 years of service only. These components cannot be used in a useable 250, 000 miles of the vehicle's usable life with this new shaft configuration mounted on the fuel-pump under existing safety requirements. Wear of the shaft bear surface exceeding 3.5 microns will lead to catastrophic failure of the fuel pump in severe weather conditions.

Upon my submission, the Honorable Judge Faeza Hai provided me with data from a random sampling of 45 shafts of this design from a recent manufacturing simulation run. The wear test in the simulation was 250, 000 miles. I will use a confidence interval of 0.01 to check the validity of the arguments in this class action. Since all interested parties have selected the 45 shafts alone, the results of my specialist review would lead to conclusions that reliably, validly and credibly are backed by the data available. Since the standards had defined that these parts should not wear more than 3.5 microns, this figure will form the basis of the analysis of the results of the test runs.

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