Mental Health In The Medical World

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Mental Health In The Medical World
What can be done?
All hands must be on deck to stem the pandemic of mental health among Nigerian Students.
Interactive sessions should be organized by medical schools.First year students should take part in interactive lectures focusing on addressing stress, anxiety and depression.
There should be efficient peer support where students and doctors that have already been through the experience can give support to students going through these mental traumas
[7].Peers should also avoid stigmatizing them.
Moreso, students should participate in activities outside of medicine.They can engage in recreational athletics, cooking competitions ,trivia and games.We shouldn't lose our humanity because we want to be doctors; Rather, we should maintain personal relationships and make physical health a priority[8].
Most importantly,the best thing to do is to seek professional help[1].Share your burden with the right one and save yourself from silent suffering.For heaven helps those who help themselves!

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