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This is heads up number 1 for acoustic SIMOPS

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This is heads up number 1 for acoustic SIMOPS.
- Operations Group Members This group can keep the team informed about possible activities and vessels that will be working in the filed or near the platforms/rigs.
- Construction Group Members This group is responsible for keeping the team members informed about upcoming construction activities and can let the group know which contractors maybe chosen or bid for this work.
- Regulatory Group Members This group can research with the MMS to see if there are other long term operations planned for the area or short term operations which may happen before project start.
GIS / Survey Group Members This group can create maps illustrating what hazards / structures may exist on the seafloor. From this meetings, afield schedule (Gantt chart type, such as Table 1, should be created illustrating what activities maybe happening at what time (at a high level, along with assigning each possible
SIMOPS identified a number or name (tag, and each vessel/operational/task SIMOPS Hierarchy number.

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