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SIMOPS Plan Phase I
The aforementioned information should be gathered and reported, this now begins the SIMOPS formal
Plan. This data should be placed in a section called preliminary planning. As the plan moves forward,
this should not be deleted, but should be placed in the appendix as preliminary planning.

The information below this statement begins SIMOPS Plan Phase II information

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SIMOPS / Operations Planning and Communicating
DP Conference Houston October 9-10, 2007 Page

Project Pre-Construction / Construction Stage / Operations Stage
The project has now been sanction and has been passed to the construction group therefore, custody of the Vessel SIMOPS tracking and planning should be transferred to the construction/planning group. This group has to play close attention due to the fact that the construction is areal thing. It is not a pipe dream anymore and the SIMOPS possibilities become a true reality. The pre-construction/construction stage is one in the same with the exception of the kickoff meeting being the main meeting in the Pre-Construction stage. After that one meeting, for the purposes of this paper, all other meetings will be considered the construction phase. After the construction phase, this process/plan will be passed to the operations group and this usually happens towards the end of construction. Therefore, these three stages are treated as one, just because they slowly transform from one to the other. Once the construction/drilling/vessel operation contracts have been let, then an appropriate list should be made of what vessels are planned to be used and when along with all vessel specifics such assize, shape, contact numbers, number of thrusters, current DP/vessel health (since this is dynamic, etc should be made.

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