Migration Readiness Assessment (AcMceRlerAati)ng your journey to the cloud

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How to leverage your MRA results

What an MRA can be used for:

Use the MRA readout as a project kickoff day Leverage the actions listed to effectively prepare for the migration project planning Use the momentum from the MRA to create a CCOE team and assign action items to the members
Use the assessment rating to build a customized learning and certification plan

What an MRA is not:
  • A portfolio assessment of applications targeted for the Cloud

  • A measure of your progress or to be interpreted as timeline for your first migration wave
    An evaluation by AWS regarding your staff’s capabilities
    An indication of the complexity or difficulty of your migration

MRA Outcome 1 – Assessment Report

MRA Outcome 2 – Prioritized List of Actions

MRA Outcome 3 – Mobilize Phase Plan and



  • MRA Overview
  • MRA Process
  • MRA Outcomes
  • Planning your MRA for success

Planning your MRA for success

Schedule the MRA workshop and readout session
Identify participants and confirm the executive sponsor
Complete pre-workshop questionnaire
Select the workshop venue
5 Prepare for the Executive Kickoff

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Appendix Additional Material

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Proven Acceleration Methodology

The MRA agenda includes modules / activities designed from an AWS methodology proven to accelerate cloud adoption – Experience Based Acceleration (EBA).
EBA is a transformation methodology using experience to accelerate an cloud adoption. EBAs are hands-on, agile, immersive interactions that build capability and accelerate business value. EBA target outcomes:

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