Missouri-Rolla, October 21, 2001

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F.O.G.H.A.T. 2001: A Bass Odyssey

Missouri-Rolla, October 21, 2001

Packet #1: Written by Jeremy White

1. “Refried Beans”, “Quit Teasin’ Me Ed”, “Goodbye Squirrel”, “Hip Hop and Honky Tonk”, “Everybody’s Free (To Get Sunburned)”, “She’s Got a Butt Bigger Than the Beatles”, “First Redneck on the Internet” and “Did I Shave My Back for This” are songs appearing on his albums like I Stoled This Record. For ten points, name this country novelty artist who is “no relation” and who sang “If Shania Was Mine”.
Cledus T. _Judd_

2. A recently reunited mother and daughter anger a woman selling squirrels at a roadside stand. An NFL referee who blew a coin toss in Dallas drives a bus full of Lucille Ball impersonators. The Pear family and the Cody brothers are among the other competitors who won a gold coin from a slot machine that sends them on a larger adventure. For ten points, name this Jerry Zucker film with an ensemble cast in which casino patrons are sent on a race to find two million dollars in the desert.

_Rat Race_

3. His more memorable statements include "If you're not allowed to put a squirrel in your locker, there should be a sign” and “Two guys as your parents? That house has to be a dude's paradise!” His recent misadventures include taking a cooking class, attempting to hide an injury incurred while riding a mini-bike and being beaten by a girl wrestler. For ten points, name this character played by Justin Berfield, the bullying older brother of Malcolm in the Middle.

_Reese_ Wilkerson

4. Founded by the Stamper brothers in 1986, this company’s recent game developments include the foul-mouthed squirrel game Conker’s Bad Fur Day, essentially a retread of Banjo-Kazooie, and StarFox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet. For ten points, name these video game developers who created the biggest 16-bit title of all time, Donkey Kong Country, and groundbreaking 64-bit titles like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

_Rare_ Ltd.

5. Seeing an albino squirrel in March of 2001 convinced the coach of this school’s men’s basketball team that they would defeat Notre Dame in the first round of March Madness. Even with a good game from Atlantic 10 player of the year David West, this team lost so the squirrel omen must have instead referred to Skip Prosser’s subsequent departure to Wake Forest. For ten points, name this university and home of the Cintas Center that recently hired Thad Matta as head coach of the Musketeers.

_Xavier_ University

6. In 2000, infamous Seattle music parodists The Squirrels released a full-length parody of this entire album. The parody version turned the heartbeat prior to “Speak to Me” into a rhythmic hiccup, featured a male singer butchering the wordless wails on “The Great Gig in the Sky” because “the girl didn’t show up” and turned “Brain Damage” into a bluegrass song. For ten points, name this legendary concept album featuring “Breathe”, “Us and Them”, “Money” and six other tracks by Pink Floyd.

_Dark Side of the Moon_

7. Her film work in 2001 included providing the voice of the squirrel in Dr. Dolittle 2 and playing a college professor in Harvard Man. Fans of Married with Children remember her as the actress who played the woman with whom Bud lost his virginity and Dazed and Confused aficionados remember her as Randall Floyd’s girlfriend Simone. For ten points, name this actress who briefly appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back playing her most famous role, that of Alyssa Jones in Chasing Amy.

Joey Lauren _Adams_

8. Major Jet, Robo-Squirrel, E.T., Kaboom, S’morcerer, Baron Von RedBerry, Pac-Man, Strawberry Shortcake, Cheeri O’Leary, Fruit Brute and Buzz Bee. For ten points, the aforementioned have all appeared on boxes of cereal produced by this company that also makes the character-oriented cereals Trix, Lucky Charms and Count Chocula.

_General Mills_

9. Based on an idea by Laung Sukhumnnaipradit (pr. Soo-koom-nie-pra-dit), the first of these were held in Bangkok in 1959. Si Tumas the squirrel and a flame logo were the official symbols of the twenty-first installment held in September 2001 in Kuala Lumpur. This year ten nations, including Vietnam, Brunei and host Malaysia competed in thirty-two sports and 391 events. For ten points, name these mini-Olympics of Southeast Asia.

_SEA Games_ or _SEAP Games_ (original, now defunct name but accept it anyway)

10. A surfer squirrel named Sandy Cheeks is the apple of his eye and the only thing he likes more than his job at the Krusty Krab where he works with Squidward Tentacles. This Bikini Bottom resident is best friends with Patrick Star, a not-so-bright starfish. For ten points, name this sea-dwelling title character of a Nickelodeon animated series whose name comes in part from his body shape.

_SpongeBob SquarePants_

11. The clock on their fifteen minutes of fame began ticking when their song “Break” was featured on the Lookout Records Can of Pork compilation CD. Originals like “Squirrel Happy” and “Childhood Games” and covers of “Kids in America” and the Power Rangers theme song highlighted their debut album J. D. Salinger. For ten points, name this now defunct punk band whose name is a play on the name of a celebrity and whose work was recently celebrated in the appropriately entitled compilation How to Make An American Quilt.

_Wynona Riders_

12. In this 1962 release, Commander James L. Brandon leads a joint US-Japanese installation on an island named Kunish Hirsoshima. The team is conducting desalination experiments on a salt lake when the warnings of local villagers come true and Obaki, a monster looking alternately like a giant squirrel or a lizard comes from the depths to wreak havoc in Tokyo. For ten points, name this Americanized re-edit of the Japanese monster film Daikaiju Baran.

_Varan the Unbelievable_

13. Growing up amidst suburban life in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh was a major inspiration for this series according to co-creator Jon Beckerman, a former head-writer for David Letterman. Originally the one-hour pilot was called “Stuckeyville”, but the name was changed to that of the main character who frequently makes a stupid bet with best friend Mike, like who can meow loud enough to get an old man’s attention. For ten points, name this series in which the title character played by Tom Cavanagh is a big-city lawyer who moves back home to buy a bowling alley.

14. The squirrel is more beloved than the rat. Joe Friday and Shaft were both masters of the shakedown but Friday never ended an episode in a hot tub with beautiful women. If Frankenstein’s creation had been better looking, villagers would not have killed the monster. No one ever says check out the morals on that guy. For ten points, the aforementioned observations were used in television commercials by this company to sell its cars including the Galant, 3000 GT and the Eclipse.

15. The Sporting News’ Dan Pompei described him as “too fearless, like a squirrel that keeps crossing a highway in rush hour” and backed up the assessment by citing his 2000 ratio of 24 sacks to only 240 pass attempts. His 101.8 quarterback rating in 2000 might have looked solid enough to justify trading away the 12th pick in the draft, but then again he was only 2-3 as a starter for a playoff team during an injury to Kurt Warner. For ten points, name this quarterback who was traded from the Rams to become starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Trent _Green_

16. His first television gig was as the host of Squirrel’s Nest, a wacky afternoon show on WOW-TV in Omaha, Nebraska. His first network prime-time job was as host of the short-lived game show Earn Your Vacation and he got even more exposure when as a writer for Red Skelton, he became a substitute host. He later started substituting for temperamental host Jack Paar. For ten points, name this comedian who on October 1, 1962 became the regular host of NBC’s Tonight Show.

Johnny _Carson_

17. Ever since being forced to kill squirrels as a very young child, Alex was trained to be a contract killer by stern father Michael played by Donald Sutherland. Now Alex desires to leave the family business and goes to see a psychiatrist, played by John Ritter, at whose office Alex meets sexy young patient Sarah, played by Neve Campbell. For ten points, name this Henry Brommel film starring William H. Macy as a tortured hit man.

18. While playing for this team in 1949, Roy “Squirrel” Sievers was named the first American League Rookie of the Year. Hall-of-Famer George Sisler is probably the greatest player closely associated with this team, although Rogers Hornsby finished his playing career as a player/manager for them in the 1930s. This team’s greatest highlight occurred in 1944 when Luke Sewell managed them to an unexpected pennant that caused a “streetcar series” held entirely in Sportsman’s Park. For ten points, name this perennially awful team that left the Midwest to become the Baltimore Orioles.
St. Louis _Browns_

19. Amabella Tidler, Babbity Bumble, Farmer Potatoes, Diggory Delvet, Mrs. Thomasina Tittlemouse, Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddle-duck, Flopsy, Mopsy and Topsy. For ten points, the preceding list are all examples of characters found in the stories of this author, the creator of Peter Rabbit.

Beatrix _Potter_

20. This band was born when folk trio The Beefeaters added former Scottsville Squirrel Barkers member Chris Hillman on bass and Michael Clarke on drums. Although the original quintet reunited for a self-titled album in 1973, they began to go separate ways when primary songwriter Gene Clark left due to a fear of flying, ironically after the release of their single “Eight Miles High.” For ten points, name this band oft credited with inventing folk rock with their #1 hit cover of Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man.”

_The Byrds_

21. Graduates of his education program included a girl who liked squirrels, someone who realized it was okay to play with dolls, Mr. Exciting and Sarcastro. The alien Thrakozorg, El Seed and Chairface Chippendale are some of the villains he thwarted in The City. For ten points, name this superhero who battled crime with the help of a capybara named Speak and a sidekick named Arthur.

The _Tick_
FOGHAT 2001: A Bass Odyssey

Packet #1: Written by Jeremy White


1. Given a description of the action in a comic strip printed in the August 29, 2001 Chicago Tribune, name it for ten points each. If you need the name of the creator, you will receive five points.
a. 10 pts - Riley asks Huey to sign a get-well card for Bobby Brown. Huey writes “Why don’t you and Whitney stop before someone gets seriously hurt?”
5 pts – Aaron McGruder
b. 10 pts – Raoul Duke tells the buyer in an illicit stem cell sale that the odd color of the nutrient media is due to the fact that the media is beer.
5 pts – Garry Trudeau
c. 10 pts – A fourth grade girl attempts to turn a pigeon into a squirrel by gluing on a furry tail and Popsicle stick teeth.
5 pts – Tony Cochrane

2. Given the name of a classic album of 80s hardcore alternative music, name the band that gave it to the world for ten points each.

a. Zen Arcade
_Husker Du_
b. Skag Heaven
_Squirrel Bait_
c. You’re Living All Over Me
_Dinosaur Jr._

3. Sometimes good TV shows get cancelled and sometimes good TV shows within TV shows get cancelled. You’ll receive fifteen points each if you can name a famous sitcom given the name of a fictional children’s television program that was cancelled during an episode of that real sitcom. If you need a little more description of the plotline that involved that show-within-a-show, you will receive ten points.

a. 15 pts – Pirate Pete

10 pts – Pirate Pete is cancelled by WPIV after Dick Loudon fills in for a couple of shows and is aghast at the commercialism of the host.

b. 15 pts – The Sandy Squirrel Show

10 pts – Sandy Squirrel was set to be cancelled but is kept on the air because of the intervention of the Boy Scouts of Manhattan under the urging of Arnold Drummond.

_Diff’rent Strokes_

4. Answer these questions about Major League Baseball Gold Glove Award winners for the 2000 season for ten points each.

a. This American League team pulled off the amazing feat of having all three members of the right side of their infield win Gold Gloves in 2000, namely Roberto Alomar, Omar Vizquel and Travis Fryman.
_Cleveland_ and/or _Indians_
b. This shortstop was derisively nicknamed “the Squirrel” by the Denver Baseball Observer while on his way to winning a National League Gold Glove for the Rockies. Subsequently he has been traded to the Kansas City Royals.
Neifi _Perez_
c. Finally, name the former Royals outfielder and 2000 Gold Glove winner who went to Oakland as part of the three-way-deal by which Neifi Perez was traded.
Jermaine _Dye_

5. Identify the film from clues 30-20-10-5-1 for ten points each.

30. The MPAA’s comments on the R rating it gave to this film cite “non-stop sexuality, including sex-related dialogue and crude humor, and strong language.” Its soundtrack features Squirrel’s “Let Me See You Squirrel” and a Johnny Gill and Coco duet of the Rick James composition “Fire and Desire.”
20. Lysterine, spelled with a “y”, is the major female character who is turned on when her partner performs impressions of Jesse Jackson. A memorable scene involves a man trying to take a condom away from a dog.
10. The action begins with a double date involving Rushon and steady girlfriend Nikki (portrayed by Tamala Jones) and Bunz and the aforementioned Lysterine (portrayed by Vivica A. Fox).
5. The two male leads are played by Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson.
1. Ironically, this film’s lengthy soundtrack album does not include any selections from the Fast Eddie album Booty Call.
_Booty Call_

6. A wise man once noted that it is better to look like a squirrel than to freeze ones nuts off. In that spirit, identify these makers and/or sellers of warm outerwear from a description for ten points each.

a. This company founded in 1966 at a store on San Francisco’s North Beach is a manufacturer of various high performance mountaineering clothing…and trendy yuppie winterwear…including the “Mountain Jacket” and the TekWare line.
_North Face_
b. This outerwear company named for a South America region sells the trademarked Regulator “soft shell” layering system.
c. This company is the largest retailer of coats in the world and apparently has not been slowed much by the December 1998 revelation that they were selling a line of coats containing “Mongolian Dog Hair.”
_Burlington Coat Factory_

7. Answer these questions about the masters of some not so frequently played musical instruments.

a. This steel guitar specialist interpreted the Beatles on the album Steelin’ the Beatles and his most recent release of original steel guitar melodies is entitled Strong Like Bull…But Sensitive Like Squirrel.
Joe _Goldmark_
b. This Romanian hit #4 in the U.K. with his “Doina De Jale” and is—according to television commercials—the master of the pan flue.
c. Moscow-born Lydia Kavina is one of the very few professional players of this instrument. Kavina is also the last to have studied under the instrument’s inventor, a Russian physicist who created it in 1920.

8. When she’s not doing Gap ads, Juliette Lewis seems drawn to films drenched in violence. For ten points each, given a description of a violent scene, name the film featuring Juliette Lewis in which you would find that scene.

a. A woman gives birth via C-section in the midst of a shootout in a Mexican whorehouse.
The _Way of the Gun_
b. Mickey and Mallory fire shotguns at American Maniacs host Wayne Gale.
_Natural Born Killers_
c. A crazed squirrel propels itself from a Christmas tree and causes mayhem in the Griswold household.
_Christmas Vacation_

9. Given a plot summary of an episode of a series that airs in primetime of the Fox Family Channel, name the series for ten points each.

a. Hannah Rayburn remembers how after moving to North Carolina that she longed for the seemingly independent life of her new best friend, but Hannah changes her mind when her friend’s mother Tattie McKee shows up and springs her from boarding school.
_State of Grace_
b. Host Mitch Pileggi reveals the true facts about an investigation of a UFO sighting.
_Exploring the Unknown_
c. Kim hits something and drives off thinking it only a squirrel, but later learns it was Millie’s dog. Kim feels bad and starts to hang out with Millie. Lindsay tries to separate Kim from Millie and thereby misses the Who concert. Mrs. Haverchuck stuns Bill by telling him she has been dating Coach Fredericks.
_Freaks and Geeks_

10. Yes, they still exist. Identify these players in the NBA whose height is less than six feet from a description for ten points each.

a. This 5 foot 5 inch guard earned the nickname “Earl the Squirrel” at Eastern Michigan. After leaving there in ’98 he has played backup point guard with Cleveland, Orlando and currently the LA Clippers.
Earl _Boykins_
b. Both the shortest and most venerable of NBA short guys, this 36-year-old 5 foot 3 inch point guard is currently with the Mavericks and is still the career leader in assists and steals for the Charlotte Hornets.
Tyrone “Mugsy” _Bogues_
Arguably the best NBA player in the under six feet category at this time is this five foot ten inch former Arizona guard who was the only TrailBlazer to start all 82 games in the 2000-2001 season.
Damon _Stoudamire_

11. Every once and a while an author comes along and writes a mystery novel that brings to life the gritty and dark world of…art collecting. Identify these authors of the following novels about art collecting.

a. This mystery legend wrote the most famous example of an art collector related mystery, The Maltese Falcon.
Dashiell _Hammett_
b. Boston art collector Fred Taylor’s adventures are chronicled in Man With a Squirrel and Harmony in Flesh and Black, novels by what authtor?
Nicholas _Kilmer_
c. This novelist has written a series of mysteries about art historian Vicky Bliss who searches for lost works and ends up solving mysteries in novels like Borrower of the Night and Trojan Gold.
Elizabeth _Peters_

12. From time to time musicians come together to raise money for important causes. A notable example of this occurred on September 29, 2000 when drawings were auctioned off by various British celebrities to raise money to help the endangered red squirrel. Identify these musicians who contributed squirrel sketches from a description of some of their musical adventures in the animal kingdom for ten points each.

a. This musician contributed a serviceable drawing of a pink squirrel to the auction. His musical forays into the animal kingdom include naming two compositions—“Martha My Dear” and “Jet”—after family dogs.
Sir Paul _McCartney_
b. This highly accomplished visual artist originally hailing from Australia is still best known for his demented musical trip into the animal kingdom, the song “Tie My Kangaroo Down.”
Rolf _Harris_
c. This singer drew a squirrel even though he is thought of more as a “Honky Cat.”
Elton _John_

13. Sure, they may not have been as exciting as EDS’s Running of the Squirrels commercial or the Pepsi Britney Spears extravaganza, but there were some great plays in Super Bowl 35. Answer these questions about some of them for ten points each.

a. Baltimore got on the board first when quarterback Trent Dilfer completed a 38-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Stokely, who dragged what Giants cornerback into the end zone?
Jason _Sehorn_
b. In a way, Kyle Richardson and Brad Maynard seemed to be the true stars of the game as they shattered a Super Bowl record by combining for 21 of these.
c. The only major highlight for the Giants (aside from the punting, of course) occurred when 18-seconds after the Ravens took a 17-0 lead, this rookie returned a kick-off for a 97-yard touchdown return.
Ron _Dixon_

14. Jeremy’s friend and former roommate Rob Wright recently took a trip to England for three weeks. Jeremy was delighted that Rob returned with stories and pictures relating to various trashy entities. Answer these questions about television-related items from Rob’s trip.

a. Jeremy was most impressed when Rob brought back a picture of his toy squirrel, Ratatosk, standing in front of a statue of Lord Palmerston. In the picture Ratatosk holds a sign in his hand reading “Pitt the Elder.” This gag picture is a reference to a Simpsons episode, specifically the one in which Barney Gumble beat up what baseball player?
Wade _Boggs_
b. One of Rob’s tours took him past the Gleneagles Hotel building that once temporarily housed the members of Monty Python troupe and subsequently inspired what classic BBC comedy series.
_Fawlty Towers_
c. Rob brought back a CD of some British comedy, one of which includes a bit on career counseling involving Pualine of Job Seekers who is just one of the characters on this series covering the demented and xenophobic town of Royston Vasey.
The _League of Gentlemen_

15. Identify these groups who have released or will release new albums in October of 2001 for ten points each.

a. This singer’s long-awaited album Invincible is slated to be available October 30th.
Michael _Jackson_
b. This rapper’s new album, The Great Depression, was delayed a month by Def Jam and moved to an October 23rd release.
c. This band, a side project of Squirrel Nut Zippers front man James Mathus, released their second album, National Antiseptic on October 16th.
The _Knockdown Society_ or _James Mathus and His Knockdown Society_

16. For ten points each, identify these restaurant chains that just so happen to use the Squirrel point-of-sale data management system.

a. This chain founded in Minnesota has made a Declaration of Salsafication. According to an SNL sketch, Bush and Gore met here to discuss bipartisanship after the election.
b. This direct competitor of Chi Chis battles the Declaration of Salsafication with their six-point Fresh Mex pledge.
c. This Kansas City centered chain’s website proclaims these restaurants to be “Always Tasteful” and displays a constantly updated countdown to St. Patrick’s Day. They list their signature dishes as Caramel Nut Crunch Pie and Herb Cheese Stuffed Shrooms.

17. Whoopi Goldberg played a judge in last year’s feel good moose and squirrel vehicle, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. At this point in the round, that’s plenty to make her the subject of a three-part bonus. Given the name of a character played by Whoopi Goldberg’s in a film, name the film for ten points each.

a. Death
b. Nurse Valerie
_Girl Interrupted_
c. Detective Candy Williams
The _Deep End of the Ocean_

18. Given the names of some notable golf courses, name the state in which you would find them for ten points each.

a. Pine Valley Golf Club, Cape May National Golf Club
_New Jersey_
b. Pebble Beach Spyglass Hill, Jack Nicklaus Tournament Course at PGA West
c. Black Squirrel, Brickyard Crossing

19. On a 30-20-10-1 basis, name this film and television actor from information about his various appearances.

30. In 1999, he injured his hand when his dog chased a squirrel on a sidewalk in Toronto. He was in town playing the title role in the TV movie Mr. Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Alan Freed Story.
20. He took the job playing Freed after leaving the sitcom, Suddenly Susan. On Suddenly Susan, he had played Brooke Shields’ boss for three seasons.
10. He is still best remembered as the brat packer who played the dope smoking detention dweller in The Breakfast Club and Ally Sheedy’s philandering boyfriend in St. Elmo’s Fire.
1. He played himself, Judd Nelson, in the film Far Out Man.
Judd _Nelson_

20. Identify these airlines from recent screw-ups for ten points each.

a. This airline came under fire when 11-year-old Aunnalise Woods, who was supposed to fly to Detroit via a connection in Phoenix, was mistakenly led by airline employees to Orlando, then to Las Vegas and finally home to Detroit.
_America West_
b. This Dutch airline was fined the equivalent of fourteen thousand dollars for loading Chinese ground squirrels without proper papers. The squirrels could not be unloaded in Greece or returned to China due to the insufficient documentation and they were shredded according to the report.
c. The Department of Transportation is recommending a 3-million-dollar fine be levied against this St. Paul, Minnesota based airline for allegedly discriminating against disabled customers on several occasions. Hey, at least the pilots weren’t liquored up this time.
_Northwest_ Airlines

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