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Andrew P. Nimmo
Where known, at the end of each citation, I have provided references to abstracting organs which make reference to the paper. Print versions of these are no longer available to me at the University of Alberta - only the electronic. Zoological Record appears to be the only one which supplies volume number. Otherwise I can give only accession numbers (an) in case these may be of use in searching out abstracts of papers. The abstracting organs are: BA [Biological Abstracts]; AAan [ASFA Aquaculture Abstracts]; ABAan [Animal Behavior Abstracts]; APEQan [Aquatic Pollution & Environmental Quality Abstracts]; Aqua.Aan [Aqualine Abstracts]; ASFA 1, 2, & 3 an [Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts]; CAan [Chemical Abstracts]; EAan [Entomology Abstracts]; EcolAan [Ecological Abstracts]; GAan [Genetics Abstracts]; MA(C)an [Microbiology Abstracts (C)]; OAan [Oceanic Abstracts]; PAan [Pollution Abstracts]; TAan [Toxicology Abstracts]; WRAan [Water Resources Abstracts]; ZRan [Zoological Record]; TN [Trichoptera Newsletter, now Braueria]. BRI(BA/RRM) is no longer available to me in any form.
Some authors with more than one initial may use, or not, the extra initials. Such initials, where omitted by the author in some papers, are given in square brackets thus [A.]. All papers by a particular author are grouped together in the list as if all initials were given in all papers. Where author names are given in square brackets, thus [ ... ], the name is not given in the publication, but is known to me.
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