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Test on Nouns
Part A: Identification of Nouns

Directions: Which of the underlined words is NOT a noun? Write the letter of that word in the blank.

________ 1. Mrs. Nelson has been teaching English for thirty years.

________ 2. Anna, a girl in my class, swims well and is an accomplished boater.

________ 3. The twins, Paige and Leslie, look alike but are quite different in their temperaments.

________ 4. Bill is taking a course in film making at Northeastern University.

________ 5. Is the car in the driveway a Toyota or a Mazda?


Part B: Common and Proper Nouns

Directions: Which underlined noun is proper? Write the letter in the blank for the proper noun in each

sentence. There is only one per sentence. Notice that all the words are capitalized so that

capitalization won’t give away the answer.
________ 6. Ancient Egyptians thought making Mummies was an important Job.

________ 7. Mummification preserved the body, which was dried in a special Salt called Natron

________ 8. King Tut was buried in an elaborate Tomb, with many other ornately carved Coffins.


Part C: Abstract and Concrete Nouns

Directions: In the blank, label each noun as either abstract (A) or concrete (C).

________ 9. mountain ________ 12. patience
________ 10. courage ________ 13. happiness
________ 11. balloon ________ 14. music

Part D: Compound Nouns

Directions: Write the compound noun from each sentence in the blanks. There is only one per sentence.

_________________________ 15. My grandfather worked as a farmer all of his life.
_________________________ 16. I collect poems and music boxes.
_________________________ 17. Mr. Harris left his book at home.
_________________________ 18. My sister enjoys riding the merry-go-round at the fair.

Part E: Collective Nouns

Directions: Write the collective noun from each sentence in the blanks. There is only one per sentence.

________________________ 19. Amanda belongs to a club for senior citizens.
________________________ 20. A colony of fire ants has built its nest in our backyard.
________________________ 21. Officials hoped the troop would find the lost soldier.
________________________ 22. While scuba diving, I saw a school of fish swim by.
________________________ 23. The Atlanta Braves is my favorite baseball team.

Part F: Fill in the Blank

Directions: Fill in the blank with the kind of noun asked for in parentheses.

24. The ____________________ meets today at noon. (common, collective)
25. The preacher practices ___________________________. (common, abstract)
26. I collect _____________________________. (common, compound)
27. My favorite place to shop is _________________________________. (proper, compound)

Part G: Differentiation of Contractions, Possessions, and Plurals

Directions: Write the letter in the blank for the term that identifies the underlined word in each sentence.

(A) contraction (C) singular possessive

(B) plural noun (D) plural possessive

________ 28. Annie’s favorite thing about camping is getting to roast marshmallows over the fire.
________ 29. It’s fun to swing in hammocks, fly fish, and sing camp songs.
________ 30. Pam buys her great-aunts’ birthday presents at the mall.
________ 31. My brothers hope to get a trampoline for Christmas.
Part H: Possessive Nouns Directions: Write the possessive form of each of the following nouns in the blanks.
Example: ____baby’s________________________ the (baby) pacifier
_________________________________ 32. my (grandmother) quilt
_________________________________ 33. the (churches) steeples
_________________________________ 34. the (class) pet
_________________________________ 35. the (children) toys
_________________________________ 36. the (thieves) handcuffs
_________________________________ 37. our (mothers-in-law) purses

Part I: Appositives

Directions: Which sentence in each group has an appositive in it? Write the letter of that sentence in the blank.

________ 38. (A) On Sunday every family brought a special dish to share.

  1. I took lasagna, a popular Italian dish.

________ 39. (A) Pita, thin bread, was stacked on a platter.

  1. Tacos, which are my favorite Mexican meal, were brought by Lisa.

________ 40. (A) Our Japanese neighbors served tempura on a large platter.

________ 41. Our Italian neighbors provided antipasto, delicious appetizers.
________ 42. Our friends from Greece brought lamb shish kebabs.
________ 43. Tandori, a special cooking method, is used in India.

Part J: Review of all Nouns

Directions: Select the letter of the term that best identifies the underlined word in each sentence.

  1. proper noun (C) collective noun (E) compound noun (G) common noun

  2. possessive noun (D) abstract noun (F) appositive

________ 44. Mimes, entertainers who don’t talk, have to use body language and facial expression.

________ 45. The mime’s routine was quite funny.
________ 46. First she mimed an inept daredevil crashing into a brick wall.
________ 47. The audience laughed at the look on her face.
________ 48. The mime pounded the wall in frustration.
________ 49. Next, she climbed over an imaginary wall, skipped over to Charles, and hugged him.
________ 50. She ended the show by pretending to be trapped in a box.

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