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MY projecty
The challenge for improvement in processing automated student information system, as manual is cumbersome, monotonous, and not easily secured. Looking at the current situation now in the university were student’s information are being processed manually, which take so long before is being processed as am writing this most of the student’s information form can easily tear, wet and even lost. If there is a technology that will improve and prevent this to happen, then there are loopholes to work around the technology to breach it. So automated information system is the key to this problem
This study is aimed at designing a database system that keeps students information with particular reference to college of natural and applied sciences, Katsina University Katsina.
The database is to achieve the following specific objective.

  1. To store and retrieved students information when ever needed in a convenient and effective manner.

  2. To allow manipulations by making the database flexible to accommodate new changes.

  3. To issue security by preventing unauthorized users.

  4. To restore data to its initial state whenever there is any failure.

The project/research work is strictly focusing attention on finding an easy way of automating the student information and grades very effective. Thus, the scope of the project covers the student information including their examination result in college of natural and applied sciences, Katsina University, Katsina.
Whenever a design of this system nature is conducted, certain circumstances beyond the control of the designer are bound to come up. Some of the limitations in the design of the database include the following among others:

  1. Owing to the size of Katsina University, Katsina, the number of faculties, departments and the tremendous growth of students, I limited myself within the college of natural applied Sciences and its various departments.

  2. Secondly, database systems vary. Some complex whiles others simple. Due to time and financial constraints, my design only includes students’ particular information and grades.

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