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Information system means system that collects the data from a self contained organizational unit into a database. A set of people, procedures, and resources that collect, transforms and disseminates information in an organization. Data are said to be raw facts. They can simply be values or set of values. On the other hand, data can be defined as record of events that have taken place or are yet to take place. These records could be about individual or an organization which can be used to derive information from. Dictionary of information technology

Data can be stored in various ways. This may include the use of files, folders in computer system or removable devices such as CD ROMs, Flash Drives, and Diskettes etc. There is also the storage of data on paper, even though the letter has some drawbacks. When it comes to data retrieval one has to go through all files to find the needed one which is time consuming, easily destructed and less secured. Due to the above drawbacks, the need for a database system arises that does the storage and retrieval of information without undergoing much difficulty, such a system is a database management system.

A database management system can be defined as complex software that is used to construct and maintain a database in the computer. It also manages an organizational database. Managing involves the storage, retrieval, access, and securing of information. The collection of data, usually referred to as database is an organized way of arranging data in a structured format for easy access by the system. Microsoft Encarta (2009).

Saminu (2008), the primary goal of a Database management system is to provide a way for storage and retrieval of data in a convenient and most effective way. The main reason for using this system is to have control of both the data and the program that access those data.

These systems are applicable in almost all our day to day activities such as banking, airline reservation, sales telecommunication, keeping students information, etc.

Database form an essential part of all most all enterprises today. Its use grew over the last four decades. It is noticed that in the early days very few people interact with database system directly. Others do it indirectly without realizing e.g. through printed reports, airlines reservation, bankers tellers, etc.

The introduction of the automated teller machine, phone interfaces allowed users to interact directly with database systems.

Moreover, the evolution of internet also increases direct access to database which gives room for so many enterprises to convert from phone interface to web interfaces hence making the availability of services and information on line so that users can have access directly to the database.

A database Administrator (D B A) is a computer professional whose responsibilities are to create and manage a database.

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