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(source: NRL)

Naming of Hurricane: hurricanes are named alphabetically, starting with letter A and continuing up to the letter W for each hurricane season. The World Meteorological Organization (WMP) has created several lists of names for tropical storms over each of the oceans. Notable hurricanes can have their names “retired” by the WMO if an affected nation requests the removal of that name from the list, such as Andrew and Camille. Naming of tropical storm started during World War II using female names only. After 1979, male names were added to the list, alternating with their female counterparts. To see the list of names for all the tropical oceans see:
A good source of information and maps on the history of hurricane in United States, including U.S. hurricane climatology, see
For information on the storm that the novel and movie Perfect Storm was based, see:
An archive of storm tracks in the North Atlantic from 1886-2002: shows historic tracks of U.S. hurricanes.
The Historical Hurricane Tracks tool allows users to query, plot and display 150 years of data from the National Hurricane Center’s Tropical Cyclone Best Track data set.

(source: National Hurricane Center, NOAA)

Hurricane Lesson Plans, Training Exercises and Activities
Hurricane Strikes is a learning activity with lesson plans on hurricane science and safety for primarily middle schools.
Hurricane Canadian Style is a webcast based on a presentation delivered by Jim Abraham of MSC at the Winter Weather Course in February 2001. The presentation discusses how, under the right synoptic conditions, hurricanes and tropical storms undergo a transition process to extratropical cyclones as they move into northern latitudes.
Multimedia Case Study: Hurricane Erin, 1-4 August 1995 is a module that discusses tropical meteorology, tropical cyclone structure and dynamics, tropical cyclone movement and evolution, or various techniques for forecasting tropical cyclone track and intensity.

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