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Timothy Scheie

  1. Associate Professor of French

Timothy Scheie has taught at the Eastman School of Music since 1994, and was named chair of the Humanities department in 2005. He is an Associate Professor of French with a focus on French language and literature, but his teaching and research interests are diverse and include performance theory, literary theory, cultural studies, American theater, and film.

The question that preoccupies Professor Scheie in his current research is the meaning of live performance and of a performer’s presence in our age of media. His most recent major publication is a book-length study Performance Degree Zero: Roland Barthes and Theatre (University of Toronto Press, 2006), in which he examines how anxiety over the performing body unsettles the thought of French writer and critic Roland Barthes. Other representative publications include studies of nationalism, French state theaters, controversial representations of gay and Jewish identities in recent productions of The Boys in the Band and The Merchant of Venice, photography, and the theater of francophone author Aimé Césaire. His work has appeared in French Forum, College Literature, Theatre Journal, Modern Drama, Text and Performance Quarterly, Essays in Theatre / Etudes théâtrales, and a number of recent anthologies. He also presents his work regularly at national and international conferences. His research has been supported by numerous grants, fellowships, and residencies: as a Visiting National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Fellow at Princeton University (2002) and at Northwestern University (1995), guest artist at Guilford College (1996), Bridging Fellow at the University of Rochester (1998), and Markham Post-Doctoral Fellow (1992-93), among other awards.

At Eastman, Professor Scheie oversees and teaches French language courses, drawing on his prior experience as supervisor of the elementary language curriculum at the University of Oregon (1993-94), and his training in language acquisition methodologies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he was an award-winning instructor. For 12 years he has also worked as a faculty consultant to the Advanced Placement French program, and regularly reviews manuscripts by textbook publishers. He brings his interest and expertise in language acquisition to the Eastman curriculum by designing, teaching, and administering courses that meet the needs of music students. He also draws on his diverse interests to teach electives on a range of topics: in addition to advanced French film and literature courses, a history of the Hollywood film industry, a survey of recent American theater, an introduction to performance theory, and a film genre course on westerns.

Professor Scheie has translated, acted in, and directed numerous plays in English and French. At Eastman he has served on the Phi Beta Kappa executive committee, played with the gamelan Lila Muni, sung with the Capella Antiqua, and advised Fulbright applicants. He received a Bachelor of Arts in French at St. Olaf College, where he studied voice for four years and performed with the college’s choir in Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, the Kennedy Center, and under the direction of Sir Neville Marriner and Robert Shaw. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison he received a Master of Arts Degree in French in 1997 and a PhD in 1992. He has also studied through the Istituto Per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy, Columbia University’s Graduate Research Institute in Paris, and the Faculté des lettres in Avignon, France. He has previously taught at the Institut d’études francaises d’Avignon (Bryn Mawr College), the University of Oregon, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and French middle schools.

National Association of Schools of Music


(Required for each full-time and part-time faculty member)

Institution Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

Name Steingröver, Reinhild Date June 30, 2012

Rank (check one): None Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor

Instructor Teaching Assistant Other (check “None” if no rank system exists)

Tenure Status Tenured Tenure-track Non-tenured

Date of Appointment 1 July 2000

Nature of Assignment: Full-Time Part-Time – please indicate the fraction (e.g., ½, ¼, etc.)

Level of Teaching (check all that apply): Non-Degree-Granting – Elementary/Secondary Non-Degree-Granting – Postsecondary

Associate Baccalaureate Masters Doctoral

Administrative Position (if applicable): Chair: Humanities Department

  1. Education and Training

Degrees, Diplomas, etc. InstitutionDate Completed

or ExpectedMajor FieldGrundstudiumsabschulB (B.A. Equivalent)John F. Kennedy Institute for Amer. Studies, Free Unive., Berlin, Germany1990American StudiesMaster of ArtsSUNY, Buffalo1991Amer. Studies, Women’s StudiesDoctor of PhilosophySUNY, Buffalo1997Modern Languages (German) & Comparative Lit.

B. Teaching Assignment

Please supply the following for lecture or ensemble courses you teach regularly over a three-year period. Include non-credit courses.

Course Number and TitleHours Credit

Per TermClock Hours of

Teaching Per WeekFall: GER 281/FS 281: German Film after 194534 hrs. 10 min.Fall: GER 111/111G: Intermediate German I3 or 12 hrs. 30 min.Fall: FS 281: Avant-Garde Film32 hrs. 30 min.Fall: FS 254: Documentary Film34 hrs. 10 min.Spr: GER 101/101G: Elementary German I 3 or 12 hrs. 30 min.Spr: GER 112/112G: Intermediate German II3 or 12 hrs. 30 min.Spr: GER 282/FS 282: Introduction to German Film34 hrs. 10 min.Spr: GER 282: German Romantic Poetry32 hrs. 30 min.

  1. Biography and Curriculum Vitae

  2. Biography on reverse side of this sheet.

  3. Curriculum Vitae available on site.

NASM Faculty Record Report Eastman School of Music 2012

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