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ENG223 Discourse Analysis
Course Aims

This course has twenty-one study units and each of these units has its objectives. You should ensure that you study the objectives of each unit, so that they can serve as guides as you go through the units. The general aims of this course are

(i) to introduce you to the study of discourse ii) to familiarize you with the major concepts in Discourse Analysis iii) to help you to understand the relationship between discourse and the social world iv) to show you the basic principles that guide human conversation v) to show how cultural and general norms for human behaviour help to shape discourse
Course Objectives

Following the aims outlined above, some objectives for this course are set out below. These are the things you are expected to be able to do at the end of the study. These objectives should be able to guide you in knowing how much you have learnt and where you need to improve on your learning. By the end of this course, you should be able to

(i) describe how the spoken discourse is structured

6 ii) identify how written text is structured in terms of the information units and thematic units iii) state the resources that language users use to signify connectedness in texts iv) demonstrate the relationship between language and ideology v) describe how humans use spoken and written discourse enact power vi) discuss how language specifically relates to culture, gender, racism and conflict vii) explain how discourse relates with other disciplines, such as Sociology, Philosophy, Medicine and Literature.

Working Through the Course
In this course, you have twenty-one study units to go through. In each of the study units, you are expected to thoroughly study the contents. You are advised to pay attention to the objectives of each study unit as they will serve as your guide to knowing what is expected of you. At the appropriate points in each unit, you are assessed through Tutor Marked Assignments. You are also expected to write a final examination based on the entire course.

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