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ENG223 Discourse Analysis
Course Material

(a) Course Guide b) Study Units c) Textbooks d) Assignment Files e) Presentation Schedule
Study Units
Unit 1: Course Guide Unit 2: Discourse Analysis An Introduction

7 Unit 3: Major Concepts in Discourse Analysis Unit 4: Kinds of Discourse Unit 5: Ethnonmethodology Unit 6: Conversational Analysis Unit 7: Linguistic Anthropology Unit 8: Information Structure / Thematic Structure Unit 9: Thematic Progression Unit 10: The Birmingham School Approach Unit 11: Text Linguistics Unit 12: Grammatical Cohesion Unit 13: Lexical Cohesion Unit 14: Pragmatics An Introduction Unit 15: Speech Acts Unit 16: Grice’s Cooperative Principles Unit 17: Politeness Principles Unit 18: Critical Discourse Analysis Unit 19: Discourse in Use (Discourse and The Media) Unit 20: Discourse in Use (Discourse and Society) Unit 21: Discourse and Other Disciplines

Each unit contains a list of reference materials that you can read in addition to the study nits. These maybe textbooks, journals, websites, and so forth. These references are meant to help you enhance your better understanding of the course.
Assignment File


This file contains all the details of the work you must submit to your tutor for marks. Note that all the marks obtained in all the assignments you do will be part of the final assessment scores for you in this course.
Presentation Schedule

The presentation schedule included in your course materials help you to have an idea of the important dates for the completion of Tutor-marked Assignments and attendance of tutorials. Note that the dates for the submission of your assignments must be adhered to.

Your assessment in this course will be based on Tutor-marked Assignments
(TMAs) and the final examination, which you will write at the end of the course.

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