New Egypt High School Program of Studies

Prerequisite: Completion of core science classes and Algebra II

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Prerequisite: Completion of core science classes and Algebra II.

This course is an introductory Engineering and Robotics class. It teaches students to apply engineering principles and practices to design, construct, program, and operate a mobile robot.  Students will acquire the skills needed to create a robot that incorporates a variety of sensors and actuators that allow it to interact with its physical environment.  The robot will be able to perform certain autonomous tasks, as well as be controlled remotely.  Basic mechanical and electronic assembly techniques will be utilized, and basic programming skills will be taught.  A certain level of computational skills will be required to implement the algorithms that control the robot.  Algebra II, therefore, is a prerequisite for taking this course.

Requirements for Graduation: Two (2) years U.S. History, one (1) year World History

The Social Sciences & History department offers students a variety of courses in history and the social sciences. State law mandates that all students are required to complete two years of United States History and one year of World History with passing grades prior to graduation.


Grades 9

World History – CP is designed for highly motivated students. Significant themes and events in world history are explored, and the impact of each on the development of civilization is examined and discussed. The diversity of world cultures and their effects throughout the non-western and western world are addressed. There is a research paper required.


Grade 9

Prerequisite: Department recommendation, grades, test scores, essay

This course is designed for the advanced ninth grade student. It emphasizes events, which have shaped the contemporary world. Non-western and western history is addressed. Significant themes and events in history and the impact of each on the development of the world are discussed. The contributions of important people in history are included. Intellectual, cultural, political, economic and social histories are integral components of the curriculum. Completion of an independent research paper is required. There is a summer reading requirement.


Grade 10

United States History 1 is a study of the American experience from Jeffersonian Democracy through the late 19th century, and is a required course for graduation. It is offered to motivated Sophomores who show above average capability and interest in United States History. Students will investigate the development of the United States’ social, economic and political institutions. US History I begins the development of skills, behaviors, and knowledge necessary to train students for active citizenship in our society. There is a research paper required.


Grade 10

Prerequisite: Department recommendation, grades, test scores

This course is designed for advanced tenth grade students covering the history of the United States from colonial beginnings through the late 19th century. Abstract level of study and thought is emphasized. Proficiency in reading and written expression is necessary. Completion of an independent research paper is required. There is a summer reading requirement.


Grades 11

This course is designed for motivated juniors who show above average capability and interest in United States History. The course covers the American experience from the beginning of the twentieth century to the Modern era, with students investigating American social, political, economic, military, and political institutions. U.S II furthers the development of skills, behaviors, and knowledge necessary to train students for active citizenship in our society. There is a research paper required.


Grade 11

Prerequisite: Department recommendation, grades, test scores

This course is designed for 11th grade students who show advanced interest and capability in United States History. The course covers the American experience from Reconstruction to the modern era. An abstract level of study and thought is emphasized. Proficiency in reading and written expression is necessary. Completion of an independent research paper is required. There is a summer reading requirement.

SS 350 U.S. History II ADVANCED PLACEMENT Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: Department recommendation,

A in Honors U.S. I

This course is designed for advanced 11th & 12th grade students and covers the history of Reconstruction through the modern era. Abstract level of study and thought is emphasized. Proficiency in reading and writing is required, along with the completion of an independent research project. The Advanced Placement Program (AP) enables students to complete college-level studies while they are still in high school and to obtain college placement or credit, or both, on the basis of their performance on rigorous AP Examinations. There is a summer reading requirement.

ss 308 touring our embattled past: a SURVEY OF AMERICAN MILITARY HISTORY Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: Department recommendation

This course encompasses American military history and policy from 1775 to Reconstruction. Students should be proficient in reading and writing for reaction papers, reading assignments and special activities. Field trips will play an important role in this course.


Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: Department recommendation

This elective course is designed to help the students better understand human relationships in society. Students will learn how to take a sociological point of view to examine culture, social structure, and the individual in society, social institutions and social inequality. Students will be required to complete advanced readings in sociology and write short papers examining topics in sociology.

ss 310 the history of baseball and american pop culture

Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: US History II

Students who would like a deeper and detailed understanding of social, economic, and political areas of American History examined through the study of baseball should enroll in this class. This course will view the growth of our country a decade prior to the Civil War up until the present day while intertwining the birth, evolution, and impact of baseball as our national pastime. Topics to be discussed include but are not limited to, “Civil War & Origins of the Sport”, “Leagues

and Professionals Emerge”, “Political and Baseball Scandal”, “Baseball, Big Business, and the Roaring Twenties”, “The Great Depression & the Struggle to Survive”, “World War II, A Call to Duty”, “Jackie Robinson and the Civil Rights Movement”, “Curt Flood: Impact of Free Agency”, “The Steroid Stain”, “Our National Pastime Invites the World


Grades 10-12

This is a semester long course that focuses on the distribution, processes, and effects of human populations on the planet. As geographers it is our job to ask why, and we will continually ask why geographic patterns exist and explore theories to explain these patterns. This course has been constructed to function as a college level course and, as such, students will be required to complete most work independently. The curriculum for this course consists of topics drawn from seven interrelated units of study outlined in the AP Human Geography Course Description booklet, published by the College Board. These topics are: Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives, Population Geography, Cultural Patterns and Processes, Political Organization of Space, Economic Development, Agriculture and Rural Land Use, Industrialization, Settlements and Services, Cities and Urban Land Use.

State Requirement College Requirement

One (1) year of World Language. Two (2) years of one (1) Language

High School students may begin their world language study in the 9th grade. These students will have the opportunity to pursue a four-year language sequence during their high school career.

WLS 601 SPANISH I Grades 9-12

WLS 611 FRENCH I Grades 9-12

WLS 621 Latin I Grades 9-12

Emphasis is placed on the development and integration of four world language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

Structural analysis is reinforced via oral and written pattern practice. The development of reading and writing skills is based upon material first taught through audio-lingual methods. Illustrations and dialogues that facilitate conversation assist students. Culture is integrated via supplementary textbook cassette tapes, videotapes, cultural textbook readings, and reports.

WLS 602 SPANISH II Grades 10-12

WLS 612 French II Grades 10-12

WLS 622 LATIN II Grades 10-12

This course is designed for the student who has satisfactorily completed the level one program. Continued development of the four world areas continues to be the primary objective. Increased emphasis is placed on reading and guided composition. Structure is presented in the same manner as level I. Writing remains a guided skill working toward original composition. Present day situations are presented through reading.


Grades 11-12

This is a continuation of the second level Spanish class. Building on the vocabulary, grammar, culture and knowledge of the Spanish language, the students will utilize their reading, writing, and speaking skills at a more advanced level. We will reinforce the past tense; learn the future, and other more complex structures of verbs. The students will work on conversational and listening skills through the integration of native speakers. There will be an emphasis placed on the cultures of Spain, Ecuador and Costa Rica.


Grades 11-12

This class is an advanced level course with a focus on conversations and literature. This class will be building on grammar with an emphasis on fluency. Students will read books, poetry, and short stories written by various writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Sandra Cisneros. Spanish cinema, culture and history will also be discussed.


Grades 11-12

French III provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the French language and culture in a communication-based classroom setting. Students will continue dealing with real-life situations, but on a more complex level. Complex grammar concepts will be introduced, expanding student’s ability to understand and interpret the written and spoken language. Vocabulary and cultural awareness are focal points of this course. French III is a constant strive towards communication and cultural awareness.

WLS 614 FRENCH IV Honors

Grades 11-12

French IV will provide students with the opportunity to expand vocabulary in a communication-based classroom. We will move on from discussing real-life situations and will continue discussing a variety of political, cultural, personal, and historical topics in the French language. New grammar concepts will be introduced and practiced daily, expanding student’s ability to understand the written and spoken language. A series of short novels and films, focusing on different areas of the Francophone world, will be viewed and discussed. French IV is a constant strive towards building language fluency and understanding.


Grades 11-12

Students will be learning more complex grammar which builds upon everything they learned in previous levels. From this, they will be able to read and understand advanced sentence structures. Lessons will also include various cultural topics such as Roman women, family life, leisure time, and Roman theatre. Stories such as the Amazons, Phaeton, and The Odyssey will also be discussed. Each student will be required to write and create a storybook in Latin as a final project.

WLS 624 LATIN IV Honors

Grades 11-12

This is an advanced level course aimed at mastering Latin grammar and usage. The Aeneid by Vergil will be the main

focus of this class. As it ties to the main text, techniques of warfare and ancient games will also be discussed. Proper Roman oratory techniques will also be put into practice.

Requirements for Graduation: One (1) year of a visual or performing art.

Art Department
The Arts Department offers students the opportunity to explore the applied arts and/or the fine arts. Interested students may then select a sequential program in one or both areas to pursue. The major emphasis in the Art program is to develop concepts and skills through the beginning levels that will allow students to eventually concentrate in a specific area through an individualized instructional program.


Grade 9

This course is designed for any student who has had no previous experience in a high school level art course and is the only art course open to 9th grade students. The course offers students a means to express ideas creatively through the art elements of line, shape, form, value, texture, and color. This course will provide students with a way to acquire the basic skills needed to further study and practice.


Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: Art I

This course is designed for sophomore through seniors who wish to continue their study of art through experiences in a variety of media. It is geared to the student who does not wish to follow art as a career but desires to develop his/her personal interests for future vocational or leisure time creativity.


Grades 11-12

Students will continue their study of art technique and knowledge, while art history will become a major theme. Students will be able to choose an area in art (painting, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, etc.) during the second half of the semester and begin a long-term focus in the area.


Grades 11-12

This course is geared more towards the college bound art student, but may b taken by anyone with a strong interest in the fine arts. Focusing on building your personal portfolio of work and projects designed to enhance personal skill and growth. Art IV will cover a wide variety of topics important for those that are seeking college acceptance in the arts.


Prerequisite: Department recommendation and submission of a 5 piece portfolio.

For the motivated art student.  This course takes an in depth look into the process, product, and portfolio development of the advanced high school artist.

Music Department

The Music Department offers students experiences in instrumental and/or vocal music. Instruction will be provided on an individual, small group, and large group basis. Opportunities to perform and create music are provided for students with or without training or experience in the form of the Marching Band, Concert Band, Spring Musical, and Choral Ensembles. Special ensembles, vocal and instrumental, are formed based upon student interest and ability. Advanced classes are available for students in Music Theory.


(Fine/ Performing Arts)

Grades 9-12

This full-semester course will introduce students to the basic elements of formal theater with a focus on the study of acting. Role-playing, spontaneous improvisation, and basic beginner techniques will be studied, fostering individual creativity and self-confidence. Students also will learn about basic staging, properties, set design, and the importance of these elements in the production of a performance. Scenes and plays will be analyzed for character development, stage directions, and set design. Stage and screen performances of the past and present will be studied in congruence with students’ own work. Students will be guided towards a public presentation of their work at the end of the semester.

MUS 710 Instrumental Music

Grades 9 -12

The instrumental music class consists of the marching band, concert band, and small ensembles. In class students will explore aspects of pitch, melody, intonation and group playing. Students perform at winter and spring concerts as well as parades and football games. An exciting class for students who want to get involved, the band is one of the largest organizations in the school.

mUS 721 Choir

Grades 9-12

This course is designed for the beginner to the advanced singer. Students will learn how to read music, sing solfege, and use Kodaly hand signs. By the end of the course students will be able to sight-read including pitches and rhythm. This course will also emphasize the physical mechanics of singing including voice range, head vs. chest singing, and the extension of vocal range.

MUS 714 Rock Band

Grades 9-12

This course is designed for individuals and small groups who desire to strengthen their skills on guitars, drums, keyboards, vocals, and bass guitars in a rock setting. Students will learn to read music notation, tablature, and chord symbols while also learning how to effectively mix music, repair instruments, and use sound systems. The class is open to beginners and more advanced players.

MUS 715 Rock Band ii

Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: Rock 1

Course Description: Rock Band II explores more advanced concepts of music performance including: pitch, rhythm, dynamics, digital recording, song arrangement, and composition. In addition to advanced performance concepts students explore elements of the music business including record deals, group management, and group public relations.

MUS 716 a.p. music

Grades 11-12

Prerequisite: Department recommendation

This class is for advanced musicians who wish to earn college credits in music. Centered on musical theory, students will explore in-depth form, scales, chord analysis, intervals, transposition, modes, harmony and composition.

Requirement for Graduation:

SEM 140 Senior Seminar Option 1:


Students will be monitored by a Structured Learning Experience Coordinator. The project may be academic, school, or community based, independent creative or career oriented (internship/job shadowing). The purpose of this project is to encourage career exploration and work with mentors, community, etc. Students will formally present their Senior Seminar Project using multi-media presentation to an evaluation committee. Students must complete a Preliminary Proposal Form. It is an opportunity for students to: Generate knowledge rather than choose a response. Extend knowledge by doing something transformative with a problem or a complex situation. Students will learn time management skills and learn to work independently. Bringing prior knowledge, recent learning, and relevant skills to solve realistic problems and answer essential questions. Compare a significant piece of work, then self-evaluate and reflect upon the experience. It can be community service, which involves research as well as the student’s active participation. It can be creative in nature- write a piece of music, develop a themed art portfolio, invent something-but it must include a research-based and self-evaluative component. It is an exploration citation of evidence, which supports a thesis and involves thoughtful understanding. Approval is needed to leave building by Administration (attendance/discipline).


Prerequisite: Interview with Coordinator, Vice Principal in charge of Attendance, Guidance Counselor, and Coordinator approval. Must complete an application form, sign the rules and regulations agreement. Students shall provide their own transportation to and from the job. Students shall be required to register for the School-to-Work Program.

Paid work experience is provided by a business working in partnership with the School-Based Learning Program. The work experience is a continuation of vocational and academic skills learned in the classroom, allowing the student worker to build new and more advanced skills on those previously learned. Planning between school instructor and on-the-job supervisors must occur before students are assigned to the job, permitting an articulation between the classroom curriculum and the on-the-job training curriculum.

3.) Ocean County College Jump Start Courses

Requirements: Students must fill out an application.

Be a college student during your senior year in high school by attending classes at OCC’s Main Campus in Toms River. Through the Jump Start Program, high school students can get a “jump” on their college education. Any senior who wishes to enroll as a part-time college student at OCC may do so with the permission of his/her high school Guidance Counselor. There are two options available in taking Jump Start courses. Any interested senior should pick up an application in the guidance office. Limited spots available.

4.) Community Service Projects

*Students that take more than two full-year AP classes are except from Senior Seminar


Prerequisite: Department recommendation

VHS/Educere offers highly interactive high school courses online! There is a broad range of courses available from all major subject areas and grade levels (example: Visual Basic Programming). The content of each course follows its designated curriculum guideline and is written by teachers acting within their professional disciplines. Course content covers everything that an in-school course would, except that it is presented within a virtual mode. Successful completion of all of the course expectations results in a credit being applied to the school record of the student.



The Business/Technology Department offers a variety of programs that provide students with the opportunity to receive the greatest depth of knowledge in all areas of business at the high school. With career orientation in all course offerings, students should develop job entry-level skills. At the same time, course offerings will attempt to prepare college-bound students who wish to pursue future business pursuits.

Grade 9

The goal of this course is to develop practical computer skills, exposing students to Microsoft Office, the most widely used software suite in academia and in industry. Students will develop advanced levels of document layout and formatting using Word. They will design visually appealing presentations with Power Point. Students will enhance critical thinking and analysis through the application of spreadsheets and graphing in Excel. Database concepts will be taught using Access database tools for storing, retrieving, and manipulating data. Internet concepts, including cyber safety, security and the refinement of Internet search criteria will also be explored.


Grades 9-12

The objective of this course is to learn the importance of keeping accurate business records. The following areas are included: principles of debit and credit, analysis and application of journals, ledgers, financial statements, and other accounting records. The single proprietorship form of business is emphasized in this course. Students will utilize microcomputers.


Grades 9-12

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