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The Loran Award

Loran Scholars are chosen for their character, service and leadership potential. They are curious by nature, interested in a wide range of subjects and willing to take meaningful risks. They prioritize results over appearances and value integrity and honesty. Though Loran Scholars study diverse subjects, and go on to work in a variety of fields, they share a common commitment to their university and larger communities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be in their final year of uninterrupted full-time studies in high school or CEGEP*. Exceptions will be considered for those who have undertaken a gap year for academic pursuits or community service-based activities.

  • Present a minimum cumulative average of 85%

  • Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status

  • Deadline: October 22 For more information and application, visit


Rotary Youth Parliament

-  2 students are selected by staff to attend a PEI Youth Parliament in November   

AIA and the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) Scholarship Program – The Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award ($700)

  • Applicants must be enrolled in an automotive aftermarket industry-related program or curriculum at a Canadian college or university. This includes students pursuing their studies as an automotive apprentice. It also includes studies in any of the following automotive sectors: auto body, hard parts, heavy duty, or motive power (machinists).

  • Deadline: November 30 More information for this and other AIA scholarships at


Shad Valley Program

  • creative mind, good interpersonal skills

  • high marks in Math and Science

  • 4 week trip to a university who sponsors the Shad Valley program to deepen interest in technology partial or full sponsorship

  • Information available in Student Services or online at

Student Life Network

  • award is not merit based

  • open to high school students 16 years of age and older

  • in addition to $20,000 from CIBC to use for school or student debt, it contains a whole host of other awards that make a student’s life easier such as a $7,500 scholarship from Scholarships Canada and an award for four years of textbooks.

  • To register, and find out more information, students are asked to go to CIBC Schoarships.

  • Deadline to register is December 31



Top 20 Under 20
A national youth awards program. Criteria includes:

  • A young person who has demonstrated extraordinary innovation, leadership, achievement and impact in their school, community, country or abroad. Under the age of 20 (no older than 19 years of age as of December 31, 2014).

  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

  • Able to commit to attending the Top 20 Under 20 Leadership Summit and Award Ceremony from June 1 – 4, 2015. The cost of travel to and from Toronto, and room and board for the duration of the Leadership Summit will be covered by Plan Canada.

  • Have a desire to pursue some form of education or training, whether that be Canadian secondary, post-secondary or training education (high school or equivalent, CEGEP, GED, college, university, training or apprenticeship programs). More details on criteria at

Canadian Association of Principals Student Leadership

Award Interested grade 12 students are to submit a résumé (include recognition, awards, etc) outlining their roles of leadership within school and community and activities plus an essay (in 250 words or less) that answers the following question:


Completed essay and résumé must be returned to Student Services by mid Feb. More details at

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program

  • Involvement in voluntary humanitarian work.

  • Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

  • Undergraduates studying towards their first university degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution in Canada.

  • Maintain a satisfactory academic standing and continued involvement in voluntary humanitarian and community work.

  • More information and application at

Kin Canada Bursary

  • Awards of $1000 are available to students who plan to attend a post secondary institution in the fall of 2015

  • demonstrate high ideals and qualities of citizenship, school and community involvement

  • have not previously received a bursary from the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. Deadline is February 1, 2015 More information and applications online at

 The Bishop Faber MacDonald Scholarship

  • resident of PEI

  • a fiddler who has been playing for at least three years

  • between the ages of 8 – 18

  • value of $500 towards the tuition of a fiddle camp

  • More information and application at

  • or email:  

  • Deadline:  May 15


UPEI Scholarships
The following website gives an enormous list of all awards available at UPEI. Click the link to see all or select your program from the drop-down box and click sort and it will display all of the awards available for a particular program.

Applications for UPEI’s named scholarships are now available online at UPEI AWARDS.  These scholarships, with varying criteria (leadership, athletics, academics, etc) have a deadline of March 1st and range in value from $250 to full tuition. Examples of these scholarships include the Michael S. Kelley Memorial Scholarship, the Audrey J. Tinney Nursing Scholarship and the Wanda Wyatt Scholarship.

Please refer to each separate scholarship for individual criteria and required information (ie financial need form, personal essay, letters of reference and etc.).

The essay topics for the Avery Award can be found from the following link 2015 Avery Scholarship – Essay Topics.

The deadline for these scholarships is March 1.

Deadline: March 1, 2015

16 Scholarships
UPEI - Audrey J. Tinney Nursing Scholarship
UPEI - Mary C. McInnis Scholarship in Nursing
UPEI - Doris MacPherson Caseley Scholarship
UPEI - The Avery Scholarship
UPEI - Hart-Gorrill Scholarship
UPEI - Dorothy Corrigan Scholarship
UPEI - Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships
UPEI - Dr. Julian Jaynes Memorial Scholarship
UPEI - Dr. Ninian N. LeBlanc Alumni Scholarship
UPEI - Evelyn M. Cudmore Memorial Scholarship
UPEI - Frederick M. Davison Award of Excellence
UPEI - Wade MacLaughlan Raising Expectations Award
UPEI - Harrison McCain Scholarship Bursary
UPEI - Michael S. Kelly Scholarship
UPEI - Wanda Wyatt Scholarship
UPEI - The Wilbert McInnis Scholarship

UNB Deadlines for scholarships is March 1

  • Visit

EXPLORE PROGRAM – Summer Language Bursary

  • Grade 12 student enrolled in a 6 week French Immersion program at an accredited institute

  • Spring or Summer program

  • Participants in Explore receive a $2,200 bursary (taxable income) that covers tuition fees for the programs, instructional materials, meals and accommodations

  • More details at

Western Area Teachers’ Association Award (WATA)

  • Must be a dependent of a WATA member, retired member, deceased member, or former member who accumulated 10 or more years of service on Prince Edward Island

  • be a deserving student from an English Language School Board school in Prince County pursuing schooling at an accredited post-secondary educational institution

  • in the event that there is no dependent of a WATA member, the WATA Coordinator is to be notified so that the money will be awarded to a graduate that meets the criteria from another high school.

  • See student services for application

The Matt Jelley Entrance to Business and Tourism Scholarship $1,000 

  • resident of PEI enrolling full time in a recognized tourism or business program at a college or university on PEI

  • previous work experience in the tourism industry and/or business entrepreneurial pursuit

  • applicants must have an average of 75% in the last year of school

  • scholarship financed by members of the Tourism Cavendish Beach Inc.

  • Deadline:  March 1st More information or to apply, or email



Co-op Atlantic - McEwen Scholarship

  • a dependent of a current co-op member, that co-op being a member of Co-op Atlantic; or

  • a current member of a co-op, that co-op being a member of Co-op Atlantic.

  • demonstrated knowledge of co-operative issues and/or co-operative organizations

  • good academic performance

  • demonstrated community/school involvement

  • two university entrance awards available ($1000 per year for 4 years

  • Deadline:  March 1 More information and application at or CO-OPMS

Currie Scholarship

  • Must be attending UNB

  • The applicants are asked to submit an essay (not less than 250 words) giving the selection committee an indication of their leadership capabilities, including (but not limited to) school and extra-curricular activities. Required in the essay is evidence of overcoming barriers or difficult situations.

  • Recipients are required to live in residence for the first year of their degree program

  • Deadline: March 1 More info at

Noreen and George Corrigan Scholarship - Learning Disability

  • Students are a graduate of a PEI high school or have Grade 12 equivalent,

  • Must intend to further their full-time studies at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution

  • Must have a documented learning disability,

  • Must display financial hardship

  • Deadline: March 31, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Noreen and George Corrigan Scholarship – Single Mother

  • Students are a graduate of a PEI high school or have Grade 12 equivalent,

  • Must intend to further their full-time studies at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution

  • Must be a single mother not in a common-law relationship

  • Must display financial hardship

  • Deadline: March 31, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Orin Carver Scholarship Program

  • Students are either a graduate of a PEI high school and are currently enrolled at Holland College or UPEI or graduating from a PEI high school and intend to further their full time studies at Holland College or UPEI,

  • Students exhibit a level of excellence and leadership in athletics, arts fields or in community service or a combination thereof.

  • Students achieve an overall average of 75% with no individual subject mark less then 70%.

  • Deadline: March 31, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Lorne & Ruby Bonnell Scholarship Fund – Up to $1,000

  • awarded to a student graduating and has been accepted at a Canadian University for advanced study in the sciences

  • be a graduate of a Prince Edward Island High School

  • be accepted into graduate studies, in the sciences, at a Canadian University

  • Deadline: March 31, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Dalhousie Scholarships

Applications, and complete details, for Dalhousie University scholarships are now available online at DAL Awards. Deadline to apply is March 15th. Please note the deadline for the Harrison McCain is March 1st.

The Dennis and Nell Smith & Family Scholarship (UPEI) $5,000

  • Awarded to a graduating Prince Edward Island high school student entering UPEI

  • minimum 75% average

  • demonstrated effort toward contributing financially to his/her own education

  • To recognize the diverse educational background of the Smith Family, the Scholarship is granted on a rotating basis to Nursing, Business, and Engineering students. Go to

John Tremblay Bursary in Business Administration UPEI) $1,000

  • Students must be in good academic standing

  • not already receiving a scholarship of $1,000 or more

  • graduated from a P E I French language high school

  • preference given to students entering Business Administration at UPEI

  • Go to

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