Not a complete guide of what bursaries & scholarships are available. Information and deadlines inthis guide, particularly deadlines

The PEI Command, The Royal Canadian Legion Bursary

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The PEI Command, The Royal Canadian Legion Bursary

  • Five $500 Bursaries

  • Students acquiring post-secondary education

  • Children, grandchildren or great grandchildren of veterans may apply

  • More information and application forms are available at student services

  • Deadline: April 30th, 2015

AGRO Co-op

  • 2 bursaries of $500 each

  • applicant, parent or grandparent must be a member of Agro Co-op

  • 250 - 500 word essay on an agriculture related topic

  • attending post secondary institution

  • applications at Agro Co-op office and in Student Services

  • Deadline:  April 30th

Bruce Pettipas Agricultural Scholarship

  • entering an agricultural degree program

  • majoring in Agricultural/Animal Science

  • applications in Student Services early April

  • Deadline: May 1. More information at

Safety Matters Award (Workers Compensation Board's Safety Matters Award)

  • Eligible student is a Prince Edward Island graduating student

  • Has demonstrated an understanding of occupational health and safety (OHS) principles

  • has taken initiative to apply OHS principles in school or workplace.

  • plans to pursue educational/training opportunities towards meaningful

  • employment

  • $500 award

  • Deadline:  May1. More information and application at

PEI Technology Teachers' Association Bursary

  • Pursuing a career related to a skilled trade

  • Student has taken a minimum of three skilled trade courses (Automotive, Carpentry & Welding)

  • Resume with covering letter outlining why skilled trade courses have been valuable, relevant or important

  • Four bursaries, valued at $100 each annually

  • Applications in Student Services or e-mailing

  • Deadline:  May 1

Sport PEI  Sport Scholarship

Sport PEI will be granting four (4) scholarships of $1000.00 each to Island student athletes. There will be two (2) male and two (2) female scholarships awarded.

  • Students who are graduating from a Prince Edward Island High School;

  • Have excelled in high school and or provincial sports during the current school year;

  • Have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities through volunteerism and sport

  • Have maintained a strong academic standing during  the current school year;

  • Who are entering 1st year at a post-secondary institution in the fall of the current year.

  • Deadline: Early May each year. For more information go to

Hockey PEI Scholastic Award $1,000

  • deserving player/official/coach who is a High School Graduate in 2015

  • entering university/college in the ensuing year

  • has, in the opinion of the Association, displayed a high degree of tenacity and dedication to his/her team

  • displayed scholastic excellence.

  • The recipient will be selected by a Committee comprised of the Directors of Hockey PEI and the bursary will be awarded at the Annual General Meeting of the Association to be held in June.

  • Deadline: May 2015 email For more details, visit

 The Jim Stirling Scholarship Program $1,000

  • deserving player/official/coach who is a High School Graduate in 2015

  • entering university/college in the ensuing year

  • has, in the opinion of the Association, displayed a high degree of tenacity and dedication to his/her team

  • displayed scholastic excellence.

  • The recipient will be selected by a Committee comprised of the Directors of Hockey PEI and the bursary will be awarded at the Annual General Meeting of the Association to be held in June.

  • Deadline: May 2015 email For more details, visit


Official Languages Study Fellowship Bursaries

  • Be a Canadian citizen (landed immigrant or permanent resident)

  • be accepted for 2014-2015 as a full-time student by a Canadian French language post-secondary institution or in the French Education Bachelor Program at UPEI.

  • number of bursaries to a maximum value of $2,000

  • Deadline:  May 14th, 2014 more information and application at

Friends of the Confederation Centre Arts Scholarship Award Program

  • 3 awards of $750

  • exhibits a passion and aptitude for music, theatre, performing and visual arts

  • pursuing full-time post-secondary studies in applicable Arts Programs in Canada

  • Deadline: May 12 More information and applications available at:

MCO Scholarship $500 

  • be attending college or university on a full-time basis by December of 2015

  • be currently in your last year of high school or a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college/university

  • submit an answer to the essay question no later than 11:59 PM EST on May 15, 2015.

  • **Note that you can be enrolled in any field of study.

  • Deadline: May 15 For more information and application, go to

Architects Association of Prince Edward Island  ($1,500)

This scholarship was established by the Architects Association of PEI to help Island students continue their education in their rewarding and challenging career choice of architecture.

  • PEI student who graduated from PEI High School and is accepted into a recognized architectural program,

  • Provide an essay (maximum of 500 words) to AAPEI Committee why you wish to become an architect.

  • Deadline: May 15, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Arthur and Theresa MacDonald Scholarship

  • Student has been accepted to an accredited Canadian post secondary institution;

  • Students must demonstrate effort and dedication in their studies;

  • Students must demonstrate financial hardship;

  • Students must not be a recipient of a major scholarship, as defined by their school;

  • Students must have satisfactory academic performance, but not necessarily honors

  • Deadline: May 15, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Joan Auld Scholarship

  • Applicant must be a Canadian citizen and has been a resident of P.E.I. for at least 6 months prior to application.

  • Applicant must be undertaking full-time studies in a craft-related field at a recognized post-secondary institution. In order to be eligible for this Scholarship, the student must demonstrate high school graduation or equivalence (ie. must meet the requirements for entrance into a college program)

  • Deadline: May 15, 2015 application and additional criteria at

The Joseph Spriet Scholarship Program

  • Must have successfully completed one year post-secondary; OR have graduated high school and have been in the work force for at least one year post graduation; OR entering a post-secondary institution that offers accommodations for learners with disabilities

  • High school students entering their first year of post-secondary must have at least one year of work experience post-graduation

  • Must be a resident of Prince Edward Island

  • Must be pursuing full time studies in *Human Services, Business, Sports or Agriculture

  • Must have competed 200 hours in one, or a combination of, volunteer work, sports and charitable organizations

  • Application supported by 2 or more letters of reference

  • Not a prior recipient of this scholarship

  • Deadline: May 15, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Lowell Phillips Scholarship - Physical Disability

  • Student must have a defined physical disability

  • Must be a resident of Prince Edward Island

  • Demonstrated need for financial assistance

  • Must be accepted to a recognized post-secondary institute

  • Deadline: May 15, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Summerside - Natick International Friendship Hockey Fund

  • Must be a graduate from a PEI High School in the Western School District

  • Must be accepted into a recognized post-secondary institution, entering your first year of study (Post-secondary students beyond the first year may be considered if no other applications are received.)

  • Preference will be given to the individuals who were involved with the Summerside Area Minor Hockey Association

  • Must demonstrate a financial need

  • Recipient should be of good moral character

  • Deadline: May 15, 2015 application and additional criteria at

St. Andrew's Society Scholarship

  • Open to full time university students in either of the first two years of university

  • A resident of Prince Edwards Island

  • Roman Catholic and of Scottish descent, having either a Scottish surname or having a least 2 Scottish grandparents who were born with a Scottish surname.

  • Deadline: May 15, 2015 application and additional criteria at

Rotary District 7820 (Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, PEI, St. Pierre & Miquelon) Service Above Self Scholarship $5,000

  • Applicants must be in grade 12 (or equivalent) and attend a school within District 7820.

  • Applicants must have acceptance in a full-time program at an accredited post-secondary institution.

  • Applicants must be current residents of District 7820.

  • Because the District Scholarship funds originate with the Rotary Foundation, Rotarians and their immediate families (including grandchildren) are not eligible for this scholarship.

  • Minimum 75% average in grade 12 (or equivalent

  • Deadline:  May 15 For more information and application, email or go to


P.E.I. Mutual Insurance Education Trust Scholarship

  • based on academic standing

  • financial need

  • decision for scholarship is made at school level

  • applications are available at Student Services in April/May

  • Deadline mid May

The Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce - Wendell J. Gallant Memorial Business Scholarship - $500

  • Be the son or daughter of a Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce member, or of a member's employee. with the Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce membership being required by March 31st of the year that the scholarship may be awarded

  • Have applied for enrollment in an undergraduate program at a university, or in a diploma program at a community college,

  • Have a high academic standing and demonstrate school and community involvement.

  • Attend, or have just graduated from grade 12 and reside within the geographic area.

  • Deadline May 28. For more information and application, go to


The Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship Program

  • pursuing post-secondary studies in agriculture

  • $1,500 scholarship

  • Deadline:  May 29 More information and application at

Learning Matters Bursary (Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan)

  • must be a Canadian citizen or have landed immigrant status in Canada

  • be entering or enrolled in a full-time post-secondary education program at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution

  • able to demonstrate financial need

  • demonstrate one or more of: community involvement, academic excellence, and career objectives that will make a positive contribution in Canadian society

  • Deadline May 30 - for more information and application go to

Oriole Scholarship Fund (Learning Matters Education Charity)

  • Each bursary has a minimum value of $1,000 (depending on how much they raise)

  • Applicant must be a Canadian Citizen

  • Enrolled in a fulltime post-secondary education program

  • Able to demonstrate financial need

  • Demonstrate career objectives which will make a positive contribution in Canadian society

  • Deadline May 31

MADD Canada Bursary

  • may be awarded to selected, qualifying Canadian students who have had an immediate family member (mother, father, legal guardian, or sibling) killed in an impaired driving related crash

  • who are pursuing a full-time, post-secondary educational program

  • Deadline May 31 each year. More information and application at

PEI Roadrunners Bursary

  • one male and one female bursary of $200 each

  • entering college or university in Fall

  • have participated in organized running events during Grade 12

  • letter of reference from cross country/track & field/running coach or teacher

  • Deadline May 31. More information and applications available at


INDSPIRE - Foundation for the Advancement of Aboriginal Youth (FAAY) Scholarships

  • Canadian residents of First Nations (Status or Non-status), Métis and Inuit Heritage

  • attending High School or a Post-secondary Institution full-time within Canada.

  • Deadline June 1 each year. More information and application at:


Canadian Sanitation Supply Assoc. Scholarship

  • 8 scholarships of $2000

  • high academic achievement and leadership

  • more information and applications Deadline: June 1st     

Earl F. Smith Athletic Scholarship

The Earl F. Smith Athletic Scholarship, which is administered by Sport PEI, has a value of $1,000.00 and is awarded yearly, to an outstanding Prince Edward Island high school student athlete.

Each school can nominate one student for consideration, e.g. male or female athlete of year.  Once a school has decided on who will be nominated (not necessary to nominate each year), we request that the school submit a one page typed written letter outlining why this individual is deserving of the award. Criteria in support of the nomination should include the following:

  • Summary of the nominee’s athletic accomplishments including those outside of the school program

  • Apparent need, perhaps have not won any other school scholarship or bursary and may have limited financial resources available for secondary education or other interest

  • Describe other characteristics and qualities which may further qualify the individual for the award

  • Deadline June 10 (or the second Monday every June)

AIA and the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) Scholarship Program – Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) Scholarship ($1000)

  • Applicants must either be a graduating high school senior or have graduated from high school within the past two years.

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a college-level program, university or an accredited automotive program.

  • Students must be enrolled full-time for the year of the scholarship. You must be enrolled for September of the year you are applying until April of the following year.

  • Priority will be given to those pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket.

  • Deadline: June 15 More information on this and other AIA scholarships at

St. Dunstan's University Board of Governors Bursaries

The SDU Board of Governor’s Award is available to students in good academic standing and who have demonstrated ability in citizenship, leadership and service to community. This is a non renewable $1,500 award available to students entering or currently attending UPEI or Holland College. One award will be given in each zone of the Diocese of Charlottetown. Applicants for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • a practicing Roman Catholic.

  • in good academic standing.

  • currently attending or planning to attend UPEI or Holland College.

  • submit a letter of reference attesting to involvement in extra- curricular, community or church activities.

  • Deadline: June 30

  • for further criteria and application, visit

Community Service Bursary Program opportunity for students to earn a bursary for volunteering

The program is designed to:

  • offer Island students in Grades 11 and 12, who plan to attend any post-secondary institution, a bursary in recognition of volunteer work performed in their communities;

  • encourage volunteerism, support volunteer organizations and assist young people in achieving their educational goals;

  • improve access for youth to attend post-secondary education by offering financial assistance;

  • increase and encourage attendance at post-secondary institutions;

  • provide youth with new experiences in their communities;

  • develop a sense of community responsibility in youth;

  • develop career and leadership skills; and

  • provide meaningful services in Island communities

  • More information at

The National Book Awards

The University of Toronto National Book Award Program is intended to recognize and reward the very best Canadian secondary school students, regardless of which university those students choose to attend. These are students who demonstrate superior academic performance, original and creative thought, and exceptional achievement in a broad context. They excel in academic pursuits, demonstrate enthusiasm for intellectual exploration and have a strong involvement in the lives of their schools and communities.

Each secondary school in Canada is invited to nominate one student on the basis of these criteria. The deadline for nominations is November 7, 2014. The Book Award is sent to the school for presentation to the student.

Students selected as National Book Award winners have the opportunity to submit applications to the National Scholarship program. In addition, students who identify themselves as meeting the scholarship criteria are invited to apply directly for the National Scholarship. Please refer to the composite profiles (pdf file) which illustrate attributes of successful candidates.

On the basis of application criteria, about 20 students are selected as finalists. The finalists are invited to be the guests of the University during the selection interviews held in the early spring following application. The University expects to award approximately 10 National Scholarships annually. The National Scholarship will cover tuition and incidental fees for four years, will provide full residence support in first year, and will include an additional, renewable monetary award. The monetary award will be determined on the basis of individual financial circumstances. The scholarship is tenable only at the University of Toronto.

Those finalists not designated as National Scholars will receive Arbor Scholarships. These scholarships are renewable and have a value of $6,000 in the first year and $1,500 per year for three additional years of undergraduate study.

TD Scholarship

  • a minimum grade 11 average of 75%,

  • demonstrated outstanding community leadership

  • plans to attend a Canadian college or university in the fall of 2015.

  • Deadline: November 28, 2014 More information at TD Leadership. 

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Grade 12 students can now apply to be nominated for the Schulich Leader Scholarship program.  Criteria: you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, planning to study Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics in one of 20 participating universities and meet at least two of the following three points: 1) exceptional high academic grades, 2) demonstrate leadership in school and community life, or provide evidence of entrepreneurial talent or 3) demonstrated financial need.

More information, including a list of participating universities, can be found at Schulich Leaders.

Students must write a one page essay outlining how they meet two of the above criteria and include an up to date résumé.  The essay and résumé  must be passed into Student Services by Tuesday, Dec 9, 2014.   KISH can only nominate one student for this scholarship.   

Cody Banks Memorial Bursaries

  • APM employees & children

  • applications from APM Group

  • more information at

PEI Teachers' Federation Scholarships

  • three scholarships valued at $1,500 each

  • students who are dependents of PEITF members, retired members, deceased members, or former members  who accumulated a minimum of ten years service

  • two scholarships for student attending university and registered for the final year of study

  • one scholarship for student attending community college and registered for final year of study

  • scholastic attainment in the previous two years of study

  • demonstrated leadership abilities

  • recommendation of school authority

  • applications at PEITF (902) 569-4157

  • Deadline:  September 30th 



RBC Debut Atlantic Award

  • permanent residents of Atlantic Canada

  • recognizes students committed to the study of music

  • more information and application at


RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship

  • 4 scholarship awards

  • Visit for more information


Scotiabank “Rock Your Bottom Line”   ($1000)

  • Information will be available in the summer of 2015 at


 Scotiabank Fund Your Future Bursaries

  • Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;

  • At least 17 years old or older at the time of the Contest draw;

  • Residing in Canada or the United States of America at the time of verification;

  • Enrolled in a certificate, apprenticeship, degree or diploma program at a Canadian or American post-secondary school in the 2015/2016 academic year;

  • A member of yconic (click to join) more information at 

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Great–West Life, London Life and Canada Life Scholarship Fund

  • Average of 85% or higher

  • Three letters of reference

  • More  criteria and application available 

***Students should check with parents for bursaries awarded through their place of employment i.e. Walmart, Canadian Tire, Future Shop, Insurance Companies, etc. ****

Acadia Scholarships/Bursaries

  • For up to date information visit

Astral Radio - John Eddy Memorial Media Scholarship

  • enrolled or returning to Canadian university/college full-time in a broadcasting related program

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident of NB, NS, or PEI

  • $2000 non renewable

  • applications in Student Services or by e-mailing

  • More information at

Art Institutes

  • Go to The Art Institutes website for all the scholarship offerings available

Atlantic Building Supply Dealers Assocation Scholarship (ABSDA)

  • For information and application, go to

Candlelighters of P.E.I.

  • available to young people who are currently undergoing or completed treatment for cancer

  • information at!prince-edward-island-finance/cb8r\


Canadian Army Welfare Fund Scholarship

  • A variety of scholarships and bursaries are available to serving and former Canadian Forces members and their families.

  • For more information , visit

Engineers PEI Scholarships

  • Engineers PEI presents six scholarships to University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) engineering diploma graduates who are continuing their studies toward an engineering degree

  • For more information go to

Mattinson Endowment Fund Scholarship

  • attending an undergraduate school

  • Canadian Citizen

  • More information at

Royal Canadian Benevolent Fund

  • The Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund assists dependants and grandchildren of serving and retired naval members with their educational pursuits at colleges, universities, and vocational institutions

  • For more information, go to

Catholic Girls Bursary

  • For information and application, go to

Grant for Students With Permanent Disabilities

  • Visit for more information.

NEADS National Student Awards Program (EAPD)

  • Employment assistance for disabled students

  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada

  • Applicants must have a permanent disability

  • Applicants must be currently registered in and returning to a full-time program of study at an accredited Canadian post-secondary college or university. Full-time status is at least 40% of a full course load.

  • For more information visit

Encounters With Canada

  • Held at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre in Ottawa

  • 1 week stay @ Youth Center, Ottawa

  • explore governmental, judicial, cultural places in Canada

  • application process done in spring each year for the following year

  • For more information, visit

Girl Guides of Canada Scholarship

  • Scholarships are open to girl and adult members who are pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized college, university or trades program. Whether you’re studying engineering, education, political science, or anything in between, there’s a scholarship that is right for you!

  • applicants must remain a member of Girl Guides of Canada for the upcoming 2015-2016 Guiding year.

  • Scholarships are available for both full-time and part-time studies.

  • For more information on several Girl Guide Scholarships, visit

  • Deadline:  April 1

Holland College Scholarships/Bursaries

  • The Holland College Foundation has over 150 scholarships/awards/bursaries for HC students. The list is at

  • Or visit for more information

Sobeys Inc. Scholarship

  • open to employees and families

  • more information and application at

Walmart Canada Community Scholarship Program 

  • extra-curricular involvement

  • community leadership & involvement (essay)

  • financial need

  • more information and application at*&f= or email

McDonald’s Bursary

  • must be an employee of McDonald's

  • must be attending a post-secondary school

  • high academic achievement

  • applications and deadline information available at nearest  McDonald's location or visit

Burger King Scholars Program

  • must be graduating from high school in the spring of 2015,

  • have a minimum cumulative mark of 75%

  • enrolling in a 2 year or a 4 year post secondary program. 

  • Applications, plus more information, can be found at Burger King Scholarship. Deadline to apply is December 15, 2014.

D.P. Murphy Inc. Tuition Assistance Program

Part-time team members aged 23 years or younger that are currently attending school can enroll in the program and provide D.P. Murphy Inc. with the following:

  • three years of continuous unbroken service

  • work a minimum of 12 hours/week while in school and 30 hours per week during the off-months (approx. 380 hours every six months)

  • For more information, visit

  • Contact HR Department at D.P. Murphy Inc. phone 902-368-3727

PEI  Legislative Assembly Page Program

  • 6 Island Students selected ;  preferably Grade 12

  • requires at least 2 shifts a week

  • $120/week plus mileage 

  • Deadline: October See Student Services for more details

Canadian Parliament Page Program

  • Work as a Page in the House of Commons

  • be accepted at one of the following universities in the National Capital Region: Carleton University, University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University or Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO).

  • the annual recruitment cycle is from October to December.

  • additional criteria and information at

A.A. Heaps Scholarship (sponsored by Canadian Labour Congress)

  • interest in social reform as practised by A.A. Heaps

  • essay, 2 letters of reference , based on financial need

  • applications and information available by writing

  • Canadian Labour Congress, 2841 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario KIV 8X7

  • Value $3000    Deadline: Early May

Interchange on Canadian Studies

  • 300 students chosen to attend national conference

  • promotes understanding of Canada by meeting new friends,  prominent personalities etc field trips and events

  • students are billeted and expected to host the student stayed  with the previous

  • Contact:  Department of Education 

Retail Council of Canada, Retail as a Career Scholarship

  • There are 26 scholarships available this year – one $5000 Interac Scholarship, one $3000 Canadian Retail Hall of Fame Scholarship and  twenty-four $1000 Industry-Sponsored Scholarships.

  • open to students who plan to study in retail-related or business-related post secondary

  • applications available online at

St. Thomas Aquinas Society

  • For information, visit

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards for Aboriginal Students

  • Student Services has booklets published by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada that outline various resources that aboriginal students may access if they are pursuing education beyond high school.

Tourism Association of PEI

  • Full time enrollment in a recognized tourism hospitality program at a college or university

  • Previous work experience in the tourism industry.

  • Applicants must have an average of 75% in their last year of school.

  • Each student must attempt to find employment in P.E.I. in the hospitality industry for a period of two years following graduation

  • Deadline: Mid July For more information and application visit

Got A Spine Scholarship - $500

  • Must be attending college or university on a full-time basis by  October of 2014

  • Must have a CPA of 2.5 or greater during the last academic year.

  • Must be Canadian or US resident

  • Submit essay by June 2, 2015

  • Deadline June 2, 2015 For more information and application go to 

Diana Lemire Savidant Memorial Bursary

  • female residents of Prince County 18 years of age and older.

  • The Award will be given to the applicant who displays the most potential for development and that sense of exploration in the visual arts epitomized by Diana Lemire Savidant’s own career.

  • Financial need will be an important factor

  • Applicants are expected to be pursuing the arts as a career option or serious avocation.

  • For more information go to


PEI Foundation for People With Disabilities

  • up to six Foundation Awards valued at up to $500 each

  • must be aged 19 or under

  • permanent resident of PEI

  • applications forms and further information e-mail

  • Deadline late June


The Kidney Foundation of Canada

  • you, or someone in your household, must be a kidney patient to qualify

  • $500 bursary (5 awards)

  • For more information e-mail

  • Deadline late April


Alice and Roy Bruce Memorial Scholarships

  • up to four scholarships valued up to $500 each

  • must have permanent disability and resident of PEI

  • must be accepted in post-secondary institution

  • applications forms and further information e-mail

  • Deadline late June


Brain Tumour Survivors Award

  • open to young brain tumour survivors who live from non-malignant to malignant

  • ages 16 - 25 years

  • one-time awards of up to $5,000

  • e-mail:

  • Deadline:  May 17th 


Canadian Paraplegic Association (Nova Scotia)

  • awarded to spinal cord injured students

  • must be attending a university or college

  • application forms and further information available from the Paraplegic Association in Nova Scotia (902-423-1277)

  • For other programs check out

Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia (EANS) Memorial Scholarship

  • under the care of a physician for epilepsy

  • resident of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI

  • Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

  • accepted for study at post-secondary school

  • $500 scholarship

  • Deadline:  May 15th more information and applications at


Rotary Club of Charlottetown Scholarships For Physically Challenged Island Students

  • entering a university or college in 2015-16 with full time attendance

  • physically challenged Island students

  • applications available in Student Services or

  • individual scholarships vary from $500 to $2,000

  • Deadline:  March More information at

  Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Students

  • government funding administered by the Dept. of

  • can cover tuition, and adaptive equipment

  • contact the Dept. of Health and Social Services for info


Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation

  • $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a graduating high school student who is entering a full time course of study in any of the various fields impacting the right of way profession

  • aeas of study may include (but not limited to) law, surveying, engineering, planning, real property appraisal, public administration or environmental studies

  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA, 75% or B+ to qualify.

  • 2) GPA shall consist of the most recent three (3) Years

  • More information and application at

  • Deadline: Feb 1

 Canadian College of Performing Arts

  • For information Apply to there are $500,000 available in bursaries, scholarships and tuition subsidies.  

The Peter Pasula Mortgage "Study Habits" Scholarship $500

  • Awarded to the student who best answers the essay question.

  • Deadline April 1, 2015 Application and more info found at


Foster Families Association Region II Bursary

  • must be a foster child, or have a single parent, child of a foster parent, minor in a semi supervised atmosphere receiving financial aid

  • $300.00

  • Contact:  Dept. of Health & Social Services, PEI


PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women Bursary

  • Attending UPEI or Holland College

  • several busaries available at

Lady's Slipper Chapter IODE Award

  • pursuing post secondary education

  • average in the 70 - 80% range

  • $500 award

  • For more information, go to

  • Deadline:  May



 Beaverbrook Vimy Prize Scholarship

  • must be 15-17 years of age

  • submit an essay or project based on a question posted on Vimy website in November

  • apply on-line at

  • win a scholarship to study in England, Belgium or France in summer

  • Deadline:  early February

Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation Awards

  • citizenship qualities as represented in the Future Aces philosophy of attitude,  ability,  action, achievement,  cooperation, courages, confidence, education empathy, example, service, sportsmanship

  • demonstrate exemplary citizenship qualities in home, school and communities through extensive community service, volunteerism and commitment to humanitarian causes

  • financial need

  • value $1000.00

  • More for information at


  Lester B Pearson Scholarship

  • open to grade 11 students

  • $16,000 for 2 years

  • students selected would attend Pearson College in B.C.

  • designed to promote world peace and understanding

  • More information at 


PEI Womens' Institute Scholarships

  • various scholarships and awards with deadlines ranging from January – September

  • information and specifics available at  


Stacy Levitt Memorial Award

  • open to anyone attending a Canadian secondary school

  • letter of recommendation covering applicant's involvement in school or community

  • short essay about how applicant lives life to the fullest, helps others to achieve this,

  • demonstrates nobility, courage and inclusion

  • More information and application at


The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

  • resident of Canada under age of 25

  • entering first year of studes at post-secondary institution  or continuing in program

  • applicants do not need to have food allergies to be eligible for award

  • two awards of $1000 each

  • Deadline:  late June More information at

University of Guelph President's, Lincoln Alexander & Chancellor's Scholarships

  • Student must be attending the University of Guelph

  • Students must achieve a minimum 90% admission average to apply

  • Applications available online at

Memorial Scholarships/Busaries/Prizes Available to KISH Students

Adam MacLennan Memorial

Alonzo & Ena Webster Memorial Award

Alysha Toombs Memorial Scholarship

Ann Campbell Memorial Award

Brianna Silliker Memorial Scholarship

Dean Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Douglas Ramsay Endowment Scholarship

Elizabeth Cousins Large Memorial Award

James & Gertrude Pendergast Memorial Scholarship

James R Murphy Memorial Scholarship

Jamie Curley Memorial Scholarship

Leon Brennan Memorial Scholarship

Leonard Victor Ramczykowski and Eleanora Ramczykowski Scholarship

Miranda Wadman Memorial Scholarship

Preston Stewart Memorial Award

Sinclair MacKay Memorial Scholarship

The William H. Burns Memorial Scholarship

Earl F. Smith

Credit Union Scholarship & Bursary

Fanning School Scholarship

K’Town Auto Parts Scholarship

Kensington Lion=s Club Scholarship

Mary=s Bake Shop Scholarship

PEI Mutual Education Trust Scholarship

Reverend Ches Boutilier Scholarship

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #9 (Kensington) Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship

Confederation Bridge Education Bursaries

Slemon Park Corporation Scholarship

PEI Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association Award Highest mark in Math 621A

Technology Crops Scholarship

Kensington & Area Historical Society

Lucy Maud Montgomery Award

Agri-Science Prize

Baltic W.I. Prize

Bio-Vectra Prize highest mark in Chemistry 621A and/or 621AP

Buffie Boily Photographic Award

Canadian Parents for French Prize in core French

Community Service Bursary

Deltaware Systems Prize highest mark in Math 621B

Long & McQuaid Music Award

Stewart McKelvey, Stirling Scales Law Prize

The Class of 1967 Outstanding Student Trophy

Western Area Teacher=s Association Award

Winter Jazz Scholarship

Blue Heron Construction

Clark Insurance

Class of 2001 Jamie Curley Memorial Award

Clark’s Toyota Prize in Robotics 801

The Sylvan Learning Centre Prize Res 601

Shopper’s Drugmart Prize Biology 621

Genivar Engineering Prize in Physics 621

Cavendish Farms Prize Agr 621

NSAC Top Male/Top Female

Turn Around Award

Governor General (Plaque)

Kensington Happy Group Seniors Award

***I didn’t add the newer prize donors as wasn’t sure*** I do have a list though.

Check out this link for other provincial bursaries

There are also many other scholarships available at

Several scholarships available for UNB students at

Check all university and college websites for various scholarships, awards and bursaries.

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