Note: 09/30/12 Sunday 8: 05 P. M. I ate a 14. 5 ounce Maria Callendar chicken pot pie with a 12 ounce glass of diet

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I will now take a nap.  CIO 

<888> 12/13/12 Thursday 2:40 P.M..  I ate a 16 ounce Maria Callender turkey pot pie with a 12 ounce glass of 7-Up.  CIO 

<888> 12/13/12 Thursday 1:55 P.M..   I made 97 Premier Lights 100 MM filter Peter Stokkebye Turkish pipe tobacco cigarettes while watching Series 5 Episode 7 of "Poirot".  CIO

<888> 12/13/12 Thursday 11:45 A.M..  I will now shower and clean up.  I will then make cigarettes.  CIO 

<888> 12/13/12 Thursday 11:30 A.M..   Live in Herb Meyer's old house for $32,995,000 cthousehunter - Real Estate -

Bill Ford Jr. buys original 1903 Ford Model A in auction | The Detroit News |  .  CIO

<888> 12/13/12 Thursday 10:55 A.M..  I changed my Christmas Letter 2012 file format, so it displays in other web browsers.

Michael Louis Scott's Christmas Letter 2012

Michael Louis Scott's Christmas Letter 2012 


<888> 12/13/12 Thursday 10:40 A.M..  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted bagel with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of watered down punch with vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with Splenda sweetener and milk.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.  CIO 

<888> 12/13/12 Thursday 9:15 A.M..  After the last note, I chatted with a friend.  I woke up at 8:30 A.M.. 

Birthday Boy His Highness the Aga Khan's 76th Birthday - Mowlana Hazar Imam's 76th Birthday - December 13, 2012 Salgirah Khushiali Mubarak! .  CIO 

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 9:15 P.M..  I chatted with a relative.  I will now shut down the primary work computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 8:55 P.M..  BBC News - Flower power border divides US and Canada 

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 8:40 P.M..  Greenwich Gossip

World News  CIO

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 8:20 P.M..  I ate a 19 ounce can of Campbell's Homestyle chili which I seasoned with ground black pepper, Italian seasoning, celery salt, garlic powder, Old Bay Seasoning, red cayenne pepper, paprika, soy sauce, Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce and Frank's hot sauce, and I also ate a bulkie roll with Smart Balance Spread and a 12 ounce glass of A&W root beer.  CIO

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 7:40 P.M..  I installed the Windows Updates on the primary work computer.  I chatted with a relative.  CIO

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 5:20 P.M..  I surfed the internet on the Windows 8 computer.  I looked at local home values at CT House Hunter » Connecticut real estate , and they seem quite a bit over valued.  I chatted with neighbors.  I picked up the mail.  CIO

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 2:45 P.M..  I ate two tuna fish sandwiches on 12 grain whole wheat bread with Lays salt and vinegar potato chips and a 12 ounce glass of 7-Up.  CIO

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 1:15 P.M..  Limited Edition Renaissance Encyclopaedia Britannica – The Britannica Store , back in the 1950s when I used to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica and the World Book Encyclopedia, it only cost $200 for the set of them.  I have the 1962 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica that cost me $40 at the Merry Go Round Mews thrift shop about eight years ago.

Batu Tara volcano expedition Nov 2012 photos: strombolian activity

Edvard Munch (Norwegian artist) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Special CD Offer! Encyclopedia Britannica DVD 2013 $17

Come to Scotland | VisitScotland

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library: Email - FREE 2012 Reagan Library Ornament with your $100.00 Purchase!

According to Connecticut Registration Verification , my registration on my 1998 Audi A6 for Connecticut License Plate "840GXO" is valid until January 20, 2015.

BBC News - Battle wound foam secures Pentagon funding  CIO 

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 12:35 P.M..  I chatted with a friend.  I threw out the garbage.  CIO 

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 11:30 A.M..  Sam Samuel J. Palmisano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is no longer the Chairman of , but IBM - Ginni Rometty - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer , but it is possible that somebody at Brown Brothers Harriman | Trust in Partnership might own stock in for whatever it is worth.  CIO

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 11:10 A.M..  I will now shower and clean up.  CIO 

<888> 12/12/12 Wednesday 11:05 A.M..  I woke up at 9 A.M..  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and milk and sliced banana, a toasted bagel with olive oil, a 12 ounce glass of watered down punch with vitamins and supplements, and a cup of coffee with Splenda sweetener and milk.  I washed the breakfast dishes.  I made my bed.  I left a message with a Greenwich Housing Authority official at 1-203-869-1138 about my viewpoint on the proposed ceiling tile and insulation installation in my apartment.  CIO   

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 10:45 P.M..  I chatted with a local security official.  I ate the last two ounces of an opened bag of 60% reduced fat Chex Mix and a few day old Danish pastry.  I have plenty of food in my apartment, but I am trying to lose some weight.  I used to know Roger Schultz over in Stamford, Connecticut who lived across the street from on Long Ridge Road.  He was a software engineer for Schweppes beverages.  He told me was a personal friend of Nan Rockefeller and had planned to move into my current retirement home, until he became more prosperous.  If Roger is alive, he is probably better in computers than I am, but since he weighed somewhere between 400 to 600 pounds, he is awfully expensive to feed.  He is a member of Christ Church here in Greenwich where his parent are buried.  I have never heard from him in over 20 years, so it goes to show some advanced computer people manage to stay private on the internet.  When I went to the Microsoft Conference in Hauppauge, Long Island about five years ago at the Hyatt Hotel there, there was a white man who was about six feet tall and six feet wide who was about twice as big as Roger Schultz.  I assumed that was Carl Mountain who is chief of security for Microsoft, but I did not chat with him, and he hid during the conference, so most people there did not see him.  However, where I was born in Alton, Illinois; Sam Walthrop lived there,  and he was 8 foot 9 inches tall, and there use to be a woman in Alabama that was also about that tall.  Thus when one gets away from the keyboard crowd near the big cities, there tends to be some larger people whom work in other activities that some people take for granite.  The largest national group in the world is suppose to be the Holland Dutch, so they have some big people over there.  When I first visited Frankfurt, Germany in December 1980 on the return flight there were four men on the plane over seven feet tall and over 400 pounds apiece, and they would walk to the back of the old jet, and it would go up, and they would walk to the front of the old jet, and it would go down.  The largest group of people I have seen in the United States of America is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in October 1983, and there were about five thousand white people six feet six to seven feet tall, and the teenagers were the ones that were over six feet six inches tall, and the grandparents were over seven feet tall.  There was an eight foot tall oil portrait of the five star general Omar Bradley in the lobby of the Bahia Mar Hotel and Yacht Club, so I figured some of the tall people might have been personnel.  When I came out of south Florida in the spring of 1977, I stopped by the Science convention at the Prudential Center in Boston, and a recruiter interviewed me, and took me out to dinner.  He was a major in the Army and he looked like Ronald Reagan, but if he hired me, I never got a pay check.  If they do not pay you, there is no point paying any attention to them no matter whom they claim to know as far as I am concerned.  I will now shut down the primary work computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO 

!!!!!! <888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 9:25 P.M..  I chatted with a relative.  One of my main reasons for objecting to the new ceiling tile and insulation installers from doing my apartment is that from having done a lot of heavy work over the years, I once had a double hernia in my groin for years.  About ten years ago, the Greenwich Hospital repaired the groin hernia on the right side with an $8,000 operation that Medicaid paid for, but I was advised not to do anymore heavy lifting.  I still have the groin hernia on the left side.  Although I have contacted my doctor at the Greenwich Hospital and my Town of Greenwich Social Worker and a local lawyer that knows my family, nobody seems to have enough influence with the Greenwich Housing Authority to prevent them from bothering me.  They say the work men will move the items in my apartment that need to be moved, and all I have to do is disconnect the electronics, but there are a lot of items that can not be moved that easily without moving other items.  I think they expect me to move most of the stuff and just come in an do the work.  I obviously can move some of the lighter items, but a great deal of the electronics weigh up to 40 pounds or more, particularly the Sony television in the living room.  From my viewpoint, since they have refused to listen to me on a logical basis, I should try to figure out what to do.  There is not much that I can do, but try to move it slowly and pedantically the day before which would also involve reinstalling the items each day after the two primary rooms are done on two seperate days.  I quite frankly think they are being totally unreasonable by not cooperating with me.  I obviously know my apartment best.  CIO

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 8:10 P.M..  According to the Greenwich Time a couple of years ago Sutton Properties - Greenwich, CT Patch owned the old Finch's Drug store at 301 Greenwich Avenue where is now located.  However, with all of the real estate tycoons unloading properties in the major recession in America, it might have changed hands without anybody noticing.  According to , 301 Greenwich Avenue is owned by 309 Greenwich Ave. Associates LLC .  According to 309 GREENWICH AVE ASSOCIATES LLC | GREENWICH, CT , Marvin S. Weinberg is the only employee and according to the Greenwich Time, somebody named Weinstein also owns the house to the east of the pier on Steamboat Road in Indian Harbor.  Although I might have seen the Weinberg or Weinstein family around, the family that my family use to know in Greenwich is the Warburg family not the Weinberg or Weinstein families.  Since Jim Warburg was on the board of directors of , and since my father was the vice president of manufacturing at Polaroid, we obviously had some sort of business relationship.  According to the Greenwich Time here in Greenwich, Jim Warburg financed John F. Kennedy's political campaign for President, and since I am a Republican, I figure my Republican friends might not benefit from me networking with the Warburg family, although in Florida, we once owned the property next to their house in Deerfield Beach which was no McMansion by any stretch of the imagination.  However, my mother was my father's second wife.  His first wife was from the Coon family.  His first wife's father was suppose to have been one of the founders of the Household Finance Company HSBC Finance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which merged with , so probably some of my father's first wife's relatives are in the banking business today.  The oldest half sister from that marriage was a Nursing Administrator trained at and spent most of her career in Africa and the Middle East.  Another child from that marriage has Downs Syndrome.  Quite frankly, people whom rely on cocktail party gossip tend not to be too well informed, since they are drinking alcohol most of the time.  The area where that family lives is near where the Prohibition movement started, so the politicians that make money off alcohol were not too happy with Prohibition, not to mention the countries that export the product that so many people consume worldwide.  The Jim Warburg that I knew as a youth did not drink alcohol, and he rode his Raleigh bicycle 20 miles back and forth to Greenwich Country Day, and he did not spend the winter in Greenwich but Florida, and he dropped out of because he needed to work to support himself, so he worked at the Commonwealth Avenue SAAB parts department, and he knew quite a few other people in the auto parts business in Boston.  He had a back ground as a concert pianist, but he did not try to make a living off of it.  CIO   

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 6:35 P.M..  I chatted with a friend.  I slept until 6 P.M..  I made my bed.  I chatted with an out of town security officer.  I picked up the mail.  CIO  

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 4:10 P.M..  BBC News - X-37B US military spaceplane set for third flight  .  I will now take a nap.  No Christmas bargains on the internet, but I do not need anything else that I can think of, but some peace and quiet, which will not last if they keep insisting one doing my ceiling insulation and tile replacement which seems to be a bunch of government nonsense to me after having lived here 24 years as is.  If they really wanted to make the apartments warmer and cooler, they would pay for the electric heat, but the obvious solution never occurs to the bureaucrats whomever they might be.  CIO

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 3:55 P.M..  I ate a 16 ounce Maria Callender beef pot pie with a 12 ounce glass of A&W root beer.  For anybody with Potomac Fever, there is a comment line at 1-202-456-1111.  I chatted with a friend.  CIO 

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 2:55 P.M..  I chatted with a friend.  Up north the British do not go to beach, because they are fair skinned.  They spend most of their time around their horses and various equestrians activities.  I think the poorer ones play golf, if they can afford it.  When my family had a corporate membership at the Greenwich Country Club Golf & Country Club - GreenwichCC  starting in the early 1960s, the company back then which was paid the $5,000 bond to belong, and I recall membership fees were $250 a month.  However, it is now more expensive with inflation in the national economy.  Still back then Titleist Titleist - #1 ball in golf | Golf Company | Golf Balls - golf balls cost $1.25 and a new set of golf clubs cost $300 and a good golf bag cost a $100, so the it was not a cheap hobby.  I had an eight handicap on the Greenwich Country Club golf course, but when I went down to south Florida in the fall of 1976, none of the young people my age could afford golf, and they were not interested in golf, so I got stuck around beach activities.  Wiley Middleton did use to always wear a blue The Masters 2012 - The Masters, Masters Golf, Masters Leaderboard, Augusta national, When is the Masters, Golf, Augusta Georgia, Masters Tournament, Augusta Golf hat, and he was the primary older person down there.  From what I can tell, the Florida business community was more concerned with local business than Wall Street, so I guess it is much the same today.  CIO

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 2:25 P.M..  For POOR people this is about the best deal in Key West, Florida Key West Hotel | Florida Keys Oceanfront Resort - Best Western Key Ambassador , and it is an easy walk from the local airport, but it is a long way from all of the downtown activity in Key West Live Duval Street Web Cam in Key West, Florida :: Sloppy Joe's Bar :: .  I was told by a rather large individual in Greenwich, Connecticut who rents Port-O-Potties here that the Mafia runs everything in Key West, and they collect all of the money from the Bars and Restaurants at the end of every night.  However, when it is freezing in Palm Beach, it can be in the 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Key West.  CIO

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 2:05 P.M..  Lewis H. Lapham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia whom might know says the whole world today is now run from a golf course at the John's Island Club , so if one wants to pay a half million dollar bond plus the price of the real estate there to be part of the group of people whom run the World, I guess one can still do that.  However, most of them go elsewhere up north during the warmer times of the year, so they are not all Florida people.  I do know a local security official when he tried to bother the people in Vero Beach, Florida ended up getting a hard time from them and came back here having lost about fifty pounds.  CIO  

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 1:35 P.M..  If I were going to hire a professional lawyer in Greenwich, Connecticut, I would hire this person's law firm Jeremiah Milbank Jr., Donor and G.O.P. Official, Dies at 87 - New York Times and Milbank - New York .  His daughter Vicky Milbank was one of my co class photographers in the class of 1965 at Greenwich Country Day .  Since I am very near sighted from doing close work all of these years, some people whom are more far sighted might recognize all of these people that I do not recognize after all of these years of working close up.  However, that would be an invasion of privacy from my viewpoint.  If once reads and works on computers all of the time, one tends to be a bit near sighted.  I do recognize a lot of the town stalkers, since they tend to hang out downtown all of the time, where I exercise walk.  In between World War I and World II a lot of foreign agents moved into this area, and when they lost World War II, they stayed and prospered in this area.  I do know Pitney Bowes used to make microdot machinery that was used by various spies through out the world.  Some people in the United States of America still regard the as being a nest of spies.  Since I only know English and four to five years of high school French and six years of Latin, I do not have the advanced communications skills to deal with the rather large international community that we have developed here with all of the international business in this area.  Even Vivian West, when I knew her way out on Long Island use to enjoy listening to the local Greenwich, Connecticut radio station for our provincial point of view versus the New York Times.  A lot of the politicians in Greenwich, Connecticut in the old days use to be in the beer business, so more than likely they had German connections.  CIO

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 12:45 P.M..  Another Hick from Illinois Sharon Percy Rockefeller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .  CIO

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 12:35 P.M..  The other woman: Pray has a love affair -- with the car of his dreams - GreenwichTime

The owner of the Dairy Queen in Knollwood, Illinois use to own a around 1908 Rolls Royce two door convertible with wicker doors and as I recall it was painted torgoise blue.  The owner was from Highland Park, Illinois where the former head of the Stansfield Turner also was from in Jimmy Carter's days in office.  CIO

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 12:15 P.M..  From what I know, the highest ranking heads of state my father Louis Dale Scott dealt with many years ago was Queen Elizabeth II, the King of Belgium, and members of the Imperial Japanese family.  Locally here in the United States of America, I know he once visited David Rockefeller's office.  However, most of those people are older anymore, so they have younger people representing them whom frequently have different points of view.  Around the Bush group here in Greenwich, Connecticut and Kennebunkport, Maine, we probably dealt with a similar group of people.  The highest ranking foreign head of state I have seen in Greenwich, Connecticut is Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair and current former head of state is George H.W. Bush, when he was only vice President.  I saw him twice once at the Greenwich High School, when I could afford to wear a three piece suit and once outside of John Becker's house when nobody showed up for a fund raiser.  If anyone else important showed up, I was unaware of them, and they were just another face in the crowd.  I have also seen George W. Bush, Ronald Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter.  I have seen people in Greenwich that look like Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, but they might have been just look a likes, since they did not have any noticeable security.  There are a lot of other people in the world that look like famous people, but from experience when the real people show up when they are in office, one tends to see a lot of the local State Police.  The highest ranking head of state that I have seen in the United States of America is Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.  However, when I visited the Winter Olympics in Albertville, France in the winter of 1992, I probably saw quite a few heads of state.  I was around Boris Yeltsin in Paris before those Winter Olympics.  Rich people all know each other, so they tend to know and see each other more frequently that I get to see them.  I have been to Ronald Reagan's first inaugural and George H.W. Bush's inaugural, so I might have seen some important people there, but it is so cold in January in Washington D.C., most people are just waiting to get back inside where it is warmer.

Locally in my apartment, I have about a dozen nats or small fruit flies in my apartment that I can not get rid of, so I stuck out a bowl of bleach in the kitchen to try to get rid of them.  CIO

<888> 12/11/12 Tuesday 11:30 A.M..  I found this web page DS Key Phone Numbers , and I called up their local phone number in Bridgeport, Connecticut at 1-203-579-5701, and I tried to explain my situation and the apartment situation.  They did listen.  The highest ranking government official that I know about that has been in my apartment is Larry Berger an agent who works at Two Federal Plaza in Manhattan.  He saw my apartment, when he bought the 1993 Buick Roadmaster station wagon from me.  However, the garage apartment that I built out at Plandome Manor, Long Island, New York was more deluxe, since it was in the wealthiest zip code in the Unites States of America.  Fred von Mierers apartment next to the was even more deluxe, because he was taking over Bill Baldwin's business, and he showed up in the Eugena Shepard column of the New York Post shaking hands with Nelson Rockefeller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .  Being around the Rockefeller group of associates, he obviously knew other established people.  Taylor Sterling who was Fred's partner lives here in Greenwich, Connecticut on Mayfair Lane where the Debuty Mayor of Manhattan Michael Steel also lives.  CIO

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