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Activity 1.1

1. Practice drawing parts of a computer and try to identify them on the computer.
2. Define the concepts in their own words and practice with each other the terminologies and applications of the terms.

Activity 1.2

1. Define the following terms indicating their functions FAT, Formatting, Bios,
( a) Multitasking, Byte, Processor, Path, Program, Memory, Megabyte, Hub, LAN, Expert style, b) Diagramatically show the interrelatedness of input, processes, output and discuss their functions. c) Define and discuss the four basic parts of a computer.

(d) Clearly explain the following types of software System software, Operating system, Utility software, Network software, Firmware, Application software, Database software, Presentation software.
(e) What are the advantages and disadvantages of a computer f) Clearly explain the differences between DOS and Windows File and Extension Program

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